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Kevin Kolb Trade Update: Time to Defecate or Get Off the Pot

The much anticipated Kevin Kolb trade has turned into a staring contest between the Eagles and Cardinals.  Who is going to blink first? The latest rumor…and that’s exactly what it …

Philadelphia Eagles Need to Get the Kevin Kolb Trade Right

Unless you just awoke from a 12 month coma, you know that there is a 99.9% chance that the Eagles will be trading Kevin Kolb once the new league year begins.  …

Kevin Kolb Rumor Updates: Analysis, Seattle’s Offer, and Now Miami in the Mix?

Time for another status update of Philadelphia’s favorite poster child for trade bait: Kevin Kolb.  Over the holiday weekend a few interesting reports came out.  The first was an excellent …

Philadelphia Eagles: How Asomugha and Taylor Can Impact Trade for DRC

The most popular topics for Eagles fans during this torturous lockout have been the debate about which cornerback they should sign and Kevin Kolb trade scenarios.  For some, the two even …

The Value Of Kevin Kolb: Rebuking Mike Lombardi And Comparing Matt Schaub

The biggest question of this offseason for Eagles fans hasn’t been will we trade Kevin Kolb, it has been what will we get for him.  There has been endless speculation …

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