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Philadelphia Eagles Fans’ Dilemma: Root For Wins or Better Draft Position

Unfortunately, the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles season has reached the point of a real dilemma: Do we root for a win every week because that’s what we should do, as fans …

Jeff Lurie Should Fire Andy Reid Now if He Insists on Going Back to Vick

Ever since Michael Vick went down with his concussion, I’ve been pounding the drum that Nick Foles should remain the Eagles’ starting QB for the rest of the season, regardless …

Philadelphia Eagles: For Those Who Want Andy Reid Fired, Check This Out

The following is a site that was started up by a passionate Eagles fan to use as an outlet to vent his frustration with Andy Reid.  Dave M, who goes …

Philadelphia Eagles: Are the Eagles Ready For an Explosion or Implosion?

The Philadelphia Eagles are entering the bye week after six mostly frustrating weeks of their 2011 season and what direction they are headed is still anyone’s guess. Is this a …

Philadelphia Eagles: Andy Reid vs. Players, Who Is More At Fault?

Who deserves more of the blame for the current struggles of the Philadelphia Eagles, Andy Reid or the players?  That is the hot debate currently raging in the City of …

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