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Philadelphia Eagles Fans’ Dilemma: Root For Wins or Better Draft Position

Unfortunately, the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles season has reached the point of a real dilemma: Do we root for a win every week because that’s what we should do, as fans …

Philadelphia Eagles: Are You Getting Drawn Back Into Thinking Playoffs?

Warning: Philadelphia Eagles fans could be serious jeopardy of having their hearts ripped out one last time before the end of the 2011 season. Armed with the knowledge that the …

Jason Avant: Comments Show Eagles WR Cares About His Team

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant is taking some heat this week since he made some remarks about “bandwagon fans” in Philly.  I, for one, respect his remarks and think it shows he …

Philadelphia Eagles: Are the Eagles Ready For an Explosion or Implosion?

The Philadelphia Eagles are entering the bye week after six mostly frustrating weeks of their 2011 season and what direction they are headed is still anyone’s guess. Is this a …

Philadelphia Eagles: Messages From Fans For Andy Reid and Eagles, Pictures Included

Philadelphia Eagles fans are known for their passion and brutal honesty when it comes to their beloved football team.  They have no problem letting you know how they feel. In …

Philadelphia Eagles Preseason: 3 Reasons The Browns Game Is Important

The Philadelphia Eagles are getting ready to play their third preseason game this week versus the Cleveland Browns.  Although preseason games are “ho-hum” to the fans for the most part, …

Will The Eagles Ever Win a Super Bowl With Andy Reid?

Hypothetical: If you were told that an NFL team would make the playoffs 9 times in the next 12 years and include 5 conference championship game appearances, what would be …

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