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Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick is Getting a Free Pass this Season

Buried beneath the wreckage of the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2011 season, is the fact that Michael Vick hasn’t played like a $20 million quarterback should. It seems to have been forgotten …

Andy Reid: Eagles Coach is Smart, but also Stubborn, Arrogant, and Dumb

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid is a smart man, but man, he can be stubborn, arrogant and dumb at the same time.  Its a baffling mix that leaves Eagles …

Philadelphia Eagles 2011: 6 Reasons Michael Vick and Mates Will Make Playoffs

The Philadelphia Eagles are primed to begin their Super Bowl quest for the 2011 season.  With all the big moves they’ve made, are they guaranteed at least a spot in …

Philadelphia Eagles: Bad OL Play Could Utterly Destroy Andy Reid’s Philosophy

Andy Reid has built the Philadelphia Eagles with a particular philosophy in mind.  To put it simply, it’s all about the passing game.  Pass the ball on offense, defend the …

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