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DeSean Jackson

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson Wants “Security”, Not Necessarily More Money

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson has made quite a stir today after mentioning the fact he would like a new deal.  I’ve seen various reports come out since then, some saying …


Banner Laughing at DeSean Jackson Deal? Why Reading is Fundamental

Have you heard the one about Joe Banner “having a good laugh” about the DeSean Jackson contract because he never would have done that deal? That little tidbit made its rounds all over …

Philadelphia Eagles: Birds Reserve Spending Spree for Their Own This Year

For a team that hasn’t looked outside of its own building yet, the Philadelphia Eagles have been very busy in free agency.  Contrary to the “Dream Team” signing period of 2011, 2012 …

Philadelphia Eagles: DeSean Jackson and Asante Samuel Will Not Be Eagles in 2012

This offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles will undergo a lot of changes once again.  Many people are clamoring for change with the coaching staff, most notably at defensive coordinator and head …

DeSean Jackson: Should the Philadelphia Eagles Pay Him Big Money?

The question regarding Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson and his contract situation has evolved from “what is he worth”, to, “is he worth it?”  Prior to this season, it was …

DeSean Jackson: Eagles WR Is Proving Why His Value Is Hard To Determine

DeSean Jackson’s inconsistent play through the first three weeks of the 2011 season is exactly why his value is so hard to determine.  Furthermore, he may be playing with the …

Philadelphia Eagles: Questions Surrounding DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin

Is it possible that at some point this season the Eagles could be playing without Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson, their top two wide receivers?  Hopefully it won’t happen but …

Desean Jackson: Is He Worth Top WR Money?

How much is Desean Jackson worth to the Philadelphia Eagles?  That is the question the Eagles’ front office must answer in the near future.  It is well known that he …

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