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Maybe It’s Time to Lock Out the NFL Lockout

The ebb and flow of CBA negotiations between NFL owners and players is something that should be expected.  That’s what negotiations are, a give and take.  However, the optimistic reports of …

NFL Lockout Situation: Some Q’s and A’s Amidst Today’s Confusion

Last night Judge Nelson ruled in favor of the players on the injunction hearing which has temporarily lifted the lockout…sort of…but not really.  This has spurred a lot of confusion …

Judge Holds the Fans’ Desire For Pre-Draft Action and Kevin Kolb’s Fate in Her Hands

Federal Court Judge Susan Nelson is set to preside over the NFLPA’s injuction hearing today.  A decision is not expected immediately but rather within the next week, hopefully.  She holds …

NFL CBA Update: Blame Shifting Towards Players?

The aspect of not having football in 2011 is truly depressing.  I love the sport and for me it serves as a much needed deviation away from the stresses of …

NFL CBA Update: Rookie Wage Scale and 18 Game Schedule

The biggest news as of yet is that the NFL and NFLPA have apparently settled 1 of the issues.  A new rookie wage scale has been agreed upon, as reported by …

CBA Update: NFL and NFLPA Enter Into Mediation

Now that actual football is over, owners and players should be focusing 100% on reaching a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  The current deal is set to expire at 11:59pm March 3rd …

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