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Philadelphia Eagles: Cost and Analysis Of Trading Up for Robert Griffin III

Much ado has been made over the mere fact that the Philadelphia Eagles interviewed Baylor QB Robert Griffin III (RG3) last week.  As I explained previously, the Eagles were just …


Philadelphia Eagles: Making Sense of DeSean Jackson and RGIII News

Since the end of the Eagles’ season, all of the news regarding DeSean Jackson coming from those who work at the Novacare Complex has been nothing but positive.  Andy Reid, …

Philadelphia Eagles: 7-Round Pre-Combine Mock Draft

Christian Petersen/Getty Images This is my first-ever attempt at a mock draft.  Nobody knows what free-agency holds and that makes it even more complicated to figure out what type of …

Philadelphia Eagles Report: Vince Young out Trent Edwards in

It’s been reported by Ruben Frank of CSNPhilly that the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed on a one-year deal with quarterback Trent Edwards.  Edwards would presumably be replacing Vince Young as …

Philadelphia Eagles: A Strange Offseason Starts for the Birds

This is no ordinary offseason for the Philadelphia Eagles.  More often than not, the Eagles are a team coming off a playoff appearance thought to be in need of a …

DeSean Jackson: Worst Case Scenario is Playing Under Franchise Tag

Let the franchise tagging begin!  Today is the first day of a two-week period where the Philadelphia Eagles can designate DeSean Jackson as their franchise player for the 2012 season. Over the past …


Philadelphia Eagles 2012 Mock Draft: Pre-Combine, 4 Rounds, Based On Expected FA Moves

Alright Eagles fans, it’s time for my first Philadelphia Eagles mock draft for the 2012 mock season!  Yes, it’s that time of year where everybody tries to be Nostradamus, but …

Philadelphia Eagles: Will They, Should They Bring in Randy Moss?

Randy Moss has announced his desire to return to the NFL. He is one of the greatest talents the sport has ever seen and one of the game’s most dangerous …
Asante Samuel

Philadelphia Eagles: Will They, Should They Trade Asante Samuel?

This installment of the “Will They, Should They” series by Eagles Addict will focus on the topic of Asante Samuel and whether or not the Philadelphia Eagles should, or will, …

Eagles Addicts: Hear Eagles Addict Represented on 94.1 WIP

Eagles Addicts, just a quick post here.  Anyone who has been following and supporting the site, we were given a great opportunity to join Angelo Cataldi, Al Morganti, Keith Jones …

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