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Dave Stoessel

Greetings fellow Birds Fans!  I am the owner/editor/writer for EaglesAddict.com.

I’m a long-time die-hard Eagles fan who tries to express my thoughts in a logical and level-headed way.  I like to maintain an objective viewpoint on the team and both praise and criticize as I see fit.

I do not view the world through “green goggles” nor am I the type to constantly complain about the team.

I’ve been addicted to Eagles football since the days of Dick Vermeil.  My favorite time period was the Buddy Ryan era…I was a huge fan of Buddy Ball, even if they never won a playoff game (really, is was all about the Gang Green defense!).

Besides Eagles Addict, I’m also part of Fox Sports’ partner Yardbarker Network, where my articles are also published, and contribute to the web site Independent Sports News.  In the past, I’ve been a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report as well as contributed to GCobb.com and various other sports sites.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology so yes, I be a college graduate!  I’m also a family man and have a full time job…unfortunately this awesome blog doesn’t pay the bills….yet!

I will strive to keep you up to date on the current happenings with all things Eagles-related and provide my highly subjective…but always objective…opinions and analysis.

Thanks for visiting!





12 Responses to About

  1. Good luck on your launch, Dave! The site looks great… and I’m all for hearing and reading what the “Average Joe” Eagles fan has to say…and often, that’s way above average! Keep up the good work…we’ll definitely support you over at Eagles Eye…

  2. dave says:

    Thanks Tom! Your support is greatly appreciated!

  3. Lisa says:

    Hey Dave- your webpage looks awesome! Very nice job. You’ve got our support! 🙂 I’ve passed your link to a few people I know here at work.

    See you Sunday! Lisa

  4. dave says:

    Thanks Lisa, much appreciated!

  5. Scott Roberts says:

    Just found your blog today. Originally from Philly, but now in Tennessee after retiring from U S Army. Always looking for news and views of my favorite team Go Eagles!
    I look forward to reading more in the future.

  6. dave says:

    Hey Scott, good to see you still have your Philly roots! If you ever have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to ask! I hope to see some comments from you in the future, I like interacting with other Eagles fans and exchanging comments and opinions.

    Thanks for reading!

  7. Matt says:

    Hey Dave, great blog man!! Just wanted to get your thoughts on my thoughts, lol. I feel as though chip is trying too hard, atleast up to this point anyway, to bring in his former Oregon players. He blew our first round draft last year man!! Hope he does better this draft and loses that soft spot for his former players! Thoughts?

    • Hey Matt, thanks man! Well, he’s actually only drafted two former players in Josh Huff (3rd round) and Taylor Hart (5th round). He’s brought in a lot of former players via free agency but all have been low-level kind of guys. I think he over-valued Huff last year and could have waited until the 4th round to get him.

      I think he does have a soft spot for former players, but he hasn’t gone overboard and ruined drafts because of it. Last year’s draft is still suspect at this point though.

  8. Joethemailman says:

    Just found your site. Count us in! Left info for you to be writer. Joethemailman

  9. Brad says:

    Hey Dave, thanks for this assume website. You giving your time and knowledge is assume. Eagle-Up

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