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Nick Foles

Trade me? Only if I say so! Photo: SI.com

What is with all the talk about Nick Foles being traded?  The guy just brought home Philly’s first Lombardi Trophy and Eagles fans are already shipping him out of town?

This was even talked about before he lead the Eagles to the franchise’s first ever Super Bowl title and was named the game’s MVP.

I understand the thought process…

Foles is the backup, his value is at its peak right now, and the Eagles do not have a second or third-round pick in the upcoming draft.  Furthermore, he is only under contract for one more year before he can walk in free agency so why not get something in return for him while you can?

Again, I understand that.  But…it’s not happening.

The only way Nick Foles gets traded this offseason is if he wants it.  If he decides he wants a shot at being a starter again, then and only then would Howie Roseman make a deal.

Remember that “emotional intelligence” stuff from Jeff Lurie?  That is one reason why there is no way in hell the Eagles will blindside Foles with a “surprise, you’ve been traded to ____” type of situation.

Many times when a player is traded, the player isn’t made aware until after the deal has been made.  There is no way that happens with Foles.  It can’t.  It would be such a moral wrong to do that to the guy who just accomplished what he did.

I don’t care if the Browns offered the #1 overall draft pick…it’s not happening unless Foles wants it.

Given what we know about Foles’ history and personality, there’s a pretty good chance he truly just wants to stay in Philly and will be perfectly content with returning to a backup role next season.  And if that’s what he wants, that’s what will happen.

Hell, he may even have his contract extended to ensure he’s around for quite some time.

Though there’s a decent chance Wentz will be ready by Week 1 next year, it’s not guaranteed.  And as we just witnessed, having a backup capable of leading this team to a championship is an incredible luxury and one we should keep if possible.

Whether or not Foles remains in Philly for next year might be a mystery right now, but one thing isn’t…it will be his choice.  The man just cemented himself as a legend in Eagles history and is in the rare position of controlling his fate.

Lurie and Roseman’s emotional intelligence ensures it.

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  1. TomJackson says:

    Great point, Dave!

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