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The Philadelphia Eagles have now moved to 10-1 on the season after another big win over the hapless Chicago Bears.  The Eagles dominated this game, but I will say that they were a little sloppy in doing so after committing 11 penalties and putting the ball on the ground four times.

It’s a good thing the Bears are a bad team.

Nonetheless, the Eagles are in excellent position for the postseason.  They have been playing extremely well and are in good position to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Does that make them a good bet to advance to the Super Bowl?

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that every time in team history they’ve started 10-1 they’ve advanced to the Big Game (two NFL Championships and then two appearances in the Super Bowl).

In addition to that, how about this stat courtesy of the NFL’s Randall Liu:

Of the previous 38 NFL teams in the Super Bowl era to start 10-1, all have made the playoffs, 17 of them have advanced to the Super Bowl (44.7%), and eight have won it all (21.1%).

At this time last season, Dallas was one of those previous 38 teams that started 10-1 and were flying high as the favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.  Fortunately for us, they met up with Mr. Rodgers and were one-and-done in the playoffs.

Even though we as Eagles fans were relieved when that happened, it does go to show you that no matter how good you are in the regular season, things change in the playoffs.  The best teams rise to the occasion, the lesser teams fold under the pressure.

The Eagles are now also right behind the Patriots as the Vegas favorite to win it all this year with 4-1 odds.  That’s quite a difference compared their season-opening odds of 60-1.

Since the Eagles appear to be headed towards having the best record in the NFC, I checked the last 10 years of NFC teams who finished with the best record (or tied for best record) in the conference: 4 out of 10 made it to the Super Bowl.

We can look at that two ways: “Only” 4 out of 10 made it…or…40% of the NFC representatives in the last 10 Super Bowls finished with the NFC’s best record.

All of these stats and odds really don’t mean anything, in truth.  I mean, if you’re gambling you’d be wise to at least take them into consideration.  But, in reality anything can happen once the playoffs start.

Teams can get hot late in the season and go on a run.  In 2011, the Giants started 3-5, finished 9-7 and won the Super Bowl.  In 2010, the 10-6 Packers won their final two regular season games and rolled through the postseason en route to a Super Bowl victory.

The Eagles do have the best odds right now, but that is far from guaranteeing this dreamy season ends with them hoisting the Lombardy Trophy.  But, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

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