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Can the Eagles win the Super Bowl, or at least make it there, with Nick Foles leading the way? That has been the biggest question since Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL amidst the most promising season since the early Reid/McNabb days.

We’ve seen Foles twice now since taking over for Wentz.  His play in the past two games were almost Jeckyl and Hyde-ish.  He played well against the Giants when considering the “rust” factor in making his first start in a long time.

Then had a bad game against Oakland in which the difference between he and Wentz became painfully clear.

This week against Dallas will likely be a wash, depending on how long he and the starters play. However, if he plays at least a half and looks good doing it, it will alleviate at least a little of the concern.

If he looks like he did against the Raiders, the “one and done” folks will be out in full force.

What will likely happen is somewhere in between.

He will probably at least play the first quarter (I’m hoping at least the first half), and will have some good and some bad which will again leave us feeling like we currently do.

With that said, a good showing by Foles in whatever amount of time he plays on Sunday will go a long way in igniting what I like to call “the power of suggestion.”

Here is a good definition of what that means and it can apply to this situation…

The psychological basis of suggestibility is simply a tendency in human nature to believe any statement that is repeated a great number of times. This tendency to believe has nothing to do with the ‘truth’ (or otherwise) of the statement. Reasons for believing the statement to be true or false are not taken into account; the statement is believed solely because it is repeated many times.

For our purpose, this means spreading the word that “maybe the Eagles can win in the playoffs with Nick Foles.”  Rinse, wash, repeat.

All we need is for Foles to play “good enough” against Dallas and it will leave Eagles fans with two full weeks to start “believing.”

You see, the power of suggestion happens in this regard when the media folks slant their takes in a more positive fashion.  We should see more articles and sports talk centered around how this team can reach the Super Bowl and why they can do it.

If Foles shows he can, again, be “good enough”, that will open up the thinking that all of the other pieces of the team can help carry the load. Check out a few of the article types I’m talking about that trickled out either the week after Wentz went down or the week following the Giants game…

Eagles in Good Hands with Nick Foles – Andrew Kulp/700 Level

No Carson, no problem: Nick Foles keeps Eagles on Winning Track – Tim McManus/ESPN

Eff You, We’re Winning Anyway! – Brandon Lee Gowton/BGN

Here’s a positive article from Al Morganti of Philly Voice, even after the Raiders game.

Most of the narrative right now centers around how Foles and the offense looked against Oakland, and how the defense looked against the Giants.  So, the focus is on the negative rather than the positive that the offense was good against the Giants and the defense was good against the Raiders.

What this town needs this week is for Foles to show well early on, then get pulled before anything bad happens (sounds funny as I type that).  But, it’s true.  If he does, it won’t matter if the Eagles win or lose against Dallas…all that will matter is how Foles and the offense looks.

If they look good, the positive spins will come out and over the course of the next 2 weeks we will find ourselves believing that the Eagles can do it. The more members of the media that take the positive approach, the better.

I mean, who doesn’t want to “believe?”  When it comes to the Eagles and football, it’s like Christmas morning every game.  The anticipation and the hope that this team will win and a victory is like opening up the best gift you were hoping for.

Hope and believing is what will get the fans riled up.  It will be what leads to an electric atmosphere come the divisional playoff game.  It will give us two weeks to dream of sugar plums dancing in our heads.


There will always be a certain subset of “Negative Nancies” who will try to “keep it real” by thinking Foles just isn’t good enough (based in good logic, though).   But, this team is playing with house money now.  Not many teams advance to and/or win the Super Bowl with their backup QB.

So, let’s enjoy the ride.  Let’s go into this tournament as the overlooked underdogs.  Let’s make Philly a place no visiting team wants to be.  Let’s be aggressive and play to win instead of playing not to lose.

Foles has had success in the league.  He has also played poorly in the league.  Therefore, let’s focus on the positive and hope we get the good Foles for at least two games in January.  That’s all we need…two games.

We would deal with the Super Bowl at that time. Right now, I just want to get there.  If we don’t, we don’t.  Who expected to make it once Wentz went down anyway?

For this Sunday, let’s hope that Foles does well.  Then, let the power of suggestion consume you over the following two weeks.

Go Birds!


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  1. ty says:

    foles is a turd wont happen, blame eagles coach for telling mvp wentz to not run the god damn ball! having an mvp year you have to be smart comming down the stretch like the smart peyton manning did. congrets eagles fans you just handed the cheatriots their 6 championship because of your dumbass coaching staff.why oh why oh why would you let the quarterback run the ball in a not must win game its absurd. i dont get the coaches in this league high school coaches are better minded.

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