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Getting a good feel as to who the Eagles will take with pick No. 14 has proven to be difficult, to say the least.  The reason being is that they have needs at multiple positions and thus various players are in play for their first round pick.

The Eagles can feasibly take a CB, DE, WR, RB or the lone LB worthy of the pick in Reuben Foster (yes, with Joe Douglas on board, I feel Foster is certainly in play).  And there is more than one possible prospect within each of those positions.

As such, you will see many mock drafts with the Eagles taking various players at pick 14.

Before we get to the mock, there are just a few things I feel like discussing briefly.  What is it that we know or think we know about draft philosophies or tendencies?

As far as the draft in general,  we always hear tag lines like “take the best player available (BPA)”, “stick to your board”, “player x isn’t worth pick No. x”, etc, during this time of year.  All of that stuff is hogwash, mostly.

The “best player available” is completely subjective and will vary from person to person, team to team.  Same thing with “stick to your board”…is everyone’s board the same?  How would you know if a team didn’t stick to their board?

Also totally subjective is value at a given draft slot.  I’ve seen many people say “player x isn’t worth pick x, I’d trade down 6 slots and then take him for better value.”

That’s one of the more ridiculous things I see being said.  If a team likes a particular player and thinks they can get him a few slots back, they can surely take the risk.  What if you like a specific player, think you probably could get him a few slots back, but you don’t have a trade partner?  You don’t take him because he’s not the right value at your slot?


It’s all subjective anyway.  The draft is always a crapshoot and there are more busts than not in any given round, including the first. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  One team’s first rounder is another team’s third rounder.  If teams were always right, there would never be any cases of a mid-late round Pro Bowler.

Don’t get me wrong, there is skill and intelligence in analyzing draft prospects.  Usually a consensus forms on a bunch of players generally thought to be first round worthy and then everyone tries to predict the best “steals” and “sleepers.”

However, it’s been proven time and time again that there is a difference between what media analysts think and what the actual scouts and GMs think.

Sometimes that difference is small, other times it’s big.

When it comes to the Eagles, people (myself included) look for tendencies based on past history or what we think we know.  The Andy Reid era established quite a bit of that…

Draft linemen early (game is won in the trenches!).  Linebackers and Running Backs are never considered in the first round.  Draft for need (yes, they did this a lot).  A decent percentage of their actual picks will be players that they were tied to in some fashion pre-draft (visit, workout, meeting, etc).

Fast forward to now…Doug Pederson is an Andy Reid clone.  Howie Roseman learned under the Reid regime as well.  This means that they will draft like the Eagles under Reid, right?

I’m actually not too sure about that.  The infusion of Joe Douglas means that we really don’t know what they’ll do.  Douglas’ main experience came when he worked as a scout for several years under Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore.  However, he’s never held a position that will have as much influence over the draft as the one he has now.

So, using Baltimore’s draft history to try and predict what he may do here is futile.  We don’t have any past history to go by on Douglas when it comes to “his picks.”

All of this simply adds to the mystery of who the Eagles will end up selecting in Round 1 and beyond.

With all of that said, let’s get to the mock…

I think I’ve narrowed down the most likely Eagles targets at 14 to just five players (only five?).  They are, in no particular order, Corey Davis, John Ross, Charles Harris, Reuben Foster or Christian McCaffrey.

My list was six players as recently as yesterday morning, but after the news broke about Gareon Conley, he can no longer be a consideration at 14.  I do wonder if he will be drafted at all and if so, in what round.

I can’t completely take him off the Eagles’ 7-round board, but he certainly cannot be on their first round board at this point.  One thing that stinks though is that he’s one less option for teams and causes another player to be taken ahead of the Eagles that otherwise wouldn’t have been.

As for the remaining targets, there are injury concerns with Ross, but I don’t think the Eagles will be fazed by it.  Same goes for Foster (plus a failed drug test), but I don’t think that’s enough to deter the Eagles from taking him depending on the board at the time.

Obviously, all of those five players are unlikely to be on the board at 14.  The most likely to be gone by then are Davis and Harris, but that’s anyone’s guess really.  The latest and greatest rumors flying around are that the Panthers will be taking McCaffrey at No. 8.

I’m not a believer on that one because for one, everyone is saying that because Fournette is expected to be gone by then and for two, McCaffrey doesn’t seem like the kind of RB Carolina would like.

I can, however, see Tom Coughlin’s Jags passing on Fournette allowing him to be there for the Panthers.  Fournette is a much, much better fit for Carolina than is McCaffrey.

If that happens, and because of the concerns with Ross and Foster, the Eagles’ first round pick will be…you guessed it…

1. RB Christian McCaffrey, 5′ 11″ 202 lbs, Stanford

There hasn’t been much connecting the Eagles to McCaffrey during the pre-draft process, but that seems almost too fishy to me.  They’ve been showing a ton of interest in RBs by way of private workouts, visits and meetings, but not McCaffrey?

I know he has declined all workout requests, but why wouldn’t they bring him in for a visit or have been noted to meet with him at the Combine or his Pro Day, etc?

If McCaffrey is there at 14, I have a hard time seeing the Eagles pass on him.  The Eagles may consider taking Ross or Davis (if there) over McCaffrey, but either way I do really think they will end up going offense with this pick.

The draft is in Philadelphia, what better way to get Eagles fans fired up and excited than to draft a skill player like McCaffrey with their first pick?  Roseman has already been quoted as saying “I think Eagles fans are going to be really excited [with] who we draft in the first round.”

There is no question that McCaffrey would get fans pretty damn excited.  He checks off every box for the Eagles and would be an excellent pick here.

2. CB Kevin King, 6’ 3″ 200 lbs, Washington

King is the pick here because there will be a run on CBs before the Eagles pick, and he will be the best one remaining.  The Eagles have shown some interest in King during the pre-draft process in that they met with him at the Combine and brought him in for a visit.

He is a size/athletic freak of nature and really opened some eyes with his Combine performance. Just take a look at his spider graph!  You can read a good scouting report by PFF right here as well.

King is about molding his physical traits into a high caliber starting CB.  He’s a gamble, but could pay off in a big way.

**Side note: I wonder if the Eagles would be tempted to take Gareon Conley here and *hope* that he’s proven innocent and no charges are filed.  Very risky, but could pay off huge.

3. DE Tanoh Kpassagnon, 6’ 7” 289 lbs, Villanova

Trade alert! Roseman cannot sit tight any longer.  He sends pick 99 and Mychal Kendricks to Detroit to move up 15 slots and select Kpassagnon.

Philly wants excitement?  After celebrating the McCaffrey pick on Day 1, Philly fans can now cheer even louder for local prospect Kpassagnon.

In my view, this is the round the Eagles will trade up.  After dropping back 25 spots due to the Jernigan trade, Howie will be looking to make a move back up the board here by dangling Mychal Kendricks and/or one of their fourth-rounders.

The Eagles have quietly shown a good amount of interest in Kpassagnon.  They met with him at the Senior Bowl, Combine, attended his Pro Day and most recently he met with the Eagles’ DL coach.

He’s raw, but said to have excellent burst off the edge for a guy with his size.  Could be dominant in Jim Schwartz’ defense.

3. LB Alex Anzalone, 6′ 3″ 241 lbs, Florida

Trade alert #2!  You know Howie, he is a mover and a shaker!  This time he sends picks 119 and 139 to Seattle for their compensatory third-rounder (pick 106) and move up to take Anzalone.

The Eagles need some depth and competition at the LB position, especially after trading Kendricks.  Anzalone tested well athletically at the Combine (except for his bench press and vertical).

Due to his athleticism, he’s mainly a projection-based player.  He doesn’t have much (basically nothing) by way of “stats” during his college career because he missed a bunch of time the past two seasons with injuries.

5. WR Mack Hollins, 6’ 3” 201 lbs, North Carolina

I honestly cannot believe this guy isn’t getting more buzz.  His 2016 season ended prematurely due to a broken collarbone, so I suppose that could be the reason for his lack of attention thus far.

However, he is definitely on the Eagles’ radar as he was one of a few specific WRs the team had Carson Wentz work out with back in February.

Hollins sounds exactly like a guy the Eagles would be interested in.  Check out this scouting report by Pro Football Focus

Stats to know: 1,008 of Hollins’ 1,667 (over 60 percent) career receiving yards have come on passes more than 20 yards downfield. Averaged 20.6 yards per reception on his 81 catches.

What he does best:

  • No matter what the 40 time says, Hollins can and will run right by defenders with a long stride and once he’s at full speed it’s hard for anyone to catch him.
  • Tracks the ball well, can catch over his shoulder without losing speed, but also showed the ability to catch underthrown contested balls by going up and high-pointing. Can adjust route if ball poorly placed.
  • Surprisingly strong and quick cuts on breaks of routes, doesn’t lose a lot of speed and doesn’t tip them often.
  • Can beat press coverage with a variety of moves. Plus if he beats press, he’s gone.
  • Catches with his hands, showed much improvement from 2015 to 2016 (6 drops on 36 targets to 1 drop on 17 targets).
  • Played every facet of special teams and was a captain, can contribute there right away for an NFL team.

Biggest concern:

  • Not a big route variety. While he showed some nice breaks on in and out routes, he rarely ran them. Almost exclusively a “take the top off” receiver in college.
  • Didn’t show much after the catch in terms of making guys miss. Forced only three missed tackles in three years.
  • Not a lot of experience on contested jump balls. Doesn’t mean he can’t win those, just rarely saw them in college.

Player comparison: Mike Wallace, Baltimore Ravens

Few receivers had the straightaway speed of Wallace in his prime, but Hollins looks every bit the part. Wallace could run right past a defender, and if he caught it there was no catching him. Wallace was a raw route runner coming out of college, and while he improved, he’s always been a deep-threat receiver first and foremost. Hollins on the field looks very similar to early Wallace, except he’s taller.

Bottom line: Hollins is a big-time sleeper in this draft. Hardly anyone is talking about him but his tape is extremely impressive. He scored 20 touchdowns in three seasons at UNC, and 15 of them were on deep passes (20-plus yards in the air). Almost all of them looked the exact same, with Hollins blowing past a defender or two, catching it in stride and gliding into the end zone. He’s still a work in progress, as his route-running isn’t perfect. But his game speed and deep-threat ability is so off-the-charts on tape that he has the potential to be a very good NFL receiver. He also adds instant special teams impact, which teams should covet.

Hollins is an excellent consolation prize in lieu of not taking a WR earlier and has the potential to develop into a future stud.

6. G/T Ethan Cooper, 6′ 3″ 325 lbs, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Small school “sleeper” prospect here.  Cooper had a good showing in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl earlier this offseason and that was enough to prompt the Eagles to bring him in for an official visit.

Cooper is a guy who has dominated at the D2 level and has good size, strength and speed (former basketball player).

He’s merely a developmental prospect at this point and could ultimately find himself on the practice squad for a year.  However, he has good potential.  Also, he played both G and RT at IUP so he could have some position versatility, which the Eagles love.

7. CB Taylor Reynolds, 6′ 1″ 194 lbs, JMU

I can see the Eagles taking someone like Reynolds, Malik Golden or Ashton Lampkin here. Mainly, a developmental DB prospect with decent potential.

Reynolds is a local kid in that he went to Newark High in Delaware.  He has good size, decent speed and is said to be a physical player.  The Eagles attended his Pro Day, privately worked him out and also had him in for a visit.

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