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What the Eagles actually do to address their many needs this offseason is anybody’s guess right now.  We all know the needs: WR, CB, RB, DL, OL, WR, CB, WR, CB, WR, CB…oh, and WR and CB.

The biggest question about how they will address all of these needs is how much salary cap space they will have.  This will determine what they can and can’t do in free agency and thus help dictate their approach to the draft.

It’s been known for quite some time that the Eagles do not have a lot of cap space to play with as things stand right now (per overthecap.com, they have the 4th least amount of space).

However, according to Jimmy Kempski of Philly Voice, the Eagles are expected to free up “significant” cap space by March.  This also somewhat jives with a comment made by Adam Caplan on Twitter a few days before the Kempski report…


So, with this in mind, I thought it would be fun to think about an idealistic plan on how to attack this offseason to try and address many of these needs the best way possible.

Be sure to note I said idealistic and not “realistic” because it’s still unknown how much cap space the Eagles will eventually have.  Even though this may be a dream offseason, I’m trying not to go too far over the top with fantasy-like expectations.

If you have been picking up what Howie Roseman has been putting down this offseason, we can fairly assume that the Eagles want to use free agency as the way to address the WR position.

Furthermore, his use of the word “bandaid” when describing their recent ways of addressing the CB position also lends itself to the notion he will prefer to address this position via the draft.

So, with all of the above thoughts in mind, here is my ideal offseason:

In free agency, sign WR Alshon Jeffery, WR Kenny Stills and OL Chance Warmack.

Why this is feasible:

It’s clear that giving Wentz talent at the skill positions will be high on the priority list and Roseman will prefer to do this by adding experienced players that are still young.  Jeffery will be the top WR on the market, but it’s possible his PED suspension from last season will work against him since teams will have to consider the aspect that one more strike and he’s out for 10 weeks.  It could result in a slightly reduced or specially structured contract.

Stills won’t be cheap, but shouldn’t be nearly as expensive as Jeffery might be.  Same goes for Warmack…a mid-range contract type of player, starter money but not bank-breaking.

Why these three guys are ideal:

Jeffery and Stills are obvious.  Jeffery is the big, tall and physical presence while Stills is the deep threat.  They are the perfect offsets of each other and combine nicely with slot guy Jordan Matthews. Suddenly, the WR corps has some juice!

Warmack was a dominant Left Guard in Alabama under current Eagles’ line coach Jeff Stoutland.  He’s played RG since being with the Titans and his play has been merely average…which is what will keep his price tag down a little bit.

Pairing him back with Stoutland and putting him back at the position he played so well at in college, he could very well regain his old form.  If the Eagles replace Kelce with Seumalo at Center and have Warmack and Brooks at the Guard positions, that would make for a formidable interior offensive line.

Signing these three guys would free the Eagles up to mostly concentrate their draft resources on defense.  I would love to pair that free agency with this draft:

1. CB Sidney Jones (my personal CB of choice in Round 1, but the main thing here is taking the best CB on the board)

2. CB/S Desmond King – I have King in my initial mock draft and added my reasoning there. In short, King is the kind of player I want on this defense and if he doesn’t play as well at CB, he could eventually be the future at Safety. He’s a tough, hard-nosed player that Eagles fans will love.

3. DE Derek Rivers – I also have him on my initial mock draft, but just as I predicted back then, his stock has risen. He’s now firmly in the Day 2 realm.  Rivers is another player I personally like and would give the Eagles a boost in the pass rushing department.

4. Best available RB. Would it be nice to have Dalvin Cook? Sure.  But using our first round pick on him is not a good decision when considering value and other needs.  In Round 4 there should still be good players available such as Kareem Hunt, Marlon Mack or my personal favorite, Jamaal Williams.

The rest of the draft should be made up of depth at OL, DL, and LB.

So, what do you think?  Even if you don’t like the particular players I mentioned , do you agree with the philosophy of using our free agency resources at WR and OL while using draft resources to address DB, DE and RB?

Again, it may be more idealistic than realistic in regards to being able to sign those three free agents.  I mean, sign Jeffery AND Stills (plus Warmack) while working with what should be limited cap flexibility? I’m sure you’re thinking it’ll never happen.

However, I’m also sure you didn’t think that Howie could pull off trading DeMarco Murray, Byron Maxwell and their contracts while perpetuating moves to get to the No. 2 overall draft slot to get Wentz. I would never underestimate the magic of Howie when it comes to the offseason and making things happen.  This is the area that he really shines.

Although reality might be a tad bit harsher than what I outlined above, it sure is nice to dream in the time being…isn’t it?

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5 Responses to Eagles Offseason Plan: Offense in Free Agency, Defense in Draft

  1. TroyB says:

    My Ideal Offseason:
    Free agents:
    Bennie Logan
    Adrian Peterson (Pure Fantasy but mainly to keep him out of Dallas)

    M. Kendricks and the 3rd/4th rounder received from the Browns BACK TO THE Browns for Joe Haden and a swap of 1st round picks and a Fifth Round pick probably in 2018 (HR usually gets teams to throw a late round kicker in with deals like this, plus these teams are very familiar considering how often they do business)… He fits their defense and an area of need; plus teaming his athleticism with Jamie Collins and potentially Myles Garret will make for a formidable core of LBs for years to come…

    Kelce to the Dolphins for a Fifth or Sixth Rounder or anything really a pair of old sandals anything to get him out of here blueprints for a flux capacitor seriously A-NY-THING!!!

    Barwin will be cut sadly, but only due to his contract… I never understood why he wasn’t moved to ROLB when the scheme changed back to a 4-3… His skill set SCREAMS Linebacker, he can handle occasional zones but Schwartz’s affinity for not blitzing LBs probably had something to do with it… I miss Jim Johnson; how is this guy a disciple of Jim’s and doesn’t send pressure especially with Kendricks just STANDING on the sideline when he could be LIVING in the backfield instead… JJ would’ve INVENTED a position for MK if he had to, you don’t waste a chess piece with that kind of athleticism…

    1st Round: Ethan Pocic Center LSU

    2nd Round: Tre’Davious White CB LSU

    3rd Round: Daeshon Hall DE Texas A&M

    4th Round: Jalen Robinette WR Air Force

    5th Round: Think this would be a safe spot to risk taking Mixon from Oklahoma, especially considering the reason he’s still available at this point even though he is talented however I am not opposed to a gem of a TE here so we can finally see the Eagles NOT utilize four tight ends instead of three haha maybe he was saving it for the playoffs like the Pats did with deflated balls… We may never know!!! Smh

    From here on out its dealers choice, but you get the idea… Frankly I would much rather pry either Rhodes or Waynes from the Vikes than Haden (they obviously can’t resign both), but they have control for the next couple seasons so there’s no rush to trade either unless it’s an offer they can’t refuse…
    The key for me is with “Limited” cap space this offseason, I expect Howie to get creative with what he has at his disposal right now… I will say this, Philly is the only team in the league that tries to win as many games as they can while CLEARLY rebuilding, there is zero desire for high draft picks in this town… Every time Mr Lurie picks in the Top 5, it’s with a new head coach… Mind boggling but absolutely personifies this team and its legion of fans… And I respect the HELL out of it and couldn’t be prouder to call myself an Eagles Fan… Keep up the good work, Dave… What I like about your site is you will occasionally drift into “Idealism” and random speculation like we all do where as other sites feel above that or something and consider it blasphemy… Anyway see you at SB LII!!!
    Sorry for such a long comment, I just EAT DRINK AND SLEEP Eagles Football!!!

    • Hey Troy! No WRs in your FA huh? I think it’s a “lock” that they will be signing at least 1, if not 2, WRs. Just a matter of who and what they can afford. I’d like to keep Bennie Logan myself, but chances are he will walk away because they will want that money for WRs and/or whatever else.

      So you don’t foresee Seumalo at Center if Kelce is gone? I guess you’d rather see him at LG? I think he’d fare well at either position to be honest. But, I don’t think I’d feel good about taking Pocic in Round 1 when there will be better players at other positions of need (in my opinion). White in Round 2 would be a steal…an absolute steal! I’d love it! I like Hall in Round 3 too…some question his “motor” (i.e., motivation), but he could be well worth the round 3 price tag because he has the size and athleticism to excel. Just needs the desire.

      Man, if we took Mixon…on-field, that would be fantastic. Off the field and dealing with all the PR backlash would be a nightmare.

      I do drift into idealism once in a while. I always have to keep a cap on it though and try not to go too far into fantasy land with completely unrealistic desires and expectations. I’m certainly not one of the stuffy writers that needs to “keep it real” for the sake of trying to sound like I’m smarter than everyone else.

      The Eagles will be tight on cap space, but how tight? *Maybe* not as tight as you think. Nobody really knows what will happen, or what can happen. Roseman is very creative and knows his future as a GM is on the line. He will want Wentz to succeed more than anything else. He will do all in his power to surround him with talent. So, instead of trying to be overly “realistic” in my writings about offseason plans, desires or expectations, I tend to take a little more of an optimistic approach.

      Take this article for example…if you put a gun to my head right now and asked how “realistic” it would be for the Eagles to sign Jeffery, Stills and Warmack, I’d say “not very realistic at all”. But, that is based on what I know right now. The aspect of adding those 3 guys is based on what might or could happen. If I were to be more “realistic”, I’d say that the Eagles would sign Stills and someone like Kenny Britt. But, what’s the fun in that?

      Anyway, thanks for reading Troy, I appreciate it!

  2. TroyB says:

    Yeah I do like Warmack and if anyone can bring the best BACK out of him in Stout… My projections are based on the combine, I think Pocic will rise while White will slide, not necessarily due to his numbers but rather others rising above him; and like everyone already knows, this draft is CB RICH to say the least… As far as FA WRs go, I’d take a guy like Stills for the long term or a shorter term with a guy like Jackson, both for their speed… I like our group to be honest, they just need to perform up to their potential and draft status… There’s two second rounders and a first rounder in that group not to mention our tight ends… If I really wanted a pure difference maker offensively from this draft, it’s gonna be Howard, Fournette or Cook… WRe do typically take time to develop, but in my honest opinion the biggest boost the Eagles will get this year is gonna be from Lane Johnson playing all sixteen games (barring injury)… Adding Pocic to replace Kelce and Semualo over Barbre brings a whole lot of Meat and Potatoes and even more Puss n Vinegar to that unit… It’ll put them right up there with Dallas, IMO and Peterson being a disciple of Reid will probably value the trenches like his former HC… All good points and good thoughts, that’s what this time of year is for: Filling the days till Kick Off Weekend!!!

  3. TroyB says:

    Can I ask you something, a couple seasons ago I made the mistake of falling in love with Byron Jones, the CB/S from UCONN… He had great size, incredible measurables and decent tape backing them up while playing on a lesser known Defense… Chip seemingly fooled everyone by skipping the vaunted FSU pro day (I believe) to attend UCONN’s instead… All signs point to Jones being the pick with Agholor being the back up choice if he was gone… Well I was happy as a clam when he fell to 20 but low and behold…. BOOM!!! Like the sun coming thru the blinds on a hangover from hell morning after a night that rivaled the Movie, I get slapped in the face with the selection of Agholor instead of Jones… I was pretty bent out of shape about it, still am to a degree but that’s mostly because he’s a Cowgirl now, BUT the silver lining to that was that I liked Eric Rowe in the second; although I valued him as a safety… Now we sit here in 2017 and have NEITHER of them… Why wasn’t he picked?!?! Do you have any idea?! Id love to know the reasoning and my assumption is because he’s well let’s just not go there right now… Anyway why wasn’t he picked in 2015???

    • I honestly think Chip had Agholor, Jones and Rowe ranked as 1, 2, 3. Chip was very interested in keeping Jeremy Maclin that year but lost out on him to the Chiefs. So, that is why he chose Agholor…whom many saw as a very similar player to Maclin coming out of college. Plus, if the thinking was that he could still get Rowe in Round 2, it would make more sense to take Agholor in Round 1…and that strategy worked out. Too bad the players haven’t!

      If Agholor had been gone, I do believe Jones would have been the pick because Chip showed significant interest in him. He actually showed the most interest in Agholor…with Jones and Rowe coming in as very close seconds.

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