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Heading into this season, I was probably one of the few who had higher expectations than most, even after trading Sam Bradford.  I felt that the defense and Special Teams could provide a buoy while Wentz got his feet under him.

So much for that.

Now that I’ve witnessed perhaps this team’s most embarrassing performance to date this season, it is a certainty that there are many, MANY upgrades needed to get this team to a level where it can be legitimately competitive.

Unfortunately, there are so many that it cannot be done in one offseason.

Think about it for a minute…in no particular order, this team needs upgrades at WR, RB, CB, OL, DE and LB.  That’s a lot of grocery shopping to do, particularly when you’ll be shopping on a strict budget.

The Eagles have eight total draft picks and will have to make some roster decisions in order to free up some salary cap space so that they can make a few moves in free agency.  But, those same roster decisions could very well create more holes.

What can we realistically expect in one offseason considering this team’s needs?  What will the free agent landscape look like as far as available players? What kind of cap space will the Eagles be working with?

If the Eagles somehow manage to land, say, Alshon Jeffery or Terrelle Pryor (best case), that won’t leave much room for anything else.  Hell, even if they just settle for DeSean Jackson that will also take a chunk from what will likely be limited cap space.

In the draft, the Eagles would almost literally have to “strike gold” on almost every pick if you wanted to hope for the quickest of turnarounds.  But what are the chances of that happening?

Slim and none.  The Eagles would be lucky to hit on 50% of their eight picks.  And of course, rookies tend to take time to pan out so hoping for a 2017 impact from the 2017 rookie class isn’t where you want to be.

The Eagles have to build.  They have to invest in protecting their new franchise QB by solidifying the OL before he turns into David Carr.  They have to give him skill players.  They have to give him a defense that won’t put his offense in early holes.

There is much to do and only so much they can do in one offseason.

And all of this isn’t even considering whether or not Doug Pederson is the best guy to be leading the turnaround.  His rookie year so far, grading on a rookie curve, is at best a “C”. When looking for signs that he has command of this team, it’s a struggle to find any.

It’s disheartening to see this team play like it has over the last few weeks.  If they haven’t quit, it means that they thoroughly lack talent.  And lacking that much talent isn’t an easy or quick fix.

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5 Responses to This Eagles Team Will Take a Few Years to Fix

  1. tval says:

    Hey, dave!! Hows it goin’, sir?? It is a weird team. Im still not totally sold on wentz even tho i like him alot potential wise. He just misses SO much easy stuff. Then i see him make awkward slant throws, w ridiculous irvin/aikman ease, and im back feeling if he has another stud wr/better line/ and workhorse back, he/w pedersons playcalling could be nightmare for defenses. Idk? I just want jameis to destroy! The reality of dak being at least as good as wentz is brutal..i knew he wasnr worth what we gave up. Period!!! Zero argument for that. Anyone disagreeing is delusional

    • Hey tval, what’s up man? I’m good with what I’ve seen from Wentz overall, albeit we need to consider the surrounding cast on offense and defense alike. Wentz is someone to build around and that’s what we need at the QB position. Dak is thriving because of his supporting cast while Wentz is trying to play in spite of his.

      What we gave up for Wentz? In the end, we really only lost last year’s second and next year’s second…but we gained a 4th and possibly a 3rd. Really not that bad considering what we did. And if Wentz pans out, it’ll be well worth it. Now we need to focus on building around him.

  2. Tom Jackson says:

    Sobering thoughts indeed, Dave…as for Dak Prescott emerging as the greatest value pick in a long time, sometimes a young guy just fits perfectly within the system that drafted him…I don’t think we can really compare Wentz ‘ overall value with Prescott’s yet…let’s look at that picture about 4 years from now….

    • Exactly Tom. Dak is performing well by taking advantage of the dearth of talent around him…namely that OL and running game. Time will certainly be the judge, that’s for sure.

  3. Berdj J. Rassam says:

    This probably is the case but they do have a lot going for themselves and aren’t that far away from being in the playoffs.

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