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Jalen Ramsey

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Howie Roseman said he traded into the top-10 because there are “10 players that really stand out.”  Obviously, we’d all love to know who those 10 players are but unless you’re Professor X we will never know.

However, not knowing is what keeps things fun with trying to predict what the Eagles might do.  A big part of what they might do is the perpetual battle in trying to predict what the Eagles should do versus what they will do.

Many times “should” and “will” are two different things when it comes to anticipating the Eagles’ actual decision. Last year was a good example of this…

Prior to the draft all the way up until they were on the clock at pick 20, I felt that they should have taken CB Byron Jones but thought that they probably would take WR Nelson Agholor (both players were on my short list of who I thought they were targeting).

In any case, I’m beginning to narrow down the players that I think the Eagles should and/or will take with their first pick.  There are two players I covet for the Eagles, three players I’d be very happy with and one that I’d be “okay” with.

With all the buzz about the Eagles potentially trading up, I think it would (and should) only be for one of two players…

QB Carson Wentz
DB Jalen Ramsey

These are the two players I’d be most excited about and I also think there’s a good chance they’re the top two on Howie’s board.

Wentz is the No. 1 guy I want.  He may not be as pro-ready as Jared Goff, but we don’t need him to be right now.  I do believe he is worth trading up for.  But, the biggest question is how much is too much to give up in order to nab him?

I may get into that specifically in a future post but for right now, let’s just say that regardless of what we gave up, I’d be pretty stoked if he ended up as an Eagle.

Ramsey is the No. 2 guy for me.  I would be almost as excited about getting him as I would be about Wentz.  The idea of having a potential multi-year stud Pro Bowler in our Secondary is very, very enticing.

However, when thinking about what I’d give up in order to move up and draft Ramsey is different than what I’d do for Wentz.  I’d be willing to give up something, but not as much as I would be for Wentz.

If the Eagles truly are pondering trading all the way up to the first overall pick, there is no way I could believe that would be for Ramsey.  It would have to be for Wentz.

Defensive backs are just not as valuable as Quarterbacks.

With that said, I do feel Ramsey is a talent that is worth making a move for.

After those two, there are no other players I’d be willing to give up anything for in order to move up and draft them.  If it’s not possible to get either Wentz or Ramsey, I’d just sit tight at pick 8 and hope for one of these guys to be there…

LB Myles Jack
DE Joey Bosa
RB Ezekiel Elliott
QB Jared Goff

Jack and Elliott are two players I’d be excited to land but they certainly fall in the “should” category rather than the “will” category.  Based on Doug Pederson’s Andy Reid philosophy, they will likely not rank too high on their list of preferred players.

With that said, they almost have to be part of Howie’s 10 players, but who knows.

Jack would give the Eagles a dynamic presence in the middle of the defense for a decade and also alleviate my concern about Mychal Kendricks regressing.  Elliott would jump right in as our workhorse back and provide a dynamic offensive weapon for at least the next five or six years.

I’d be extremely happy with either player.

Bosa and Goff will likely be rated higher on Howie’s board so they fall more into the “will” category.  QB and pass rusher will always rank higher than LB and RB during the Pederson era.

I like both players but have concerns about them as well.

Goff has a good mind and a good arm (strength and accuracy) but his negatives to me are his hand size, slight build and he’s not much of a runner.   Those negatives are why I don’t think it’s worth it to trade up for him, but they’re also not bad enough to bypass him at 8 either.

My only concern with Bosa has to do with his mentality.  When I’ve seen him speak, he reminds me of a typical frat house party guy.  I can see him doing a keg stand, then smashing his head through a wall and laughing like Beavis and Butthead about it.

But, as long as he produces on the field as he’d be expected to, who cares.  You can never have enough pass rushers, right?

You might have noticed that I only listed six guys but the Eagles pick at 8 (duh!).  So, what happens if the Eagles can’t pull-off a trade-up and none of those guys are there at 8?

Good question.  It doesn’t appear that trading down will be an option unless Howie was lying about that 10 player thing.  Therefore, they’ll have to pick someone, right?

I’m not on the Vernon Hargreaves bandwagon like many folks are.  Ultimately, I suppose I’d be okay with him but he’s just not a player that excites me.  He reminds me of Asante Samuel too much (though a little more physical).

Ronnie Stanley?  Meh…I think he’s a player I just want to avoid actually.

DeForest Buckner?  He just doesn’t seem like a scheme fit.

Laremy Tunsil will surely be gone.

I might be nuts, but I think a player like Shaq Lawson could very well be on Howie’s top-10 list and could certainly be a surprise possibility at pick 8.  I’m not saying I like it, but I could see Roseman liking him.

How about Paxton Lynch at 8?  Crazy?  I think it’s early for him but if Wentz and Goff are off the board, they’d have to pick him there if they are dead set on a QB with their first rounder.

If my top six players are gone, I’m really starting to like OT Jack Conklin.  He may very well end up being the smartest choice over several players rated in the top-10.

In fact, I could make the argument that the return on an investment in Conklin could be better than every top-rated player besides Wentz, Goff and Tunsil when factoring in years of projected high-level play.


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