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In an utterly shocking turn of events, Chip Kelly and the Eagles traded for Sam Bradford just moments after the start of the official free agent signing period.  After the news broke there was about two or three hours of confusion as to what the trade details were.

At first it was thought the Eagles and Rams had swapped first round picks.  That would have made more sense to me and lessened the blow.  However, when the dust settled, this was the deal that was announced…

Rams get Nick Foles, our fourth and a 2016 second round pick.

Eagles get Sam Bradford and the Rams’ 2015 fifth round pick.

Then came everyone’s immediate reaction…



Sorry for the graphic display, but it correctly illustrates the point.

Sam Bradford?  SAM BRADFORD?  Sam F R E A K I N G Bradford?!?!?!?!?!?!

Denial quickly set in as it was thought that somehow, someway, this just HAD to be a move that would eventually turn into a way to trade up for Marcus Mariota.  I mean, there is no way on God’s Green Earth that Chip “targeted” Bradford as “his guy”…RIGHT?

Well, apparently that is EXACTLY the case as the Eagles themselves had this to say…

And so a deal was done on Tuesday, one that brings to Philadelphia the quarterback that head coach Chip Kelly wants. He wanted Sam Bradford. He identified Sam Bradford as a special talent who can make this offense soar.

The Eagles, despite the overwhelming rush by the media and fans to think otherwise, were not going to move up, up, up in the draft and take Oregon’s Marcus Mariota, the Heisman Trophy winner whom Kelly recruited.

Then, of course, maybe you saw Chip Kelly’s press conference just a little bit ago where he reaffirmed Bradford and shot down the “crazy stuff” about trading up for Mariota.

Interestingly, though, he said during his presser that he was just offered a first round pick for Bradford this morning.  Then again, he also stated he didn’t bring in Bradford to “be a chip” (trade chip) and that he’s “the only chip here.”

I’m going to make an educated guess here and say that he is lying through his teeth about being offered a first round pick.  If he was worth that much, why would the Rams have taken what is essentially Foles and a 2016 second if some team thinks he’s worth a first?


But anyway…so, there you have it.  Bradford is, in fact, Chip’s guy.  This is the QB that will ultimately define his first stint as an NFL head coach.  Chip and the Eagles’ organization are in full sell-mode that this is the case and that they are not engaging in a game of subterfuge.

Now, let’s break this down a little bit…

Bradford is coming off of two straight years in which his season ended after tearing the ACL in the same knee.  He has started 49 games in his four year career and posted a 58.6 completion percentage, 59 TDs, 38 INTs, 18 fumbles, 6.29 yards per attempt and a career passer rating of 79.3.

Foles, by comparison has 28 starts with a 61.6 completion percentage, 46 TDs, 17 INTs, 10 fumbles, 7.56 yards per attempt and a career passer rating of 94.2.

Just going by the numbers, who looks like the better QB?  And if you were told that player No. 1 was coming off of two straight ACL tears, who would you rather have?

When talking about this trade — just the trade itself — the value here is backwards.

Foles, not Bradford, should have been the more valuable asset in this deal.  If you would have asked me if a Nick Foles for Sam Bradford trade straight-up was a fair deal, I probably would have said no but could have accepted it.

But, if you would have said I’d have to give you a fourth for a fifth and tack on the next year’s second rounder I would have laughed you all the way back to St. Louis.

Not that Foles has killer trade value, but I certainly would have thought he’d have more value than Bradford…easily.

All I can envision in the trade negotiations is that of Chip playing Kevin Costner’s role in “Draft Day” and the Rams were that movie’s version of the Seahawks when the GM was told to “Fleece him!”

Then after the deal was struck, the Rams are sitting back, giggling in their chairs while putting their feet up on the desk, smoking a cigar and sipping some bourbon.

I mean, really.  In terms of value, this could be the worst trade in Eagles history.

Unfortunately, what’s done is done.  Chip showed his rookie NFL GM skills and got fleeced in a trade.  Hopefully he learns from it.

As far as Chip having legitimate interest in Bradford, I had to go back to his college days to find out why.  He ran an up-tempo, shotgun-based spread attack at Oklahoma.  The offense he ran there is very similar to what Chip likes to do in the NFL.

Bradford posted some pretty gaudy stats in his sophomore season when he completed 67.9 percent of his passes for 4,720 yards, a whopping 50 TDs and just 8 INTs.  His freshman year wasn’t too shabby either (69.5%, 3,121, 36/8).

However, his final season was cut short by a shoulder injury that required surgery (big surprise).

Here’s a good scouting report on him by The Huddle from back in 2010…take the time to read it as it’s pretty good.  Here’s a few highlights…

Sam has ideal size for a quarterback prospect with a tall frame as well as having had the chance to add bulk during the 2009 season when he missed all but three games with a season-ending shoulder injury. He’s an intelligent quarterback, having scored a 36 on the wonderlic, a very good score, in addition to having very good instincts and game-managing skills at the quarterback position.

Bradford has excellent accuracy with the ability to deliver the ball consistently to the receiver in the precise location it needs to be. His pocket presence is good, but not great with a solid understanding of where the pass rush is coming from. He’s shown nice athleticism with the ability to take off and make a play with his legs (five rushing touchdowns in 2008).

One more note relating to the system; many of the throws that Bradford has had to make in his college career have been easy and simple. Throwing screens and dump off passes to explosive running backs, tight ends, and receivers have shown exactly how Bradford’s stats can inflate with just one five-yard toss.

Bradford’s reads and progressions are also simplified in the system. He has several options running favorable routes for the quarterback, such as five-to-ten yard underneath patterns and screens. When he did have to throw the ball down the field, he had the best tight end in the nation there to make acrobatic and spectacular catches in case Bradford was inaccurate.

You don’t throw 50 touchdowns in a 14-game college football season without playing in a system; Graham Harrell, Colt Brennan, and Timmy Chang can all attest to that, as they are the last three players to put up statistics that rival Bradford’s; Harrell and Chang never played a down in the NFL and Brennan is nothing more than a career backup at this point.

It’s a mixed review scouting report that, based on what we’ve seen in the NFL, is pretty spot on.

Bradford has been a tremendous disappointment in St. Louis.  He had a decent rookie season under his then, and now, offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur when he completed 60 percent of his passes for 3,512 yards with 18 TDs against 15 INTs.

That’s not bad for a rookie, but the thing is he never really improved.  The Eagles will tell you (and they have) that he didn’t succeed due to the talent around him in St. Louis (OL, skill players, etc) as well as suffering from incompetent coaching.

While that may be true to some extent, it doesn’t excuse it.

I still need time to think about Bradford as a starter in Chip’s offense.  It’s possible he could excel, but he is going to need help.  Particularly in the form of protection from his offensive line…the man is a walking injury.

Some folks out there still think Bradford could be traded again in a package that would net Kelly’s true desire in Mariota.  Perhaps that’s why he volunteered the information that he received a first round offer this morning.

And when asked if Sam Bradford was going to be his long term QB, Kelly answered “We’ll see.”

Yes Chip, we will see.



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15 Responses to Sam Bradford is the End Game? If So, Chip Kelly Was Fleeced in Trade Value

  1. Frank says:

    I’m with you dave, shocked is the only way word I can use describe how I feel. I hope and prey Chip has some inside info about his Breadford’s knee. I do think he can run this offense efficiently if healthy, but he’s not! I would sat we can lean on the run game,but go figure our new running back is injury prone also. It’s been a rough couple days!!!!

    • Hey Frank, Chip says they’ve done all their homework on Bradford…analyzed every pass he’s thrown in the NFL, his injury, etc. But, all teams do that (or at least say it) when acquiring a player with as many questions as Bradford comes with. Bradford has a long injury history so Chip better invest more in the OL to protect him.

      Yeah, he’s acquired lots of players coming off of injuries (or have big injury histories). Hope his sports science works its magic!

  2. ZMAN says:

    Hey Dave. I’m banking on Liar Liar Pants On Fire !! I can’t accept the fact that Bradford is Chip’s ace QB that can take us to the Promised Land. No way in a million years can this be The End of the movie !! We’ve come too far with all these star moves [DJ, McCoy, Maclin, and semi star Foles] to be saddled with Sam freaking Bradford. Come on !!
    The other shoe has to drop. All roads lead to Mariota so how do we all of the sudden take a detour. I’m speechless and disappointed if this is the final QB move !!
    PS. I’m glad I haven’t eaten supper yet because my Swanson Turkey TV Dinner would be on the floor if Chip is serious !!

    • Seems like it is the final move Z. Well, the final “big” move at QB. I can still see him drafting someone maybe in the 2nd or 3rd round. Bryce Petty is a guy to watch…maybe Hundley.

  3. Brad says:

    Last night I felt like I did on the Carrol call in the Super Bowl and today I was parked next to a Handy cap parking space looking into a cemetery and I still love God. Look for silver lining

  4. Rob Kelly says:

    Well Dave,
    I won’t say I told you so in my accurate comment following your “Panic” article. But I would appreciate it if you would give me my props :-)

    You discounted my prediction because you were so focused on Mariota. However, you will have 2 more chances. One more big move will hit and soon. A second big move, one that will blow our socks off, will occur during the draft.

    Hint: Think wild and crazy illogical moves by Kelly. Think like a big time gambler playing craps, who is sure he can’t lose, not like a science or math major.

    PS. I continue to enjoy your well written articles.

    • Hey Rob…I’d certainly give you props, but your prediction was more general…”big move” could have meant anything. If you had predicted a trade for Bradford I would be sending you the gold medal for clairvoyants! ha ha But yes, you did predict “something big” so I’ll give you props for that. How about doing me one better and predict what the next big move will be? 😉

      I will literally break out in an uproar (laughter) if we still ended up trading up for Mariota.

  5. Frank says:

    How about this for your next big move, just read that we’re one of the teams Murry has narrowed his choice to. They said he called Chip this morning to say he’s interested in coming to Philly. Bradford has been lobbying for his collage roommate to come join him. All this after we have signed Matthews. Could this offseason go any crazier?

  6. Matt says:

    Dave, please tell me you’re finally coming to my side on this bro!?! This dude is an idiot!! Yea Bradford could be a star here, and I hope he does but he not only needs Oline help, but who’s he going to throw to?? Like on The Longest Yard, we can’t run the ball every down!! I’m sorry but until he proves otherwise, Matthews is NOT a #1 Wr. Cooper should be gone, I’d like to know who he has dirt on!!(Cooper) This is getting more n more ridiculous by the minute man!! I’m pissed!! We’re in it now though!

    • Not quite Matt! 😉 I don’t think Chip is an idiot, I just think he got fleeced in this trade because he’s a rookie personnel guy. We still have the rest of free agency and the draft to add a WR. We’ll be counting on Matthews taking the next logical step in his progression as a pro, but I don’t know how you can tell me you don’t “think” he can do it based on his stellar rookie season. He’s a very promising young receiver.

      We’ll need Huff to step up in a big way. Cooper is what Cooper is…a guy that’ll catch a few passes and give you a physical presence at that position in the form of blocking.

  7. Mike s says:

    I like that you vomited all over this trade THEN decided to do your homework. Bradford will excel where Foles would have failed. Trust me Chip is smarter then you

    • That’s why I said it was my — and most people’s — “immediate” reaction 😉 If you’re telling me that when you first heard the news you did a fist pump and went “yesssssssss!”, I’d have to question your sanity, ha ha. Bradford MIGHT excel, but he’s going to have to prove it. His NFL portfolio is not good.

      Nobody claims to be “smarter” than Chip, he has his job for a reason. But, all coaches make mistakes. Time will tell if Bradford was a mistake or a genius move.

  8. ZMAN says:

    Hey Dave. My first reaction was to barf also but apparently Bradford isn’t the nobody/chump we first thought he is. Heisman Trophy winner, 1st pick in the draft, and NFL Rookie of the Year !! Not too shabby awards. The big question, as we know, is he able to stay injury free to help us out ?? Foles crapped out on us last year and we saw Sanchez for the major part of the season. Bradford has to start in 8 regular season games to get his perks. Maybe that’s all Chip is expecting him to play and then in comes Sanchez again. Then we’re back to 10-6 again, probably. That won’t cut it !!
    Now that it appears we have D. Murray in the backfield with Bradford, our future looks a little brighter !!
    I still find it hard to believe that if Mariota is still available when our 1st round number comes up that Chip would look the other way. WON’T HAPPEN !!
    I’m feeling better about how things are coming together but I’m still not over not having Mariota as our franchise QB !!
    As they say, “it’s not over until the fat lady sings” and she is warming up. Just don’t lie/BS us Chip. THIS IS PHILLY NOT OREGON !! We know when our chain is being yanked.

    • Hey Z, I’m warming up to the idea of Bradford, but I’m wondering if that’s just some kind of phenomenon that happens in the mind of fans who want to believe in the positive aspect of things. Bradford excelled in college in the type of offense Chip runs. Bradford has also been the victim of circumstances in St. Louis. But again, his NFL resume just isn’t good.

      Forget about “fits the scheme” for a minute…a good QB is a good QB and good QBs most often transcend schemes and rise above less than ideal circumstances. Bradford has not done that. It doesn’t mean he can’t, it just means he will be labeled as a huge question mark until he does. So, we STILL have questions at the QB position.

  9. ZMAN says:

    Hey Dave. I watched Mariota yesterday @ Pro Day in Oregon and he wasn’t overly impressive. I know this exhibition doesn’t carry a lot of weight and isn’t “NFL game speed” either. He looked very mechanical and was just throwing to his O buddies. Kind of reminded me of the championship game against OSU !!
    I’m still trying to convince myself that Bradford is now our starting QB and can get us into the playoffs.
    Chip has really taken us for a wild emotional ride and it’s going to take some time for all these changes to sink in. “As The Chip Turns” will continue to have us scratching our heads but it’s his team/job and not ours at stake !! We’ll see how it all shakes out.

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