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Chip Kelly and Kiko Alonso

Reunited and it feels so good! Chip Kelly and Kiko Alonso. Photo: http://www.oregonlive.com/

There is a reported deal in place for the Eagles to trade LeSean McCoy for Bills LB and former Oregon Duck Kiko Alonso.  The trade cannot take become official until the new league year begins on March 10th at 4pm EST.

Obviously, this news comes as a shock to most people.  I did anticipate the Eagles trading McCoy as described in my mock draft a little while back, but I had him being traded for a draft pick that was ultimately used to move up for Marcus Mariota in the draft.

In any case, McCoy appears to be on his way out of town.  How do you feel about that? Pissed?  Shocked?  Disappointed?  Indifferent?  Excited to get a Linebacker?

Or are you overwhelmed with a “what the hell is Chip doing?!?!” emotion?

After having a little time to digest it, I think this is a good trade for the Eagles…as long as Alonso is fully recovered from his ACL tear that occurred in July of 2014.  But therein lies the concern…Alonso’s injury history.

In 2010, he tore the ACL in his right knee.  Then tore his ACL in his left knee last summer. Also, just prior to his last ACL tear, he had surgery on his hip to repair what was reported to be a torn labrum.

That’s three significant injuries in the past five seasons.

Can he stay healthy?  That’s the million dollar question.  For what it’s worth, he claims he will be 100% full-go by camp.

Alonso had a stellar rookie year in 2013 where he recorded 159 tackles (wow!), two sacks, one forced fumble and four INTs.  He graded out as Pro Football Focus’ ninth-best ILB in 2013.

If he returns to his pre-injury form and can stay healthy, he and Kendricks should make for an exceptional ILB tandem for years to come.  Speaking of that, some folks wonder if Kiko will play inside or outside…he will almost certainly play inside next to Kendricks.

He played inside at Oregon and at middle linebacker in Buffalo.  The Bills were going to move him to the outside last year before he was hurt, but remember that would have been as a 4-3 weak-side ‘backer.

I love LeSean McCoy and absolutely enjoyed watching him play in Philly.  However, the fact of the matter is that his on-field production can be replaced relatively easily.  In each of the past three seasons there have been no fewer than 13 running backs who gained over a thousand yards (with several different players from year to year).

These days, running backs appear to be more “dime a dozen” than ever.  I’ll stop short of calling them “plug and play”, but to think Shady’s numbers couldn’t be duplicated without much problem in Chip’s offense, you’d be a little naive.

The Eagles will find a running back who is better suited for Chip’s offense.  Apparently, McCoy was a little too much “east-west” and Chip likes his RBs to be more “north-south.”

In any case, Chip is making his mark.  He’s making this “his team” and he’ll live or die with the results.  This trade is him basically saying that he’s willing to sacrifice a good offensive player to upgrade the defense.

And that’s the main goal this offseason right?  To repair the defense?  Well, so far his moves have indicated that is his certainly his intention.

If you want to get fired up about Alonso, here are some highlights.  The first are from his rookie season in Buffalo, the others are his college highlights…

Kiko Alonso highlights from 2013 with Buffalo

Kiko Alonso highlights from Oregon

Kiko’s “road to recovery” (from his ACL injury)






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23 Responses to McCoy For Alonso is a Good Trade For Eagles But Comes With Injury Concerns

  1. Matt says:

    Dude you’re crazy man!! This is not a good trade!! When are you going to wake up!?! Chippy is ruining this team, McCoy was our offense!! When is enough a enough!?!! I can take cutting Cole, and Williams. But cmon man, McCoy for a 2nd tier linebacker who can’t stay healthy or outta trouble. You’re too much of a unsensible fan and you’re blinded!! Again this moron of a coach ego has put one of our top players go!!

    • Wow Matt, take a chill pill my man! A 2nd tier LB? The evidence we have on his actual play is his rookie year…and it was definitely not “2nd tier”. Kiko has a pro bowl ceiling and has yet to reach his potential. There’s a reason he was drafted in the second round. Does he have to stay healthy? Yes, obviously, and that’s really the only concern. If Kiko was not coming off an ACL tear, I’d say the Eagles got the better end of the deal here. Shady is replaceable, sorry, but he is. You can find a decent running back almost anywhere.

      I bet the Eagles go after Mark Ingram. And, I’ll bet you right now if they got him, he’ll put up numbers close to Shady’s in this offense. The draft is deep at RB this year too.

      And no, I’m not “blinded”. I’ll admit I’m probably a little biased because I actually predicted the Eagles would trade Shady so I have a little bit of the “ha, I was right” mindset. But either way, I’m not blinded by anything. We get what should be a huge upgrade for the defense while gaining lots of cap space to continue adding to the defense once FA starts.
      I want Chip to do things his way. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

      • Matt says:

        I’m all for upgrading this defense, but trading our best player, when he still has 4 great years left!?! Cmon man!! Chip has this pipe dream of ” putting the family back together ” and bringing all these Oregon kids in at whatever cost it takes!! How long you gonna hold that grenade?? Now , I would almost guarantee he’s gonna put up this and next year’s draft for mariotta. He’s destroying this team! How do you think the rest of the locker room sees this?? They may not say it but the trust between coach and player has taken a big blow!! Hope you’re right dude!! I’m just hoping we get something right this offseason. And by the way, really!?! Ingram’s slow behind putting up 1600 and 1300 rushing/consecutive seasons? Cmon now, you gotta admit you shouldn’t have put that in there!

        • Matt, I suggest you take a look at this: http://espn.go.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/123542/inside-slant-running-back-cliff-after-age-27

          I wouldn’t say McCoy has 4 great years left…if I’m being honest and unbiased, I’d probably say he has 1 “great” year left and will then start to trend downward. RBs tend to start breaking down the more “tread on the tires” they have. McCoy has rushed the ball 626 times in the past two seasons to go along with 80 receptions. That’s 706 total touches over the past two years.

          Ingram has 582 career carries (4 years) and 53 receptions. That is significantly less wear and tear. I watched a few Saints games last year and he looked pretty good as the feature back. Of course he’s not the dynamic, special-talent runner that McCoy is, but he fits what Chip wants and the numbers he could put up in our offense will be similar to McCoy’s.

          Let me put it to you this way: If Ingram (or some other RB) averaged 4 – 5 YPC and put up 1100 – 1200 yards with, say, 8 TDs, would that be good enough when combined with the fact that we were able to free up cap space AND get a potential pro bowl ILB? I’d take that deal any day of the week and twice on Sundays!

          I understand why people are upset about losing Shady. I liked him too and he was fun to watch. But, I can also see why Chip traded him. He did it now for two reasons: to get a decent return (Kiko) while he can, and to free up significant cap space to help fix the defense.

          By trading McCoy, it will help the possibility of getting Maxwell AND McCourty as well as players like Worilds, Reed, Franklin, House or Ingram (some, not all, but more than we could have gotten without trading Shady).

          • Matt says:

            You gonna still “all in” on chip if we lose Maclin?? Hope we don’t, but starting to think Maclin is weary if resigning.

          • Still all-in Matt! And it’s starting to seem that Maclin won’t resign. Word leaked yesterday that the Eagles offered him $9 mil per year but he wants $11 mil. If true, Eagles’ offer is solid, Maclin is trying to take advantage of a market where he’s the best available now…but exactly what kind of money is he worth? He’s good, I’d like to have him back, but damn…he’s not an elite receiver.

  2. Chinaman says:

    Been waiting for the Birds to win a Super Bowl longer than I can remember.
    Seen a lot of good but not good enough seasons and as a result, a lot of middle of the draft slots that make it difficult to really move away from the middle of the pack.
    Most Eagles fans were excited about the Chip Kelly hire because he’s an inovative out of the box thinker. Now that he’s got complete control, some fans are having second thoughts about his inovative approach especially as it’s applied to personnel.
    Fear of failure creates fear of change. This team needs to change!

    If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

    Will Chip’s overall plan result in a super bowl parade?
    I have no way of knowing that for sure.
    But I am all in on moving this team in a different direction.
    I for one am tired of good but not good enough year after year after year

    • Chinaman, I agree with you completely! That’s what this is all about…the Eagles have been “good” (and sometimes even that is debateable) but never good enough. Kelly is making the changes he thinks he needs to make and so far, I haven’t disagreed with anything he’s done. Everyone wants to get riled up about trading McCoy but if we are to assume Alonso is fully recovered, I really like the trade. Finding a good ILB is much harder than finding a good RB. Alonso’s potential is sky high and with he and Kendricks, that should make for a great pair in the middle.

    • tval says:

      ‘Chinaman’, really? :)..im not sold on how innovative chip is in game time. Adjustments are as important as game plan. Chip keeps foot on gas, down 20, offense out of sync, and defense clutching knee pads..his style is so conducive to nfl comebacks..give his well documented innovative prowess a look-see vs top defenses last season..complete collapse..he has the ideas, i believe..he just needs to be more conservative with clock when offense comes out flat..and not be as predictable as andy in short yardage/goal line/4th down..thats his biggest downfall to me

      • Chip has had some head-scratchers as play calls here and there. But, other times he’s made good calls but suffered from poor execution. When the offense is humming and they’re moving the ball, I like the pace. But, it does drive me crazy when they’re obviously out of sync and have 3-and-outs in the blink of an eye.

        We’re now seeing Chip build his team with his guys. Let him “buy the groceries” and then we’ll see what kind of cook he truly is. That’s one of the reasons I want him to get Mariota very badly…I want to see the full potential of Chip’s offense and how he does in the NFL. If it fails, it fails. But, if not, we could be headed towards great things!

  3. tval says:

    The value of this trade will be known after maclin signs with a team, i doubt its eagles (disaster), and post fa/draft..matt, im somewhat with you but ive honestly been waiting on shady to leave an acl on the turf for years now..bills fan seems to think kiko wouldnt have even started this season so hopefully we’re as wrong as ever..i do believe chip needs to have a little more professionalism but outside of that hes done some decent things..he has 2 seasons tops to make it deep into playoffs and show real growth..hes taken advantage of probably worst 2 nfc east seasons this millennium to gain respect for ‘winning’..i find that notion extremely relative

  4. tval says:

    Chil also should be noted for lack of vision..so, he comes to philly from oregon, in that system, and doesnt need control of personnel? Thats height of arrogance..then, after 2, lets be honest, good but overall mediocre seasons he blames the personnel guys for his teams shortcomings..time will tell..cautious optimism for me..no risk, no

  5. tval says:

    Reward 🙂

  6. tval says:

    I forgot to ask, dave..what was your overall impression of winston @ combine? I thought he ran way slower than expected(last long stride on 40 killed him) and plays much faster. But off the field seems like he impressed everyone. I thought marcus moved from 20-30 range prospect to 15-20. There are some great football players in the top 40 of this class. That ’10-20′ speaks to marcus’ potential only, imo. Arians comments on spread system qbs are not very helpful

  7. tval says:

    I also believe if chip is duped into taking marcus top 10, when no other top 10 teams are in qb market(not stl with fisher) its a stronger indictment of his talent eval. If he gives up multiple picks and, say, foles, kendricks or cox to move into top 10 for a guy who few even see as nfl ready, hes gonna be laughing stock..my intuition says i think teams may be playing ole chip…yeah, hes a great qb (wink wink) lol!!! Chip has shown decent ability to adjust to managing with cap, not that oregon had one :)…on the field, hes shown an inability to adjust to his players and their strengths/weaknesses..thats the biggest sign of a great coach. Making all guys fit your system

    • He’s shown decent ability to adjust with managing a cap? I think that’s still to be determined. But, I think he has (or at least tries) to adapt his system to his players’ strengths. Great coaches adjust their scheme to maximize the talent around them, not the other way around…is that what you meant?

      As far as Winston’s combine, it was good. I didn’t care about the 40-time. In Chip’s offense, the QB doesn’t have to be fast…just be athletic enough to be a “threat” to run.

      • tval says:

        Yessir! Gave a lil more of my recent thoughts below..after processing this..and i myself always grew up playing for and admiring the more strict, hard nosed, old school coaches. Not to say players dont need to adjust, being paid kings ransom, but the coach is the key..like chip said “culture beats system always” not sure hes practicing what he preaches..we’ll see. I think hes placing more emphasis on system here and might not recognize it (homerism 🙂

  8. Matthew Pecor says:

    This trade was great for the Eagles all around. Obviously the final verdict won’t be said until about 5 years from now when it’s all done and said, but the way I see it this was great.

    Shady doesn’t fit the scheme here at all. He dances in the pocket and doesn’t strike the hole. There is clips of Chip yelling at Shady mid games for this. Oregon RB’s always had one RB who destroyed the hole (L.Blount/J.Stewart) and one who could be used on third downs and shifty like Sproles (K.Barner/L.James). Shady doesn’t fit what he wants to do, and sorry, CJ Spiller doesn’t really either. I think a rookie fits this replacement best.

    Kiko Alonso is a position of need. If DeMeco Ryans can not come back, Alonso can start at ILB. He fits best there at ILB and I think they should just cut Ryans now and start Alonso, but Alonso can play the OLB role as well. Another very versatile, athletic piece to the defense who is a stud when healthy.

    Let’s not forget as well fella’s. The cap hit is an issue as well. I don’t believe in paying for RB’s like this anymore. Unless your the Vikings and Adrian Peterson is the only player really contributing then it’s not worth it. You can draft rookies/lower tier vets and get adequate production from a great OL. D.Murray wasn’t anything but above average until they put a great line in front of him.

    Todd Gurley at 20 anybody?

  9. Buddyball46 says:

    It has been crazy! I am going to really miss Trent, Shady and Herremans. I understand the logic on the Shady trade but would not have made it. I feel he has lived up to his end of the contract. Then again, he did not play many 3rd downs and gave up GL carries at the end of the year to Polk. I would have rather got a draft pick ( a 3rd this year or 2nd next year).

    Lets sign Brooks Reed and hope that AP, Wilfork, Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson get cut and we can get a few of them

    • I see Brooks Reed as a definite target. Will come cheap and be part of rotation with possibly Worilds as the starter opposite Barwin. Well, now we know that Wilford was cut and Marshall has been traded. Johnson may get released as well, but don’t see him as a target unless Chip would see him as a one year rental. AP? Too much $$ if he even becomes available.

  10. tval says:

    Dave, i think now hes been given control hes shown hes a shrewd businessman and not afraid..i like that, even if hes dead wrong..lol!! agree with ya matt on shadys style. I also dont think spiller is fit..id take msus (langford?) back over gurley or gordon(both beatdown in college) and id take wakes corner(robinson?) over collins or peters..hes a great player..i dont think this trade is worth a thing if chip goes out and tries to make up for draft picks, he’ll throw away for marcus, by adding free agents who could just milk us for a 1 yr huge guarantee and claim “coach kelly just doesnt get it” and force release or trade. This entire marcus/chip love affair “i think marcus will win multiple super bowls” is pretty alarming..1, hes an awful negotiator if he truly believes this and isnt, like ive said, just trying to help marcus..how about this, guys? I know winston wins 2 within 7 years, and is still beginning his prime..lets see who really knows what it takes, right? Im tired of this homer nonsense from head coach. If jax, oak, and especially wsh(needing to make up for rg), who all need picks, dont have other offers for marcus and draft someone instead of adding 2 1st rounders we should run for the hills..in simpler words, if he falls to jets and they are willing, we are the only team that really wants mariota in 1st round..thats a fact

    • Matt says:

      Spot on dude!! Atleast some of us eagle fans aren’t lost in Chip cult yet!!

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