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Now that Chip Kelly has finished razing what was left of the Andy Reid Eaglesand attempts to rename the Eagles the Ducks (joking) we can take a look at the aftermath and see what we think the team should do moving forward.

I do think the Eagles have enough cap space for one more FA acquisition and I think it’s a pretty simple one as well. The Eagles need to add a lower tier WR or Safety to compete for a starting gig with the team. Looking at what’s left out there, I’m going to go with Wide Receiver.

Denarius Moore – WR – 6’0 190 pounds speed receiver. Moore has the physical skill set to really take the top off a defense and impose a sense of fear of the deep ball. Something we missed last year. Issue with Moore, a list of smaller questionable injuries, he has a terrible issue with drops.

I wonder if the right team and coaching staff could get the most of out him and turn him from one year wonder to a reliable receiver. I think the Eagles, and Chip Kelly’s proven ability to take no name college recruits and make them into college production machines at the receiver position, will take a one year prove it deal flyer on Moore and see if they can turn him around.

Now, I’m not pounding the table for him, I just think out of all remaining FA’s he would be one of the cheapest and have the highest upside.

Round 1 Pick 20 – TRADE – So … obviously if the draft falls to 20 and I’m now posting this trade here .. they didn’t trade up. I think there is solid talent that will be available at 20. If a can’t miss type prospect falls here, obviously they don’t trade back, but the team has quite a few holes, and needs depth in a LOT of places.

For the trade I’m going with the Eagles, swapping firsts with the Patriots (who we commonly trade with) at the cost of New England’s second rounder this year. According to the point chart, there is only a 10 point difference in value here which is nothing.

Jake Fisher

Fisher is becoming a popular post FA 1st round pick for the Eagles.
Photo: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Round 1 – Jake Fisher – OT/OG – Oregon – I’m seeing people mock Fisher to the Eagles at 20. I honestly think he could be available for us in round 2, but Chip will be compulsive and want to make sure he locks up his prior talent.

Jake Fisher could step in right away and be an upgrade at the RG position where Herremans left a massive hole at. Jake Fisher can play both Tackle and Guard. I think he will be a career RT, but a good stop gap for the next couple of years at Guard until Peters retires, then moving to RT.

Round 2 – Byron Jones – CB – UConn – As a massive UConn fan, and a prior DB coach. I’m not buying the hype that Jones is now suddenly in late 1st, early 2nd round buzz feed after a broad jump. The kid showed great athletic ability on tape the entire time. His issue is injury concerns, slopping tackling machines, and zero ability to cover in the zone.

Jones can step in day one and start for the Eagles in this scheme as a press cover. Great man to man coverage skills but still a bit of a project. I think he could come in day 1 and compete for the starting gig with Thurmond, Boykin, Watkins, and Carroll.

Boykin is on the last year of his rookie contract, and Thurmond is on a one year prove it deal. Corner is still a huge need for the Eagles. Good defenses constantly develop the position.

Round 2 (NE) – Eric Rowe – CB/S – Utah – The last pick I went against the trend and picked a player half a round later than commonly projected. This time I’m taking one a full round early. Eric Rowe is a versatile DB who can cover and hit.

Think Jimmie Ward last year. In a very weak safety market and draft Rowe will need to be a bit over drafted in order to guarantee him landing in PHI. Would be an instant starter for the Eagles opposite Malcolm Jenkins and give them two safeties who can both cover/center-field being completely interchangeable like that want them to be.

Round 3 – Ifo Ekpre-Olomu – CB – Oregon – Really? Three defensive backs in a row? Yes … it’s a necessary evil. Again, Boykin and Thurmond, both career nickle corners, are on the last year of their contracts. Ifo could spend the entire year on IR and “redshirt” for the Eagles.

Once regarded the consensus top corner in the 2015 draft, he tore his ACL in practice for the playoffs. Ekpre-Olomu can play both inside and outside, but based on his size, I think he would make the perfect replacement for Boykin in the nickle.

Round 4 – Shaq Mason – OG – Georgia Tech – Mason is a little bit on the smaller side, at 6’1, but he really destroyed weaker opponents in 2014. Mason is extremely athletic and from a run based offense.

Evan Mathis is turning 34 this year and been rumored on the trade block, so picking up another OG to develop who can start next year would be a great idea. Can also play center and be a back-up in case any interior lineman go down with injury.

Round 5 – Tre McBride – WR – William and Mary –  the round for the small school prospects. Tre McBride pretty much reminds me of a Jeremy Maclin clone against bad opponents. Issue with him is, he disappears against good talent and struggles to get separation. Not sure if he’s better suited for the slot or outside in the NFL but has an intriguing skill set with a high ceiling.

Round 5 – Lynden Trail – OLB – Norfolk St – The Eagles need depth at the OLB position. Trail gives the Eagles another high upside prospect from a small school. If not for slight off the field concerns with Trail I think he’d be a second rounder based on talent alone.

Scouts question his work ethic I’ve seen. On the field though, I’ll let his tape speak for it self. Lynden would be a solid rotational player behind Graham if Marcus Smith is a complete bust and shows nothing again this off season.

Round 6 – John Crockett – RB – North Dakota St – I think the Eagles will roll with 4 RB’s and 3 TE’s this year instead of the other way around. Crockett showed up at the East West Shrine game and looked great.

One-Cut runner who is exactly what the Eagles want and doesn’t come with the injury concerns Polk does. I love Polk and think he has a ton of upside, but I wouldn’t mind giving him some competition either.

I also think it’s safe to say as far as UDFA’s go, I can see us grabbing 2 or 3 more wide outs, and a Punter to compete with Donnie Jones.

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12 Responses to Eagles Mock Draft Post Free Agency

  1. Frank says:

    I can see most of those picks actually happening,the only thing I would want to Chang would be addressing the Wr posting earlier. I think we need to add a more proven receiver to help make up for the loss of Maclin.

    • Matthew Pecor says:

      The thing is, with the WR position. Chip Kelly doesn’t need elite talent to get elite results at that spot. I wrote about this right after they didn’t resign Maclin and shipped out Shady.

      I think the team can still put up great numbers with who they have and adding a middle piece or two. I’m really high on Denarious Moore’s upside/potential and McBride as well. There’s a few players I wanted in the draft I didn’t mock but there has to be sacrifices.

      I think rebuilding the secondary is more important than adding another WR and it physically hurt me not to mock Bryce Petty to the Eagles.

  2. Really like the Long pick. I think there’s a pretty good chance he’ll be under strong consideration. I also think (as you may have read here) that Rowe seems to be the prototype Kelly/Davis player.

  3. **Err, meant to say the “Fisher” pick…ha

  4. Matt says:

    Rd. 1- Jaelen Strong, Wr, Asu. Or another Wr available, Parker maybe.
    Rd. 2- La’el Collins, Og, Lsu.
    Rd.3 – Tyrus Thompson, Ot, Okla.
    Rd. 4- Kurtis Drummond, S, Mich. St.
    Rd. 5- Rashad Greene, Wr,Fsu.
    Rd. 5- Tyler Davison, Nt, Fresno St.
    Rd. 6- Tony Washington, OLB, Oregon
    Rd.7- Josh Shaw, Cb, Usc.

    • Matthew Pecor says:

      I would love if this happened. Only way it would be possible though is if you flipped your 1 and your 2 picks. I could see there being a chance (very small one) that Strong is there in round 2.

      I don’t think La’el Collins will be there at 20 though, let alone in round 2. Teams put a premium on tackles who can play guard as well and Collins is freakishly athletic for his size. He’s my number 2 rated OLineman in the draft.

  5. Matt says:

    Like the fisher pick for sure. No way we don’t address Wr in first or second rd unless we sign a FA between now and then. Don’t know about going DB three consecutive picks, but I’d love to trade back to gain an additional 2nd. I could see us ,(again depending on rest of free agency), picking 3 receivers. And this draft is deep on receivers. Load up on receivers(2-3), and offensive linemen, (atleast 2). Really like the Rowe pick too, but if Ronald Darby is sitting there, would u change ur pick?? Darby is a hidden gem!! You’re definitely right about Collins, but gotta put a lil wishful thinking in it.

  6. Justin wetzel says:

    Love Fisher. Don’t be greedy and trade back. Bet your guy. Plug and play him at RG. Then move him out to tackle when Peters is finished

    Fisher fits this oline so well.

    • Agree Justin. Fisher is a borderline first rounder, he could feasibly be there at pick 32 (like in this trade) but we’d risk not getting him. However, if I’m targeting Fisher with my first pick, I could be convinced to trade back a little bit and still feel I’d get him. I’d also be fine with just taking him at 20.

  7. Justin wetzel says:

    I think the top 3 wrs are on the roster. I don’t see the Eagles picking a wr until Round 5

    • I can still see WR being a decent possibility in rounds 1, 2 or 3. Depends who’s there when we pick. Players like Jaelen Strong, Phillip Dorsett, Nelson Agholor and Devin Smith will likely be of interest to Chip…just depends on exactly how much interest.

  8. Justin wetzel says:

    Good players listed there.

    I just think the Eagles have bigger holes.

    I wouldn’t mind taking 2 oline men in the first 4 rounds.

    This offense goes if the oline is healthy.

    Also need a safety and another olb.

    I guess I look at it as the Eagles drafted huff in round 3 last year. Don’t bring in another wr to take reps away from him. Give him a shot ( or you wasted your 3 rd). If he stinks it up, we grab a wr next off season.

    Eagles should go

    1. Fisher
    2. Rowe
    3. Randall
    4. Maufett

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