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The Eagles’ new front office power structure will face an early test in just over a month.  If things remain status quo between now and March 10th, we’ll get to see pretty quickly how Chip Kelly, Ed Marynowitz and Howie Roseman work together once the bell rings at the start of free agency.

As we now know, Kelly and Marynowitz will be in charge of personnel and Roseman is still the salary cap guy.  Their relationships will be thrust into the spotlight as the time comes for contract situations.  There are several important decisions, and then actual deals, to be made in the very near future.

These are the biggest decisions they are facing…

To restructure or not

LeSean McCoy
Trent Cole
DeMeco Ryans
Cary Williams

To cut or not

Trent Cole
DeMeco Ryans
Cary Williams
James Casey (could restructure too)

To re-sign or not

Jeremy Maclin (could be tagged as well)
Brandon Graham
Mark Sanchez

After making decisions on the above comes the task of deal-making.  Whether it’s restructuring a player or re-signing a player to a long term deal, Roseman and Kelly (or Marynowitz) will have to be on the same page.

Furthermore, there are a few key players eligible for hefty extensions.  Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks will (or should) be signed to long term deals.

All of the above will have a significant impact on the salary cap and will determine what free agents the Eagles can then be legitimate players for.  This will take much collaboration between Roseman and Kelly/Marynowitz because a lot of this will happen simultaneously.

Many decisions should be made prior to the start of free agency, but things can suddenly change once everything starts becoming a reality.

For example, what if the Eagles have some interest in retaining Graham as maybe a Plan B or C and Plan A is to sign Jason Worilds.  But, the process of courting Worilds hits a snag for some unexpected reason and Graham is close to signing elsewhere.

The Eagles would be faced with the possibility of not getting Worilds and losing Graham.  Decisions and communication about players and money will have to be done in rapid-fire succession in a fast-paced pressurized situation.

Because of the marriage between the salary cap and player acquisition/retention/roster-building, the business side and personnel side absolutely must be a cohesive unit during the high time of free agency.

What we don’t need is for Chip Kelly to have to wait on going after a prized free agent because he isn’t sure what they can afford.  Things happen fast in free agency when it comes to making deals with the top players available.

If there is any discontent between the “Big 3” front office people, this could be a seriously strained process that ultimately ends up as a failure to make the best moves possible to improve the team.

Imagine losing out on players like Worilds, Byron Maxwell, Chris Culliver or DaNorris Searcy because of some dysfunction between the numbers guy and the football guy.

What happens in free agency will have a big impact on draft strategy.  There are positions of need for this team and free agency will offer an opportunity to at least lessen the severity of those needs.

A failure to do so will make the draft more about filling needs than everyone’s favorite “best player available” strategy.

Obviously, the results ultimately determine the product on the field.  And that product will determine how busy the folks at are selling Eagles tickets this upcoming year.

This team needs major improvement so let’s hope Kelly, Marynowitz and Roseman can be more like the Three Amigos and not end up looking like the Three Stooges come March 10th.

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7 Responses to Free Agency and Looming Decisions Will Quickly Test Eagles’ New Power Structure

  1. Dennis Umphrey says:

    We hear a lot about Nick Foles being traded, we hear a lot about Mark Sanchez leaving the team for other teams but why no talk about Barkley the third stringer? If the Eagles can’t land Mariotta then who will they choose to replace Foles, some how if Andy Reid could pull it off what are the odds Foles ends up with the coach that drafted him?

    • Hey Dennis, I can’t see any way that Foles would be traded without an assurance of having his replacement. If we can’t get a suitable replacement, Foles will not be traded.

      As far as Barkley, I think he’s headed for 3rd string again and will probably have to compete just to make the roster. There’s no talk about him because there’s really nothing to talk about. In limited action, he hasn’t shown much of anything and the coaches don’t seem to have much confidence in him.

  2. tval says:

    How about my guy tra thomas’ assessment of marcus smith? Why should we be excited about the draft, really? Chip and howie have very little credibility in this dept, imo..chip is another wasted 1st rounder from being gators new coach. as long as they scrap whatever awful draft model they followed last season, entirely, we should be fine. 🙂

    • Wonder if Tra made that comment knowing it would pour salt in the wound of a sore subject. It doesn’t look good for Smith, but I will still give him another year before declaring him a bust. We’ll see.

      If Chip wanted to hide his lack of draft skills, the smartest thing he could do would be to trade most of his picks to get Mariota! HA! Then he’d be only judged on how Mariota panned out rather than multiple players!

      Last year is a mystery as far as who was ultimately responsible for what. This year there is no doubt…it’s Chip’s show so we will see just how good of a talent evaluator he is.

  3. tval says:

    Kelvin benjamin or marcus smith, right? We drafted marcus over jordan. Really breathe that in. Just as dumb as skipping on desean for trevor laws..we took 1st rounder who couldnt hold 5th round lbs jock..thats an indictment of our talent evaluation, period. Chip doesnt even know what to look for, imo. Outside of scheme, not playcalling, totally in over his head

  4. Buddyball46 says:

    I hope we offer good contracts to both Graham and Maclin. I think another team will likely offer Graham more and I am nervous KC may offer Maclin more. Whether or not we resign Maclin I think Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson may get released. I would probably rather have Johnson over Fitz. I think both would do well in our offense. Johnson probably would not cost as much as fitz either.

    • Don’t forget we can franchise tag Maclin if a deal doesn’t get done. As for Graham, I’d like to see him return but I think they’ll let him walk and go after Jason Worilds. But, if they lose Graham and then cut Cole, OLB will be an even bigger concern.

      I’d take a flier on Fitz or Johnson if either become available. Otherwise, I think they could look at someone like Torrey Smith.

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