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AP Photo/Matt Rourke

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

If there’s one thing we can all agree on after the debacle against Seattle, it’s Eagles Center Jason Kelce’s assessment of the play by his offense:

After investing several milliseconds of time and research into analyzing the game yesterday, I’ve drawn the same conclusion.  Yes, the offense absolutely shit the bed.

139 total yards, three yards per play, 2.6 yards per rush, 3.6 yards per pass, 2 for 11 on third down, only nine first downs, 18 minutes time of possession, four 3-and-outs, not a single drive lasted longer than six plays, and two crucial turnovers.

Receivers weren’t open often and when they were, Sanchez couldn’t find them.  The ground game could never get going and Sanchez proved he’s not the kind of player who can put a team on his back.

It was just an all around abysmal performance by the offense.  Yes, Seattle’s defense is good but supposed worse offensive teams than the Eagles have put up more yards and points against them.

Again, just as we saw against Green Bay, the Eagles simply cannot compete with the upper-echelon teams right now.  Whether it’s the defense getting smoked by a good QB or the offense being stifled by a good defense, this team just doesn’t have the overall talent to compete.

Many people may want to point to the refs as a big reason why the Eagles lost yesterday.  There may have been some shoddy calls and non-calls, but the refs didn’t matter.  The Eagles lost the game because they were overmatched, period.

The defense played well given that they were on the field most of the game since the offense couldn’t do anything.  However, I have to say I was a little miffed when Seattle kept converting third and longs.

In my preview of the game, I had Wilson as the player that I was most worried about and those concerns came to fruition.  He killed the defense with his legs by scrambling to keep plays alive and giving the receivers enough time to break free and by selectively running.

I think we were into the third quarter before someone reminded Trent Cole that Wilson is capable of keeping the ball and running with it.  Cole redeemed himself by the end, but he was made to look like a fool on some read-option plays early on.

In the second half, Malcolm Jenkins dropped what would have been a pick-6 and could have completely changed the complexion of the game.  Opportunity missed.

Bradley Fletcher was called for a killer pass interference penalty on the drive right after the Eagles closed the gap to 17-14.  Many folks complained about that and apparently the receiver admitted to trying to draw the penalty.

But, at the end of the day, Fletcher contacted the receiver before he turned around for the ball…which is a penalty.  Refs will call that more times than not…well, most refs anyway (yesterday’s crew not withstanding).

There are other things I could complain about but overall, this loss falls squarely on the shoulders of the offense.  Hell, Oakland’s offense performed better against Seattle’s defense and they played the game in Seattle.

I will still be excited at the prospects of playoff football for this team, but my rational mind knows that this team cannot legitimately contend for a championship until they add some more talent to the roster.

So, with three games left, here are the possible scenarios regarding the Eagles and the playoffs:

Winning the division

They still control their own destiny within the division.  If they beat Dallas this week, they will clinch by winning one of their final two games or with another Dallas loss.

If they lose to Dallas this week, they will no longer control their own destiny.  Dallas would be one game ahead with two left.  The Eagles would need to win their last two and hope Dallas drops one.


This only comes into play if they lose out on the division.  If that’s the case, that would mean the Eagles would be no better than 11-5.  This is where things look really hairy right now…

Arizona got a big win on Sunday and would only need to win one more game to bump the Eagles out.  Both them and Seattle would bump the Eagles out if they both reach 11 wins.

The other team we have to watch in a wildcard race is Detroit.  If we assume the Packers win the division, there’s still a decent chance that the Lions finish 11-5 as well.  Detroit plays Minnesota and Chicago before their final showdown with Green Bay.

Hell, the Lions could win the division if they win their next two and then beat the Packers.  But, we’re just going to assume Green Bay wins.  So, what happens if Detroit and the Eagles are both 11-5?

If the tie-breaker is just between them two, Detroit would get in because they’d have a better conference record.

Things get a little more convoluted in a three-way tie.  So, let’s say the Eagles, Lions and Cardinals end with an 11-5 record, does anything change?  I don’t think so based on the NFL’s three-way tie-breaking procedures, which you can read right here.

Since the Eagles have lost every single important conference game outside of their division, they’ve put themselves in a position where they pretty much have to win the division in order to make the playoffs.

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6 Responses to Jason Kelce With Some #Analysis and an Updated Playoff Outlook

  1. ZMAN says:

    Hey Dave
    I’m disappointed about our overall performance yesterday but not surprised. No one really expected the Eagles to “run the tables” and win all 4 of their remaining games. If we were going to lose 1, this was the obvious loss. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t beat the Cowboys [again], Redskins, Giants and end up 12-4. Anything less is not really acceptable for the player talent and coach we do have !!

    Our front 7 “D” really came to play yesterday. Wilson was hurried and sacked several times but found a way to beat us with his legs or last second open receivers. Our secondary, once again, was missing in action. An area we have to correct in the off season. Lynch had an average game so I don’t fault the defense for this loss.

    With the score 10-7 @ HT, it was anybody’s game. Shady’s fumble in our first series was exactly what we feared would happen. I got tired of hearing about W. Montgomery’s record and not what McCoy needed to do to break a few good runs. 56 total yds on the ground is pathetic !! Only 3 receivers caught passes and why do we keep throwing to R.Cooper? The only thing he cares about is running his route. He didn’t even try to interrupt that D reception !! Get called for offensive interference before you allow the “EASY INT”. Coop is a waste of money this year. Ertz makes a great catch and then we don’t see him thrown to again. Go figure. Once again, Sproles wasn’t utilized enough in the running and passing game plan. He doesn’t fumble and runs for yardage after catching a pass. Come on Chip !! Throwing passes short of the 1st down marker by 3-4 yds makes no sense on 3rd downs. Have the receiver run past the 1st down marker and curl back in. Almost impossible to defend against. Ertz, Matthews and Sproles can all pull this off. It seemed like we were playing “not to lose” !! Intimidated maybe ?? Sherman and friends were having a good time at our expense. SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN ON OUR COURT !!

    Our offensive line didn’t have a great day either. Sanchez didn’t show the same command/confidence that he had in the Dallas game. The play where he threw the INT, the left side of the field was wide open for him to pick up 10-15 yds running. We had plenty of opportunities to put up points but we lacked a QB who could put the team on his shoulders YESTERDAY. When we’re up against the #1 defense in the league, we get exposed for who we “really are”, a “B+” team. Foles couldn’t have done any better, in my opinion. We just got out played !!

    I’m fully expecting us to “light the Cowgirls up like a Christmas tree” this Sunday night. Both on the ground and in the air we redeem ourselves. Tackle Romo like a “melting snowman”. No way we lose back to back home games and get smoked by a team we dominated in Dallas. >>>CHANGE THE SHEETS ON THE BED GUYS AND FORGET ABOUT THE SEATTLE GAME<<< !!

    GO EAGLES……………………………

    • Yeah Z, didn’t like seeing Sherman taunting and having fun at our expense. But the offense just couldn’t do anything to shut him up.

      Don’t know what’s wrong with Cooper this year, he just doesn’t seem to be on the same page with Sanchez or even Foles earlier in the year. They apparently love him for his blocking but we need wide receivers who will actually catch and fight for the ball. He’s definitely not a good “size” receiver.

      And the brilliant mind of Chip needs to find a way to get the ball in Sproles’ hands in space.

  2. Berdj Rassam says:

    The Eagles are a good team, but when it comes to competing against the elite teams, they have fallen short repeatedly.

    • That’s exactly it Berdj. I wrote about that exact point recently and it just shows that we’re not on that level yet. Anything can happen in the playoffs, but usually the cream rises to the top. Eagles just aren’t quite there yet.

  3. ZMAN says:

    Hey guys.
    I’ll admit we’re not there yet [SB caliber] but if we get to the playoffs and win 1 game, I’d consider the 2014 season a success !! Sunday night is obviously a “must win” and the EAGLES, in my opinion, are the better team again. A few hard sacks on Romo and their offense is in serious trouble. A rib and back injury can only take so many painful shots. That limits or shuts down his passing game and we already know how to contain Murray. 7 or 10 days of rest is a “non factor” concerning their running game.

    The key to winning this game is to punish, punish, punish Romo !! He will take himself out of the game eventually !!

    GO EAGLES……………………..

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