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Would you trade LeSean McCoy?  Photo: Lori M. Nichols

Would you trade LeSean McCoy? Photo: Lori M. Nichols

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about ESPN’s series of trade proposal ideas to spur discussion in light of the impending trade deadline on October 28th.  One of their “fake trades” involved Eagles RB LeSean McCoy.

If you missed it, here is a link to the article and below is the hypothetical trade…

Proposed trade No. 3:
Eagles trade running back LeSean McCoy, linebacker Brandon Graham and 2015 second-round and fifth-round picks to the Oakland Raiders for their (potential No. 1 overall) 2015 first-round pick

You can read the article for their reasoning as to why they think it would benefit both teams.

On the Eagles’ side, they would give up all of that in order to draft Oregon QB Marcus Mariota because they’re assuming Oakland will end up with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 Draft.

First, let me start by saying that this trade has about a .0000001 percent chance of actually happening.  However, I still find the idea intriguing, to say the least.

I love McCoy as much as any Eagles fan. He’s a stud running back, the Eagles’ best overall offensive player and one of the best players in the NFL. So, why would I be willing to part ways with him?

In a nutshell, I’m a believer in being able to find good running backs at almost any point during an NFL draft. Even UDFA running backs can turn out to be pretty damn good. Running backs such as Arian Foster, Ryan Grant, and Priest Holmes were all undrafted.

Hell, if you look at the top 10 RBs this year in terms of rushing yards, there is only one player (Marshawn Lynch) who was drafted in the first round.  The rest are a combination of players selected in rounds two through seven as well as two undrafted players (Chris Ivory and Arian Foster).

More and more it’s become quite clear that teams don’t need to – and the latest draft trends show it – draft a running back early in order to find a good one. Furthermore, the RB position has almost literally become one of the more plug-and-play positions in football.

There are certain skill sets such as pass protection and “vision” that make some running backs more valuable than others, but for the most part teams can find running backs that can excel in their scheme without spending valuable resources.

Quarterback, on the other hand, is the most important position in football and arguably all of sports in terms of what they mean to their team.  And with the exception of a select few, franchise-changing QBs are usually only obtainable at the top of the draft.

So, if I had the chance to do that ESPN trade and was assured the top pick in the draft — and I was assured that my QB of choice would be there — I would do that trade 10 times out of 10.

It would be a no-brainer to me.

However, doing such a deal right now would be ridiculous in reality because there is no way the Eagles would be assured the top pick and Mariota may not even declare for the 2015 draft.

If we could alter ESPN’s trade a little bit, we could pose a better and perhaps more realistic question for doing a trade of that nature right now

Would you trade McCoy and Brandon Graham for the Raiders’ first round pick?

The Eagles could potentially end up with the first overall pick but certainly wouldn’t be assured of it.  They also wouldn’t be assured of Mariota or even Jameis Winston for that matter.

They would, however, likely end up with a top five pick and almost certainly a top 10 pick.

Would you do that right now?

Though such a move might have a negative impact to our current season, I think the risk would be worth it.  Worst case scenario is we’d be in a position to draft a stud player at a position that is more of a need.

Plus, with the way Foles has played so far, I can’t say right now that I’m comfortable with him as my long term QB.  Therefore, if I had an opportunity to potentially hedge my bet with a top 10 pick at this particular point in time, I’d do it.

I love Shady, but his value to the overall production of the offense doesn’t come close to what a more dynamic QB would bring.

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6 Responses to ESPN Trade Idea of LeSean McCoy to the Raiders is an Interesting Thought

  1. Jerbino says:

    are you serious? you got to be gidding me. How many of the first draft Quaterback never made it in the NFL Should I name a few? I think you know. You do not give up a McCoy for a Unknownj

    • It’s definitely a risk, but one I’d be willing to take. Yes, there have been plenty of QB busts taken high in the draft, but there have also been some pretty big “booms” as well. My point is, as much as I love McCoy, he’s replaceable. His running style makes you go “wow!” and is exciting to watch. That part isn’t easily replaceable, but his actual production is.

  2. tval says:

    It doesnt matter how many qbs have been drafted to awful teams and not ‘made it..the eagles are far from awful but foles is a clear liability, i dont care what anyone thinks.4 throws out of end zone on last series was painful..he has pedestrian release. . I also think winston is literally twice the qb mariota is..the only pac 10 worth his weight last 2 decades is pro style aaron rodgers..carson is garbage. Mariota is probably carson as a ceiling..winston is montana as a ceiling..carson palmer or joe montana, who you guys want? I know chip targets “college grads” if thats at overall talents expense, which i know isnt the only determining factor, chip wont last 2 more years!! And the fact is winston will be more valuable to us than any rb in league in 1 or 2 years..shady is great but winston is a franchise difference maker!! Can you say mariota has lifted his team, played in bigger games vs better teams, or under more pressure and performed? I certainly cant. Why is that not considered? Luck isnt half the qb jameis..jameis is just as smart and just as high football iq. All the sensationalized scandal driven media aside, would you take a better luck (stronger 2x accuracy and better anticipation) or mariota?

  3. tval says:

    And think if wed have kelvin, like i wanted, with jameis next year,opposite of james jones (via oak) with maclin leaving.. wed already have a better team with polk and sproles sharing load..i like jordan but he isnt kelvin..that draft-a-college-grad philosophy backfired..hope he doesnt do it again at what could be the true turning point of the eagles if the opportunity presents itself..

  4. tval says:

    80-108, 1100yds, 12td:1int when trailing this season!!! Insane!! 1 established receiver, no run it jameis or mariota? Lol!! Hint: he has the weight of the college football world on his shoulders and still outplaying everybody..i dont care if hr throws 5 ints and loses 48-3 to louisville today..look at ariz oreg last year, and this year..:)

    • You like Jameis or something tval? 😉 If he declares, he’ll go top 5 in the draft….Eagles won’t have any shot to get him without giving up the farm, if even then.

      One thing I’d bet money on though, is if the Eagles and Chip were on the clock and had both Mariota and Jameis sitting there, Chip would take Mariota 10 times out of 10. Right, wrong or indifferent, but that’s what he’d do, without a doubt.

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