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Cary Williams

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It’s clear that Eagles CB Cary Williams doesn’t care about endearing himself to the fans or coaches.  And that’s fine, be who you are and don’t be fake.  However, when you say the things Williams said after the game, it comes off as unprofessional, destructive and quite frankly, a little cry-baby-like.

Not to mention, the Eagles just came off such an emotional, hard-fought victory in what resembled more of a street fight than a football game.  You’d think players would talking about the positives of winning a game in the fashion that they did.

But nope, not Williams.  Instead of reveling in the euphoria, he bitched about practice.

Here’s what he said after the game (quotes courtesy of Matt Lombardo of NJ.com)…

“I was just trying to conserve as much energy during the week so I can be as effective as I can be on Sunday’s,” Williams said afterwards. “It was just such a dog fight. It didn’t help that I wasn’t healthy through the week and it didn’t help that I had a dog fight before the week and then I had a dog fight during the game. It’s just tough, man. We have to start taking care of our guys, taking care of our players, doing the right thing from there.”I didn’t practice every week, there’s a reason for that. A lot of guys had no legs. A lot of guys were in a dog fight before the game even started. We have to take care of our guys during the week to make sure we’re fresh come Sundays.””In other words, we have to be smart. As a coaching staff and as players.

“I’m going to be honest with you, it didn’t matter if we had a short week or a long week, it’s been the same. Something needs to change for us to be more productive. It’s tough enough to go out there and play hard for 60 minutes, let alone having to fight through the week.

“When you don’t have legs, period, it shows up in the game. Period. Throughout the game. Period.”

“I’m saying [practicing every day] impacted a lot of people,” Williams said. “A lot of people, but I’m just the only one man enough to get up here and say anything about it, talk to ya’ll as a man and discuss and issue that obviously in my opinion is an issue in our starts [to games].

“But again, I’m just employee 26 and whatever they deem necessary to get us ready for Sunday is whatever it is. If we have to find energy from outside sources to start games quick, then we’ve got to do it. But right now, the way we’re doing it, it’s not conducive to success.”

“We take a lot of reps. It’s taxing on your body. It’s difficult and you have to find that energy. We’ve been able to muscle through that, fight through that as a team but there are some modifications that need to be made.

“Again, I’m just employee 26 but I know how to take care of my body, how to get ready for the game and the way we’re doing it right now, it isn’t conducive to success.”

“It upset me,” Williams said of Jackson’s big play. “It upset me because I was expecting help in a situation where I thought I had safety help and I turned around and there wasn’t any help behind me.

“We have to be smarter out there on the field, it’s that simple. It was a spot where a guy cut, he was cut and when they cut like that, they tend to run deep balls. I was trying to do my job. I lured him into a funneling situation to the safety, but there wasn’t a safety there.”

So, not only is Williams complaining about being practiced too hard, he’s also calling out his teammate(s) in the secondary.

The fact that Williams is outspoken is nothing new.  It didn’t take too long for him to be embroiled in some form of controversy after joining the Eagles last year.  I’m sure you remember “sconce-gate” and the voluntary workouts he missed (among other things).

But for him to say this stuff after that game is just completely selfish and asinine.

And, he actually had the balls to say that he was “man enough” to say it to the media.  If he was man enough, he wouldn’t have drug an in-house issue out into the media.  He would have handled it like a man and dealt directly with the coaches (and kept it that way).

Furthermore, I can’t help but construe his comments as excuse-making.

The defense as a whole has been up and down so far this year.  As of today, they’re ranked 26th in yards allowed, 30th against the pass and 26th in points allowed.  This is also not to mention an anemic pass rush.

They’ve made some plays and have had some key stops at key times, but are also getting shredded.  Particularly through the air, which just so happens to be Williams’ territory.

Williams says that he’s not the only one who feels this way.  That could be true, but I’d imagine that the others he is referring to are likely defensive players and possibly secondary players in specific.

Fellow CB Bradley Fletcher was getting abused yesterday as well.  I’m not saying he’s one of the other guys that Williams alluded to, but he’s not a bad guess either.  Sometimes when things aren’t going well, people look to make excuses in order to “explain” their bad play.

Luckily for Williams, Chip Kelly stated today during his press conference that he spoke with Cary and has no issues with him.  Per Kelly, Williams is an ultra-competitive guy and was just “frustrated.”

I have confidence that Chip will handle this issue and not let it become a festering problem.  He knows very well that locker room disharmony can eat away at a team like a cancer.

With that said, I have found myself respecting Williams a little less after this.  I mean, don’t complain and make excuses after a game in which your QB gutted-out a brutal pounding but still found a way to get it done.

Foles had his butt kicked all over the field with hit after vicious hit…but you’re too tired Cary?

Friggin grow a sack!  I think the band Godsmack wrote a song that suits Williams here…

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