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A few reports linking the Eagles with Dion Jordan and Mike Evans have made their rounds recently.  This time of year is rife with trade rumors and rampant speculation in what is known around the NFL as the season of misinformation.

With that said, I thought I’d expound upon these recent reports and entertain the notion of the Eagles not just doing one of these things, but rather both of them.

First, the official reports that surfaced:

Mike Evans

Big, physical and fast…what’s not to like? Photo: David J. Phillip/AP

Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Insider on the Eagles and Mike Evans:

Consensus is Mike Evans/WR/Texas A&M is a lock to be a top ten pick. Several teams feel the spread between he and Sammy Watkins of Clemson is not a great as many are making it out to be, something I completely agree with. Based on conversations its my educated “guess” the team who selects Evans will make a trade to acquire his services .

Right now it looks like three teams are the frontrunners to make some sort of move for Evans. If the St Louis Rams trade out of the second spot, and they will make every effort to do as much, Evans would be a target assuming they stay in the top ten. Two teams selecting in the middle of the first frame who are very high on Evans and would consider trading up to grab him are the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens.

Dion Jordan

“Stud 3-4 OLB” ~ Tom Gamble Photo: Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports

Bob Grotz of The Mercury on Dion Jordan:

Buried in the preoccupation with pass catchers is that the Eagles, according to a respected NFL source, made an offer almost two months ago for pass rusher Dion Jordan, who played spectacularly for Kelly at Oregon but hardly at all last season with the Miami Dolphins.

The details are unimportant. The Eagles are said to have included a second-round pick and linebacker-defensive end Brandon Graham.

Grotz’s report also supports Jason La Canfora’s report from the end of February that the Dolphins had been “gauging trade value” for Dion Jordan, according to his league sources.

If anything, the timeline of what Grotz says matches what La Canfora reported so perhaps Jordan truly is available for the right price.

What we don’t know is the level of interest the Eagles have in each player.  Logic dictates that their interest level in Jordan is likely much higher given their need at his position, Chip Kelly’s familiarity with him and Tom Gamble’s statement about viewing him as a stud 3-4 OLB.

At the same time, the Eagles appear to have a decent level of interest in Mike Evans as Kelly was present at his Pro Day, they brought him in for one of their alotted pre-draft visits and Pauline’s report saying they’re “very high” on him.

Sheil Kapadia of Birds 24/7 also made mention of a specific quote by Chip Kelly during the owners meetings when talking about Wide Receivers and needing one that has the ability to beat man coverage (because that’s how teams chose to defend the Eagles’ wideouts):

“There’s certain guys in our league that have both and that’s why they’re elite,” Kelly said at the owners meetings.  “They have the size element of it, they also have the speed element of it.  There’s a lot of different ways to do it.”

Well, Evans has both…size and speed.  He might not be the next Calvin Johnson, but he’s a pretty good prospect in his own right which is why he’s a potential top-10 pick.

Okay,so now we have these reports floating around like meteorites in space, will either one make impact on Planet Eagles?

Getting either Jordan or Evans is probably a longshot at best, and getting both has about as much of a chance of happening as DeSean Jackson signing Chip Kelly to rap for Jaccpot Records.

However, it’s fun to think about.

The cumulative cost of acquiring both players would most likely be at least two first round picks, a second rounder and potentially Brandon Graham.

In essence, if it were to happen, here is how it would most likely have to go down:

Mike Evans falls to the 12-14 range and the Eagles trade up from 22 with the cost being their second round pick.  That’s about the highest they could get with just their second rounder.  If they wanted to get into the top 10, we’re talking about their second rounder plus more.

Then, there is this little tidbit from the Grotz article regarding Dion Jordan:

The Dolphins would take a $10 million salary cap hit this year if they traded Jordan before the draft. After June 1, the Dolphins would be able to spread the cap charge over two years.

Whether or not that cap charge would deter Miami from trading Jordan before the draft is unknown.  But if so, the Eagles could potentially trade up for Evans in this draft, then give Miami their 2015 first round pick for Jordan in June.

That would land the Eagles two impact players that could serve as Kelly’s cornerstone for the next decade.

I realize the price is steep, but look at it this way…

As far as Jordan being worth a first round pick, that’s a no-brainer to me.  If he were sitting on the board at 22 in this year’s draft, would you take him?  Hell yes!

In my scenario, they’d be giving up their first rounder in 2015 so the gamble would be that the Eagles don’t bomb in 2014 and land in the top 10 of the 2015 draft…that would hurt.  But, if they make the playoffs like we all expect, is giving up another pick in the 20’s that bad of a price to pay if Jordan becomes the stud that Tom Gamble believes he would be?

In essence, by trading their 2015 first for Jordan, they’d be getting Jordan “on credit” and would have to pay later.

As far as getting Evans, it goes against common logic that the Eagles would be willing to give up any of their already limited picks in this year’s draft, especially for a Wide Receiver.

However, would you be willing to give that up if you were getting a “special” player that could dominate his position for the next decade?  A big, physical player with speed that has the potential of becoming a player on the level of the upper-echelon receivers you see today.

Of course, who knows if Evans will become that kind of player and therein lies the big gamble.  Is he worth it?  Unfortunately, the only way to answer that question is with the benefit of hindsight.

If all of this happened, it would mean that Kelly would have spent his first three career 1st-round draft picks on Lane Johnson, Mike Evans and Dion Jordan.

Not a bad haul, I’d say.

These moves would surely be met with some level of skepticism, and rightfully so.  However, if I’m being honest, I’d be pretty damn excited if one of them happened.

If both happened, I can all but guarantee full-on Eagles mania with many punching their ticket to Super Bowl XLIX.

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4 Responses to Mike Evans and Dion Jordan: Could Eagles Trade For Both Players?

  1. robert jackson says:

    I have really enjoyed your thoughts the past few months on the eagles. I do not think the birds will trade up for evans, they just do not have enough picks,but we are thinking along the same line on Jordan.no trade till after the draft because of the cap hit but he is a square peg in a round hole in Miami and I think our 2nd in 2015 and a player they could control for more than 1 year {vin curry} would get it done. then we trade graham for 6th or 7th round 2015 we have joe kruger and Brandon bair as back ups at d.e. plus we draft one. your thoughts

    • Hey Rob, thanks for reading! I agree that they don’t have enough picks to trade up, but I’m going to stop short of saying they won’t do it. It goes against common logic, but we just don’t know Chip Kelly well enough yet to rule anything out. If he believes that Evans would be a huge piece to his offensive success, he may just pull the trigger. In other words, he could have the mindset of “quality over quantity” (in his eyes). I’d prefer to trade back and acquire more picks, but who knows.

      If we could get Jordan for a 2015 2nd and Curry, I’d do backflips! That’s decent value, but I’m just not sure Miami would accept anything less than a 1st. It would be tough to give up a 2015 1st rounder, but I think I’d be okay with that for Jordan. At the end of the day, I’d really like to see Jordan become an Eagle…whatever it takes.

  2. Mike Prusakowski says:

    Dolphins needing Oline help, pool a 2nd rounder with Herremans or Mathis for Jordan and a 5 or 6. These guys were potentially available earlier. Problem is that all teams are viewing picks as greater commodities because of the lower rookie cap wage.

    • Hey Mike, not sure how I’d feel about trading Mathis or Herremans, would seem to create another hole in the starting lineup. With that said, if that’s what the Dolphins would take, I’d do it!

      Draft picks have always been treated like gold by teams and yeah, even moreso now because of the rookie wage scale.

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