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Dion Jordan

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Jason La Canfora set Twitter abuzz yesterday when he tweeted that the Dolphins have been “gauging trade value” for Dion Jordan, according to his “league sources.”  That “report” was met with some skepticism to where he later tweeted:

Just to reiterate, Dion Jordan absolutely was made available to NFL teams by the Dolphins. Um, and why would they ever “confirm” it. Please

The jury is out on La Canfora as far as his reporting accuracy.  He’s somewhat of a “big name” but has been known to get things wrong.  Eagles fans are particularly skeptical of him after he stated last year that nobody wanted to work with Eagles GM Howie Roseman, which proved to be completely inaccurate and ridiculous.

With that said, there have been other murmurs prior to La Canfora’s report of Miami potentially trading Jordan after the GM who acquired him was fired.  And when the Eagles’ Tom Gamble reportedly said that Jordan was a stud OLB for a 3-4, it added fuel to the fire.

Therefore, maybe there is some sliver of truth to this.  I was, and still am, mostly skeptical that the Dolphins would actually be thinking of trading a guy that they traded up for and selected third overall just last year.

However, what if this is true and Miami is dangling him out there to see what they could get?

I think I can speak for 99.9% of the Eagles fan base when I say that it would be absolutely idiotic if the Eagles didn’t at least inquire about his availability and if available, make a run for him.

Chip Kelly all but said after last year’s draft that they would have taken Jordan at No. 4 if he were there.  If that’s true, I can’t imagine his mind would have changed about his former player in just one season in Miami.

The most obvious thing to try and figure out would be compensation.  What is a player who was drafted at No. 3 overall just one year ago worth now in the form of draft picks?

If the Trent Richardson trade was any indication, he’s worth a 2014 first round pick.  Richardson was selected third overall and after just one season he was traded to the Colts for a first rounder.

Of course, that was before the Browns knew exactly where in the first round they’d be getting.

Either way, I can’t imagine the Dolphins accepting anything less than a first.  They probably wouldn’t be able to get a top-10 pick for him, but certainly a mid-late first rounder is feasible.

It’s not as if Jordan is like a brand new car that once you drive it off the lot, his value decreases significantly.  It may have depreciated from the value of the third overall pick, but it certainly didn’t drop that far.

If I’m the Eagles, I would absolutely give up pick No. 22 for Jordan.  It makes almost too much sense.  Former player of Chip’s, is a scheme fit at a position of need and is still great value for their first rounder this year.

If I told you last year that in two consecutive years you could get Lane Johnson and Dion Jordan with your first round picks, who would have said that’s a bad idea?  Yeah, nobody!

Hell, I’d even throw in Brandon Graham to sweeten the deal.  Graham and pick 22 for Jordan?  Done!

If there is truth to this and Miami allows Jordan to have some input as to where he goes, it’s highly possible that being with Chip and the Eagles would be his first choice.

I’m not getting my hopes up at this point, but it’s certainly entertaining to think about for the next 10-12 days while we wait for the new league year to begin.  Then we’ll find out how much truth there is to this.

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