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Darrelle Revis

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All the buzz this morning is about the Eagles being potential suitors for CB Darrelle Revis if he gets released by the Bucs on Wednesday.  News broke last night that Revis could be cut if he can’t be traded before then.

Then a little while later, there was a Tweet from Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post saying that former Jets executive Ari Nissm “heard” that the Eagles were going to be one of the teams pursuing Revis.

This morning, Adam Schefter followed that up by saying that the Eagles and Patriots are “two teams to watch” regarding Revis.

Furthermore, Jeff McLane mentioned that the Eagles “flirted with the idea” of trading for Revis last year.

That is enough fuel to start a fire about the possibility of the Eagles actually going after him should he indeed be released tomorrow.  However, if by some stretch of the imagination they actually signed him, what would that mean for Cary Williams or Bradley Fletcher?

I have felt that there was no need for the Eagles to address the Cornerback position in free agency this year.  I still feel that way and I’m fine heading into next season with Williams and Fletcher again.

But, Roseman could view Revis as one of those exceptional players to go out and pay big money for.  Whether or not I agree with that is another thing, and I’ll touch on that if this comes to fruition.

For now, I’m wondering what it would mean for the current starting corners.

Who would go?  I couldn’t see the Eagles keeping both if they brought in Revis.  My first impression is that they could go either way.

If you were to base the decision on their play on the field, I would lean towards keeping Fletcher.  Not by a huge margin, but overall I feel Fletcher is better in coverage and run support.

Plus, would Williams and his fiesty attitude be able to coexist with Revis?

The problem, though, is that some decisions have to be made when looking at the financial implications.  Especially if you’re deciding between two players whose overall impact on the field is relatively close.

Financially speaking, Williams would be harder to cut.  He signed a five year deal last year with $5 million guaranteed signing bonus that was prorated out over three seasons.  Per Eaglescap.com, the Eagles still owe him $3.33 million and would incur that much in dead cap money if they cut him.

They also have until the 5th day of the league year before Williams’ base salary of $4.75 million becomes fully guaranteed.  That means if they cut him before the 5th day, they’d save a little over $3 million.

Fletcher, on the other hand, only signed a two year deal with all of his guaranteed money paid last year.  The Eagles would save $2.9 million by cutting him and not incur any cap hit.

Though the dollar amount in cap savings would be about the same, the difference is having dead money as opposed to no dead money.

At this point, I’m in a “I’ll believe it when I see it” frame of mind when it comes to whether or not the Eagles will actually strongly pursue Revis.  He’ll be 29 before the season starts and while he may have a good year or two left, he doesn’t inspire long term benefits.

Nonetheless, it would be an interesting decision by the Eagles on who to cut if that ends up being the case.  It’s purely a guess, but Williams would probably end up having as much time as he needs to go sconce hunting.

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9 Responses to If Eagles Bring In Darrelle Revis, Who’s Out Between Williams and Fletcher?

  1. tval says:

    Id take williams…he played very well on the #1 receiver last yr if he could take the #2 he could be great. Ddnt have injury issues like fletcher either..like em both tho..dont know if thatd be my move over a young impact safety dave how bout you?

    • I’d rather have the safety for sure. You think Williams and Revis could coexist? Good point about injury concern with Fletcher, but I like his play better overall.

  2. David says:

    I don’t think that the Eagles will make a run at Revis if he is released, because he wouldn’t be a great fit in their locker room. If they’re interested in upgrading at starting corner back then it would make more sense for them go after a guy like Alterraun Verner. He’s a great all-around player who is also a great ‘team player’. Although, I get the sense that they are content with all of their starting positions, and that they are currently interested in using free agency to add versatile, quality depth throughout the defense; preferably a back-up outside linebacker/pass-rusher, a defensive lineman who can play NT or DE, another safety, and/or possibly another corner back. My guess is that they sign at least another safety and/or corner back, a defensive lineman, and possibly another offensive weapon (Darren Sproles would be an awesome addition). They will likely wait until the draft to add an impact pass-rusher and more depth at positions such as corner back, wide receiver, safety, quarterback, inside line backer, defensive end/nose tackle and offensive guard/tackle.

    Also, I would be stoked if they were able to sign DeMarcus Ware, but I have to say the chances of that happening are not very high. More likely he will sign with a team like the Broncos who have a starting spot open at the outside line backer position.

    • Hey David, we’ll have to see about Revis…seems unlikely but apparently they had some interest in trading for him last year so I’d imagine they think he could be an okay fit. Verner signed with the Bucs, apparently to replace Revis.

      Yeah, they’ll have to wait until the draft to get a pass rusher unless they pull off some sort of trade. But to get an “impact” edge rusher, they may have to trade up from spot 22 to land one.

  3. David says:

    I’m sure that they had at least a moderate amount of “interest” in Revis considering his supreme talent, but that doesn’t mean that they were interested in actually trying to acquire him. “Intrigued” would be more appropriate. As great of a player he is, his personality would not fit the Eagles’ mantra of adding players who are “team-first” guys, and they really place a premium on high character, more-so than a lot of teams.

    Regarding their draft prospects, there really aren’t a ton of options for them to draft an impact pass-rusher. They would most certainly have to trade up to at least the top-12 if they want to nab Anthony Barr from UCLA, but they could also even possibly trade down to get a guy like Dee Ford from Auburn. Both guys would significantly upgrade their pass rush, although I’m not sure that Ford would be a great fit in their locker room. Ultimately I doubt that they will draft either of those guys. My hope is that they trade down from the #22 spot and stock up on mid-round picks, considering that this draft is so loaded on depth. One later round pass-rushing option for the Eagles to keep an eye on is Georgia Tech linebacker Jeremy Attaochu. He has a lot of potential as an outside pass-rushing force. He would be a perfect fit for Bill Davis’ scheme, as he can play either 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE, and he can cover in space. He is a bit of a project, but his upside makes him more than worthy of a mid-round selection.

    • David says:

      *Excuse me, Jeremiah, not Jeremy

    • Well, now we know the answer to the Revis question! Dee Ford is intriguing but has some questions in his coverage ability. I think Attaochu is rising up some draft boards and will probably be gone before the Eagles pick in the third.

      I like the idea of trading back to the end of Round 1 and getting maybe an extra 3rd. If so, watch for Kyle Van Noy…he may not be “great” as a pass rusher, but he’s a very good overall player with coverage ability to go along with pass rushing ability. He also seems to be the type of character guy they’d go for.

  4. David says:

    I agree with everything you just said, although I must say that despite Dee Ford’s inexperience in coverage, he really is an underrated prospect. I think he has potential to be a big-time pass rusher at the next level. As for Kyle Van Noy, I could definitely see the Eagles taking him in the 3rd round or so. He could be an ideal fit as a “Jack” linebacker in their defense, most likely as a back-up to Barwin.

    As for who the Eagles may target if they stay put at #22, I really think that, unless Pryor or Clinton-Dix is available, they will draft a corner. It’s anyone’s game as to who they will pick considering their BPA approach, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the first pick will be a defensive one unless the Eagles are completely enamored with a wide receiver like Brandin Cooks or Marqise Lee, should they be available later in the first. But as you are probably aware, there are plenty of quality corners in this draft. Specifically, I have my eyes on Dennard, Gilbert, Roby, Fuller, and Reynolds from Oregon St.

    One other note: I’ve been doing a bit of extra draft prepping this week, and I really believe that S Terrance Brooks from Florida State would make a ton of sense for the Eagles in the later rounds. It’s a perfect match. He’s exactly what the Eagles are looking for in their safeties: He’s a versatile, hybrid safety with good athleticism and range. The knocks on him are that he’s a bit under-sized (5-11, 198) and that he’s not a big-time play-maker, but at the very least he could be a very solid back-up, and it doesn’t hurt that he projects to be a core special-teamer. Good character guy too.

    • Unless somebody unexpectedly drops, I’m starting to hope the Eagles just trade back to the late first/early second and acquire another pick or two. Now it seems they’ll need another WR in addition to all the defensive needs.

      I’ve heard good things about Brooks too, but I hope they address safety earlier than that. As far as CB is concerned, I’m not too big on Roby from what I’ve read. I’d rather go Fuller (assuming Dennard and Gilbert are gone). But, this team needs OLBs in the worst way…I wouldn’t be surprised if they picked two within their first 4 picks.

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