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The Philadelphia Eagles released DeSean Jackson in basically simultaneous fashion as reports came out about possible gang affiliation.  The Eagles were rumored to have been trying to trade Jackson for the past month.

I’m not here to talk about whether it’s true or not that Jackson is affiliated with a gang.  I’m sure the Eagles did their due diligence and came away feeling concerned enough to not want him on the team any longer.

Losing Jackson’s on the field production what hurts most, and losing him without any kind of trade compensation is like getting kicked in the nuts after being slapped in the face.

It may be a knee-jerk reaction, but I can’t help but think of the media’s role in not getting any compensation via a trade.

Sure, the Eagles have had the past two-and-a-half weeks to work out a deal and may have even had at least one offer on the table from the Jets that would have netted a fourth and fifth rounder.

And, it’s true that if you break down the situation, the fault of why the Eagles ultimately cut Jackson comes down to Jackson himself.  If there were no questions of gang affiliation and whatever else, he’d still be an Eagle.

However, it seems to me that what transpired today may have gone down something like this:

– Media digs for hidden reasons as to why the Eagles want to get rid of Jackson and after putting the pieces together and gathering relevent information from the police, they determine that could be the main reason behind the Eagles’ decision to move on.

– Media then contacts the Eagles for a statement and, in effect, gives them the heads up that they will be running with this story.

– Eagles know that once word gets out of their concern about possible gang affiliation, his trade value goes right down the toilet and leaves them no other choice but to release him.

– Story breaks, Jackson released…at basically the same exact time.

Link to story with confirmation that the Eagles were, in fact, contact regarding the information it contained is right here.

We can argue as to whether or not the Eagles would have gotten any compensation, but it certainly appears as if they were trying to, at least.  They were said to be holding out for a third round pick, thinking it would eventually come.

If they didn’t think they could trade him, he would have been cut a month ago.

Adam Schefter, one of the most respected reporters out there, tweeted that despite shopping him and finding interest, Eagles have made decision to cut WR DeSean Jackson. Outright. Jackson is now a free agent.”

So, they had interest but ended up just cutting him?  Why would they do that?

The answer could very well be that they knew the media was going to run with a value-killing story on their most valuable trade chip.  There would be absolutely no takers after such a controversy erupted.

Now, whether or not it would be ethical for the Eagles to trade a player with this type of potential issue is another thing.  At the end of the day, I’m just disappointed they ended up with nothing for a player as talented as DeSean Jackson.

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  1. Irving says:

    I concur wit your thoughts entirely. I believe Chip is used to dealing with young men in college not grown men in the pros. If I were a high value free agent the behavior of the Eagle would be very concerning if approached by the Birds.

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