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Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson

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Michael Vick is scheduled to visit with the New York Jets today, according to several sources.  DeSean Jackson, you may have heard, has been the subject of an ongoing saga of whether or not he’s available for trade.

Could the two reunite up the turnpike with another “Gang Green” team?

I’ve chosen to refrain from weighing in on whether or not Jackson will or should be traded.  I’m just going to let that play itself out because the reports are so conflicting, it’s ridiculous.

Will he be?  There is certainly a lot of smoke, is there a real fire?  Should he be?  For football reasons related to the 2014 season, absolutely not.  For 2015 reasons and beyond?  Perhaps.

Damn, I guess I just weighed in a little bit.

In any case, if he is traded, the New York Jets make a lot of sense as far as a trade partner is concerned.

I will preface this notion that I can only see Jackson being traded to NY if Vick signs there first.  Vick could sign there and a trade for Jackson may not happen, but I can’t see the Jets trading for Jackson if Vick does not sign there.

In other words, I can see them landing Vick without Jackson, but not Jackson without Vick.

As far as Vick is concerned, signing there would make sense because their QB situation is somewhat less than defined and he knows Marty Mornhinweg’s offense.  Plus, Mark Sanchez is due a $2 million bonus by March 25th if he’s still on the roster, hence the Vick visit today.

So, if Vick signs there, that could open the door for DeSean Jackson.

Vick and Jackson are close and Jackson in some ways still idolizes Vick.  Vick is also apparently one of the few Eagles players that can “talk” with Jackson when needed.  If the Jets are on the fence about pulling the trigger on a trade, getting input from Vick and the notion of pairing those two together again could be tantalizing.

Mornhinweg is also familiar with Jackson and what he brings to an offense.  After just signing Eric Decker, Jackson would be the perfect compliment to maximize the potential of both players.

With roughly  $26 million available in salary cap space, the Jets also have the room to accomodate Jackson’s contract.  They have two fourth round draft picks as well, which may allow them to be flexible in terms of trade compensation.

Furthermore, there are plenty of writers that cover the Jets that think they should make a move for him:

CBS New York thinks so and also quoted Boomer Esiason as being on board: “I would think that they would make a call and sniff around.”

The popular blog GangGreenNation is “excited” about the possibility.

New York Jets reporter Dom Cosentino seems to be on board.

Rich Cimini, who covers the Jets for ESPN, thinks they need more firepower at the WR position.

Lastly, I’m not sure how much sway Rex Ryan has as far as aquiring personnel, but he could be feeling the pressure to keep pace with the Patriots and have a “win now” mindset.  His job appeared to be in jeopardy this past season, but then signed an extension a few months ago.

However, that extension may only truly cover him for the next two seasons and is apparently heavily incentive laden for postseason wins.  Between that and the possibility of losing his job, he may feel the pressure to win now.

Acquiring a WR like Jackson to go along with Vick and/or aid in Geno Smith’s development could go a long way towards that goal.  It would also allow Ryan, a defensive coach, to focus on defensive players early in the draft rather than thinking about adding another weapon on offense.

I’m sure you know by now that the Jets have inquired about Jackson too (it’s mentioned in several links above).  They have the money, the draft picks, the need and the offensive coordinator who is familiar with both players.

If Vick signs with them today or this weekend, the Jets will also have Jackson’s QB.  If that happens, we might soon see some fire behind all that smoke.

Stay tuned!

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