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Do you want to help the Philadelphia Eagles land their true target in the 2014 NFL Draft?  Well, you may be able to by purposely picking the wrong player in your mock draft!

According to Bucky Brooks of, a former NFL player and pro personnel scout, NFL teams actually do look at mock drafts done by other teams’ beat writers:

Do NFL teams pay attention to mock drafts?

Yes. I must preface that answer by saying all mock drafts aren’t created equal, but teams certainly pay attention to mock drafts conducted by prominent beat writers and NFL insiders.

Some executives believe a handful of writers are privy to accurate information that plays out on draft day. While they are fully aware of the smokescreen element, the fact that certain teams are tied to specific players could indicate a serious interest in a player.

In fact, when I worked with the Carolina Panthers we would keep track of eight writers’ mock drafts to see if there was a trend that popped up during the pre-draft process. Although we didn’t place a lot of stock in that information early in the process, we would scan and discuss a few mock drafts during the week leading up to the draft to see if it matched up with the buzz that we heard from colleagues on the road.

It didn’t change our draft-day strategy or affect our ranking system, but it was one of the ways we prepared for every potential scenario leading up to the draft.

And you thought mock drafts were useless!

Some NFL teams apparently use them as a source of information about what a team may do.  Of course, he states they would look at “prominent” beat writers’ mocks and particularly during the week leading up to the draft, but hey, who knows who they could be looking at for the Eagles!

So, there you go…if we all start mocking players that the Eagles have no shot in hell at getting or someone you think they shouldn’t take, it’ll throw other teams off their scent!

Mix up your picks…Jadeveon Clowney in one mock, Sammy Watkins in another.  Hell, throw a kicker in for pick 22 because Alex Henery does need competition, right?

Whatever you do, just pick the opposite of what you actually think they will do.  Who cares if your mock gets mocked relentlessly by people who think you must be on drugs if you think that’s who they’d take!

And who cares if you get discredited for having absolutely no knowledge of the Eagles or what their team needs are…it’s for the greater good!

Do your team a service, and…pick wrong!

(If you weren’t sure, yes, I’m kidding,  It’s a boring Sunday.  But, I actually do find it interesting that teams look at mock drafts for ideas on what other teams might do).


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