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PERHAPS I’m crazy, but I still think the Offensive Line is in need of a lot of work. I know everyone else wants to immediately point to our Pro Bowlers, but I can’t take my eye off the 46 sacks we allowed in 16 games last year.

There’s a poll on the Eagles website today (Sunday 2/16/14):

What Is Next Step For Passing Game?

A) O line needs to go to next level
B) Foles: Another year better
C) Need some more firepower at WR
D) Would expect even more diversity
E) Think TEs take more of a priority

Now clearly I made a bee line for the top option, but most fans went in a very different direction:

Need some more firepower at WR  46.4%

Foles: Another year better  26.8%

O line needs to go to next level  10.63%

Think TEs take more of a priority  9.64%

Would expect even more diversity  6.53%

This indicates that 73% of fans have no problem with how often our QB’s took sacks, not to mention hits or hurries. Put another way 7 out of 10 fans think that 3 sacks per game is just dandy. Two Pro Bowlers. Add another wideout.

FYI: Nick Foles can’t throw TD’s from crutches, or with another broken wrist. If he truly is the franchise, the Eagles had better be about the business of improving QB protection.

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  1. tval says:

    Couldnt agree more..I said same wth late rd rookie kelce qb’ing oline for vick early on..and when he went down we were awful up front..mike ran for his life and nick takes some bad sacks.i agree the oline is far from strength but their mindset is changing from always dropping back in protection to imposing their will..

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