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Michael Sam

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NO one has asked this question yet (as far as I know), so I will:  How would you feel about the Eagles drafting Michael Sam?

I’m not asking “How would you feel about the Eagles drafting a gay player?” I’m asking “How would you feel about the Eagles drafting THIS gay player?”

Let me speak plain: Sam being gay is an issue. We (NFL fans in general) wouldn’t be discussing it if it weren’t.

What is Trent Cole’s religion? Does Riley Cooper have any Black friends? Does DeSean Jackson plan on moving out of Philly now? Nobody cares about those issues, so nobody is talking about them.

Yet here we are talking about Michael Sam.  Learning about his family. Reading stories about how who he came out to, and when.  Most of this carried by the NFL’s website.

And the man hasn’t even made a roster yet, so it’s an issue.

I ask about Sam because the aforementioned Cole is not getting any younger, and it’s iffy whether or not Brandon Graham will be here for long.  So we need a guy to man that spot.

With issues in the secondary and Sam being a later round prospect anyway, he seems the sort of player that the Eagles could “get around to” in the 4th or 5th.  Also considering that Philly is the kind of city that already its own Gayborhood he might find that on Day One he already had more community support here than he might find in many NFL markets.

But then again…

And so I’m asking YOU. What do you think about drafting the guy?

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3 Responses to Is Sam For the Birds?

  1. In general I would not have an issue with a gay player being on the Eagles or any NFL team. I couldn’t care less about players’ personal lives, the only thing I care about is how they perform on the field and overall how they contribute to a winning atmosphere.

    With that said, I don’t think Sam is a fit for us. He seems like a pure 4-3 DE and an average one at best. It would be like replacing Brandon Graham with another Brandon Graham.

    However, he should be able to find a role on some team that can use a rotational pass rusher as long as someone is willing to draft him (or sign him as a UDFA).

  2. Anthony says:

    Good article, Dave. I have different feelings personally due to my beliefs, however I could care less if a player is gay on the Eagles. If McCoy, Foles, Jackson, anyone came out it would not change the fact that they are awesome football players, and I love them on our team. If the staff thinks he can be a fit, good. I wouldn’t stop from having a guy on the team because of his sexual preference. That being said I just wish the NFL would stop pushing the issue, as a fan I just want to hear news about football, not a political issue being pushed and shoved down our throats. If he can ball let him play.

    • Thanks Anthony, but I can’t take credit for the article…it was Walt who wrote it. And I agree, this topic will get beaten to death for much of the next year. First it will be “will someone draft him”…then “what round”…then “will he make the team”…then “will he play”…etc etc. In between all that will be all kinds of articles about how his presense will impact the team he’s on and whether or not the team accepts him. It’ll be one of the “big stories”, blah blah blah.

      If he can play, that’s all that matters.

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