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WAITING for the playoffs to end. That’s what it’s come to for the average Eagles fan. I mean, sure this is where most of us expected we’d be by now.

A rookie Head Coach. New offensive and defensive systems, both implemented by chronic NFL underachievers. No one in their right mind expected playoffs. Whether you talked to fans, listened to WIP, or watched the NFL Network, 7-9 seemed to be the standard prediction.

Then came 10-6, and the 3rd seed in the playoffs. A few years ago the Giants fell ass-backwards into the playoffs at 9-7. Then they got hot and ended up hoisting a Lombardi. Well we went 10-6, not just some measly 9-7.

The murmur of “Why not us?” began among the fans. We quickly got an answer didn’t we? Q: Why not us? A: The Saints.

It wasn’t just THAT we lost, it was HOW we lost. We were manhandled by a Saints team that simply doesn’t manhandle opponents. We were out-toughed by a “meh” football team. Being outmuscled by the Saints says something.

It says that scheming will only take you so far. It says that when times get tough, we need to be able to respond in kind. It says say we clearly need to add some toughness −some tough GUYS− to this team, but we can’t do that yet.

Not until the start of free agency, which isn’t until well after the Super Bowl. And so we sit.


Waiting for the playoffs to end.


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