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This isn’t Eagles related, but sometimes something comes up that’s bigger than which logo you like to wear. One of those things is truth. Sometimes you just have to call “Bull!” when you see it.

Sunday night after the Seattle Seahawks sent the San Francisco 49ers home to clean out their lockers, Seahawk’s CB Richard Sherman sort of, well…emotionally decompressed (?), on national television.

He taunted several 49ers, both verbally and physically, and during the postgame interview he ranted into the camera over a “beef” he’s been having with 49ers WR Michael Crabtree.

This was a “less than classy” display; but an NFL player being exuberant after a win is hardly new or newsworthy. Which just makes the NON-STOP (please stop), coverage of the incident seem so much sillier.

Especially when there are much more interesting things to talk about…

Such as NFL Network analyst Darren Sharper being arrested on rape charges. Oh you didn’t know? Not surprising since NFL.com and the NFL Network are being VERY mum about this bombshell.

Understand, I’m not saying that Sharper is guilty or innocent. What I’m saying is that sweeping this under the rug is disingenuous on the NFL’s part. There are apparently more important conduct issues for the NFL to talk about.

Maybe I should go out and rant about it into a camera.


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2 Responses to All the Talk is About Richard Sherman, What About Darren Sharper?

  1. tval says:

    I understand the frustration but I thinknits because sherman is playing now…I ddnt see the big deal with him..we all know how much trash crabtree talks too… turnabout is fair play..but being a nole fan I since similar reluctance to jumo to conclusions to what happened here…maybe they learned throwing an innocent man, like they did with jameis, under the bus wout any evidence to support was wrong…or maybe just not as many people care since an undefeated ohio st isnt behind darren sharper in the polls? Ratings driver..

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