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Johnny Manziel

Could “Johnny Football” be a future Philadelphia Eagle? Photo: Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

I have been a supporter of Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles since the end of the last season.  I saw things I really liked in him and was not a fan of the Eagles possibly trading him at all.

That being said, I still feel the Eagles need to put a high priority on the position during the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft.

What we currently have –

Currently the roster sits with Nick Foles, Michael Vick, Matt Barkley, and GJ Kinne. Nick Foles is undeniably the starter next year baring a complete collapse to end this season. We should let Vick go and not sign him as the backup.

Some of you have passed to me the idea of him being a closer and should be kept for those purposes. I think Vick is still good enough to be a starter in this league (just not for us), so he should be given the opportunity to latch on somewhere else.

From what little tape I have seen of Barkley/GJ Kinne, neither of them would make a reliable or solid backup QB so competition needs to be brought to the table.

Now the real question is how high should the Eagles look to draft a QB?  It all depends on who’s available where.

I personally have a lot to argue about with this QB class and only see one top 10 QB and just other first rounders besides him.  Many are saying there are several top 10’s, I just don’t see it.

There are entirely way too many question marks at the QB position, so I’d rather grab a stud like LB C.J. Mosley, LB Khalil Mack, or Safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix than reach for a QB. There are a few later round “gems” at QB worth looking at and keeping a closer eye on that would be studs in Chip Kelly’s system.

Quarterbacks worth keeping an eye on –

Jordan Lynch – NIU – I’m very skeptical of Lynch.  He’s a fantastic athlete but reminds me a bit too much of Tim Tebow. The only real difference I see between him and Tebow is that Lynch is the superior passer and doesn’t have nearly as funky mechanics.  He’d be a candidate to switch positions a little bit and Chip could have fun drawing up gadget plays for him such as how he tried to use Brad Smith last week.

Zach Mettenberger  – LSU – Yes, he just tore his ACL which is exactly why he’d be worth a later round pick for the Eagles. We have our starter for next year and Mettenberger reminds me pretty much exactly of Nick Foles coming out of college.

Tall, very accurate, and stands in the face of rush to deliver the ball. What impresses me the most about Zach is he plays his best games against better competition.  If he falls to the fourth round due to his injury, he’d be worth a look.

Devin Gardner – Michigan – Has not looked good at all this year as he has struggled vs. some very poor competition in Connecticut and Toledo.  On the flip side, he looked very good vs. Notre Dame.

He has the physical skill set to be a starter in the NFL, but right now he plays as if he lacks confidence because he seems a bit jittery in the pocket. The right coaching may be able to fix him. I’d give him a 6th round pick.

Braxton Miller – OSU – I believe he’ll return to school, but he has steadily improved each year under  that fantastic coaching staff. Tremendous athlete who I believe can wreak havoc at the next level with his legs but needs a ton of work with his passing game. However, he’d without a doubt be worth a look in the 5th round.

Johnny Manziel – Texas AM – I’ll admit it, I was not a fan of his at all during the offseason or last year at all. My main concern was his attitude and gunslinger mentality with how loose he is to just throw the ball in the air and hope for the best.

Then I broke down a ton of film on him and realized, if I had Mike Evans against those corners, I’d just throw it out there for him too. However, Mike Evans is a freakish top 10 talent, which is what worries me about Manziel.

With that said, after further tape study (especially after breaking down every play of the Mizz/TexasAM game), I came away very impressed with Manziel and how he does his progressions.

I think Chip Kelly and Johnny Football would be a match made in heaven.  Potential downsides with Manziel are his off the field concerns and/or locker room issues if he’s not given the starting job as a rookie.

If he falls to the 40-50 range in picks, the Eagles should trade up for him.

If there is any prospects you’d like me to take a more serious look at, or think I missed, then leave a response below and I’ll look and see what tape I can find on them.

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13 Responses to Why the Eagles Should Still Draft a QB in the 2014 NFL Draft

  1. Jake says:

    I think Manziel will fail in the NFL due to his size and attitude.

    No Tajh Boyd?

  2. Matthew Pecor says:

    Not a big fan of Boyd’s. Very inaccurate, took a huge step backwards this year in fundamentals. I had him as the top rated QB if he’d of came out last year, not sure what went wrong with him. He’s still worth a late first early second, just don’t see it as a solid fit with the Eagles.

    As far as Johnny’s size, he’s bigger than R.Wilson who takes his fair share of shots, and his attitude wouldn’t big as big of an issue in the pro’s. He taunts occasionally, but other than that he’s just a baller and loves the game. His attitude is very similar to DeSean Jackson, not to mention he is only 21 and has a lot of growing up to do.

  3. aaron says:

    I want boyd.yea he struggled this year which is perfect for the eagles in that he’ll most likely be there in the 3rd round for them & with foles already guaranteed to be the starter next year,we don’t need to draft a starter just a guy that can be brought along & maybe push foles in the future

    • Matthew Pecor says:

      If T.Boyd falls to the third I would absolutely hope for Philly to pull the trigger on him. He won’t get passed mid-second round though. Too many QB needy teams right now and I agree at how high is potential is. Like I said above, I had him rated higher than EJ Manuel/Geno Smith last year but he went back to school.

      I can easily see a team like Minn or Cleveland spending a first on Boyd, and I wouldn’t bash them for doing so. He has first round potential, but the risk isn’t necessary for Philly to spend a first on him when we have much bigger glaring needs.

      Hundley, Boyd, Bridgewater, and McCarron wont make it out of the first round this year. Manziel has the potential to drop out of the first due to character concerns and that’s why I mentioned him specifically out of the 5 to be jumped on in the second.

      • tval says:

        Nice hundley observation..I think hes more intriguing than boyd ceiling wise..kinda like what I saw from him..boyd struggles vs elite defenses from what ive seen..ala fsu he did hav cpl impressive games,mostly vs teams not able to slow chad morris’ uptempo offense at clemson..more of system qb…hes a geno type to me

  4. Sean says:

    Johnny football reminds me of Vick in that he relies on his running and elusiveness more than passing and ability to read a defense. He and vick are about the same size too and we all know how well vick has held up over the years.

    I don’t think the eagles should take a QB before the middle rounds, if at all this year unless Foles completely falls flat.

    What do you think about a guy like Jeff Mathews?

    • tval says:

      Ima big vick fan..still believe if he were protected with strong run first then play act offense hes a beast..that said I like manziel as much if not more after watchn his last 2 seasons..throwing for 3800+ yds in sec in ur frosh & soph seasons isnt exactly relying on ur feet..true he does maybe bail from pocket too quickly sometimes but he is deadly accurate on the run (career 70% vs awesome defense) going left or right..thats special..he also has mutant hands and feet (size 15) so weather is no factor imo..size is irrelevant with this kid..I do believe..I think teddy and he are both quality starters jameis is superstar..mariota is wild card..a rodgers now foles only qbs from pac 10 to impress atall..tough sell given his games vs top competition

      • I just don’t know about Manziel, I tend to agree with Sean. I’ll have to study him much more once the offseason starts, but based on my admittedly limited knowledge of him, I’m not sold yet.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Why not wait for next years quarterback from Oregon, Marcus Mariota? Just a Duck Fans wish GO DUCKS & EAGLES, looks like Chip likes birds from Ducks to Eagles.

  6. tval says:

    As fsu fan whose watched tajh for years he cant hold vicks jock let alone manziel..johnny football is for real..that being said I agree with matt totally..mosely ha-ha wld be instant starter upgrades athletically to already blossoming d..cant pass that u p for backuo qb yet..unless manziel falls

  7. tval says:

    D gardner vs buckeyes too. Impressive with those average skill players he has at his disposal..he fits thus new qb mold..more a kapernick/pryor hybrid..true project

  8. tval says:

    If ur talkn next year dont talk mariotta if we need qb..with this young nucleus, ive told dave months ago, id pull a ricky williamsesque trade for jameis !! If we want to win a super bowl and not underachieve vs avg pac 10 defenses that!!

    • Matthew Pecor says:

      I’m not sold on J.Winston yet. He’s a new enigma in the college world, surrounded by pro caliber talent. If he continues to shred defenses like he did this year then yes, I’ll look into him a bit more seriously. Defenses will have an entire offseason to prep and figure out a way to stop him next year.

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