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Eagles coach Chip Kelly was quoted last night: “We’re from Philadelphia and we fight.  That’s it.”  He said it during halftime and then again after the game (quote courtesy of Eagles press release).

His words were in response to questions about resting the starters since some people felt the Eagles didn’t really “need” to win the game against Chicago.  I’m glad Chip has that mentality because winning the game has an impact on playoff seeding, which could be a key factor in any playoff run.

But anyway, Philly fans are eating up that quote.  And why not, Eagles fans love that “fight” mentality and they were in the midst of a completely dominating performance over a quality opponent.

With that said, I just hope they bring that same kind of fight to Dallas.

Chip Kelly

Bring that clenched fist to Dallas Chip, and make sure the entire team does as well! Photo from Getty Images

If the Eagles’ play last night were a suitcase, they better tag it and slap it on their plane now so they don’t forget to bring it with them to Texas.

The Eagles are set for a primetime showdown with the Cowboys in Week 17.  It’s a winner-take-all game and the pressure will be at a season high.  However, there are a few intangible things that initially concern me heading into this game…

One is that Dallas will likely be full of confidence after the much maligned Tony Romo led his team to a comeback win against the Redskins and scored the game-winning touchdown on a fourth-and-goal play with under two minutes left.

The Cowboys were down by two scores mid-way through the fourth quarter but fought back and won the game.  Sure, the Redskins are completely inept, especially on defense, but that won’t take away from the confidence boost it gave the Cowboys.

This year’s Dallas team is just as capable of playing well as they are playing poorly.

Their defense can be a sieve and are ranked towards the bottom of the league in just about all categories, but they also are capable of making plays.  They have 27 takeaways to make them a +10 in the turnover differential department.

The guy we all love to make fun of for choking, Tony Romo, is just as capable of getting hot as he is imploding.

In essence, Dallas could be a team that functions better with confidence.  They’re playing at home and coming off of a big comeback victory in Washington.

The other thing is that they could have a chip on their shoulder.

This will be the third year in a row Dallas will be playing for the division in the final week of the season.  They’ve lost the last two, but those two games were on the road and this will be at home.  Let’s hope the third time isn’t the charm either.

When a team feels “disrespected” and/or wants to shed the moniker of being choke artists and has a big game, at home, for all the marbles, it could light a serious fire under their asses and allow them to play with emotion.

Chip Kelly will need to bring the same energy and fight they displayed against Chicago to counteract and/or weather the early storm against Dallas.  The Cowboys will come out fired up and be looking to make plays early.

As we saw last night and in the Minnesota game, things can snowball very quickly in a good or bad way. The Eagles will need to match every bit of Dallas’ intensity and not allow the game to get out of hand early on.

Dallas is the team with more to prove in this game.  They are a veteran team with veteran coaches.  Jason Garrett’s job is likely on the line and Romo desperately wants to prove he belongs in the top echelon of NFL quarterbacks.

The Eagles are the up-and-comers with a new head coach and quarterback and are in the midst of a complete team makeover.  Hell, nobody expected them to make the playoffs this season as Kelly and his team figured things out.

There should be more pressure on Dallas to win this game and sometimes teams rise above and beyond in pressure-packed scenarios and sometimes they fold.

Dallas will come out swinging on Sunday night.  Let’s hope the Eagles have some Rocky Balboa in them and are able to take some hits but ultimately wear down their opponent.

Bring the fight Chip, bring the fight!

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2 Responses to Chip Kelly Better Bring That Philly Fight To Dallas

  1. Al Palena says:

    Very on point Mr. Stoessel!! Good read. A little about me. Born in Philly in 68. Moved to San Diego when I was 13. LOTS of Cowboy fans to hate out here. Eagles fan to this day (I’ll let you do the math on how many years that is). Now, can you please tell me where to get one of the T-shirts that are most likely in print right now that state “We’re from Philly and we fight”?? LOL

    • Thanks for responding Al…no Mr. Stoessel around here, only Dave! 😉 Those Dallas cockroaches are all over the country aren’t they? They only come out when they’re doing well though.

      Actually, if you’re serious about wanting one of those t-shirts, I saw this on another blog (a legit blog so there are no worries about being ripped off or anything)…

      We’re from Philly and we Fight T-shirts

      Maybe I’ll get one too!

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