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LeSean McCoy may have earned himself a place in Eagles lore and in the hearts of Eagles fans forever by “punking” a Redskins fan at the Linc.  As you will see below in one of the best GIFs ever, McCoy shows his home field Philly pride…

LeSean McCoy rips down Redskins banner

GIF created by SBNation and retrieved here from USA Today Sports

If I was to “caption the pic”, it would have to be something like “man, get that shit outta here, this is OUR house!”

And that’s precisely the attitude we needed from our players to end the ridiculously long home game losing streak.  Immature, “tough guy” act, whatever…McCoy actually did what every Eagles fan should have wanted to do upon seeing that banner.

I’ve commented on multiple occasions in the past that I love the way McCoy views the game of football.  He has as much fun with it as any player I’ve seen.  He always has a lot of enthusiasm and seems to genuinely love what he’s doing.

And, you may have noticed, he’s pretty good at what he does too.

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