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Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles entered the NFL record books by throwing seven touchdown passes and putting on one of the best-ever all-around performances by a quarterback.

406 yards passing.  Seven touchdowns.  Completed 22 of 28 passes.  Perfect QB rating of 158.3.  Averaged 14.5 yards per attempt and over 18 yards per completion.  And all of this was done before the end of the third quarter!

Foles was confident, decisive, and accurate as he absolutely destroyed an Oakland defense that was ranked 10th overall in yards and 12th in points heading into Week 9.

Nick Foles

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However, amid all of the excitement over Foles’ record-tying performance, there are some folks out there who are trying to minimize it by saying it’s a product of NFL rules that favor offenses and handicap defenses.

I mean, when Peyton Manning did it in Week 1 this season, everyone chalked it up to that just being Peyton Manning.

But when some guy named Nick Foles does it there must be something wrong with the NFL rules and the direction the game is headed.  If Nick friggin Foles can do it, anyone can, right?

Today, while basking in euphoria of Foles’ performance and debating whether or not to do my weekly WTF and WTG awards for the game, I had the displeasure of scrolling past two articles on my Twitter feed…

From Jason Cole via National Football Post:

While Manning’s achievement didn’t raise eyebrows, Foles’ record effort should.

While football fans – and fantasy players, in particular – tend to love the big numbers produced by the passing game, there is a point where this goes from obscene to meaningless. Sure, Foles is a nice prospect and perhaps one day he will prove that he’s this good.

Somehow I doubt it. Instead, these kinds of games are a product of rule changes and adjustments that make the art of offense more rudimentary than expert. Manning throwing seven touchdown passes makes sense. A second-year man who lost to Michael Vick in training camp and got hammered by Dallas two weeks ago … that shouldn’t happen.

Then there is this gem from “NFL National Lead Writer” Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report:

 Foles’ Record Means Nothing. It’s Garbage. Because Defense in the NFL Is Garbage

In tying the NFL record for touchdowns in a game with seven, what Foles did was take advantage of today’s NFL. That isn’t hard. You know why it isn’t hard? Because Nick freaking Foles did it.

These are some of the quarterbacks who have thrown seven touchdowns in a game: Y.A. Tittle—Hall of Famer. George Blanda—Hall of Famer. Joe Kapp—only player to quarterback in the Super Bowl, Rose Bowl and Grey Cup. And Peyton Manning—future Hall of Famer. Maybe you’ve heard of him.

Then Nick Foles. Which name doesn’t belong on that list?

My initial reaction to Freeman’s article (which I saw first) was: You know why writing drivel for a web site whose only goal is page views is so easy?  Because Mike freaking Freeman can do it!

<sorry, I used to actually write for Bleacher Report and while there are some decent writers on there, my experience with them led me to believe they cared more about shock value and page views more-so than meaningful content>

Jason Cole?  He is a nationally known writer and I actually really like National Football Post.

Okay, these guys make fair points because I’ve often questioned all of the rule changes made by the NFL that completely favor the offense.  I’ve also worried that these changes will eventually water-down the sport.

However, we shouldn’t use Foles’ performance as the catalyst for such discussion.  Foles deserves his moment in the sun.

He is only the seventh QB in NFL history to accomplish such a feat and is in some pretty good company with the others who have done it (except for Adrian Burk, an unknown QB who, coincidentally, did it while playing for the Eagles in 1954).

If this was “so easy”, why haven’t players like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Drew Brees done it yet?  These guys have had all-star casts at the skill position at one point or another and yet they’ve never done it.

No matter what these crap-on-Foles’-parade nimrods say, this was nothing less than a great game by a young player who had the ability to catch lightning in a bottle for at least one day.  He was “in the zone” and the stars aligned for such a performance.

Why minimize it?  Enjoy it for what it is and give some credit to the guy who accomplished a rare feat.

It’s almost the equivalent of the folks who point out that, when Dez Bryant shows emotion on the sideline it’s seen as an immature tirade, but when Tom Brady does it it’s “leadership.”

So when Peyton Manning throws seven TD passes it’s just because he’s that good, but when Foles does it it’s a product of the NFL rules.  If that’s the case, then I actually think this feat proves to be more impressive by Foles.

These same rules apply to every quarterback every single week.  Manning is in the argument as the best QB to ever play and has an all-star cast in Denver…why isn’t he throwing seven touchdowns every week?

Hell, if Nick freaking Foles can do it, surely Manning, Brees and Brady should be doing it almost weekly if you use the logic of Mike Freeman and Jason Cole.

Look, at the end of the day, I’m not saying Foles is the next Hall-of-Fame QB and that the current NFL rules don’t favor offenses.  I’m just saying stop crapping on his parade.  Give credit where credit is due and allow Foles to enjoy his time in the sun.

In reality, things will get back to normal this Sunday when the Eagles take on the Green Bay Packers.  Or maybe they won’t, maybe if we listen to Cole and Freeman we can expect Foles to throw another seven TD passes.

Because, you know, it’s easy.

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10 Responses to Let Eagles QB Nick Foles Have His Moment in the Sun

  1. tval says:

    Wow!!! Who was that guy toying with an nfl secondary like it was pee wee football?? Maybe nick had a concussion earlier in the week we played the gmen..I dont know but that was truly impressive! Props

    • I’m looking forward to seeing how he does this week against the Packers. Consistency is the key (not 7 TDs, but just “good” play at the QB position). This is Foles’ shot to make his claim to be the Eagles’ starting QB in 2014.

  2. tval says:

    No doubt! And the rest of this season..packers and oakland arent exactly stellar defensively. But pack of pass rush will offer their challenges..hopefully we can wait til 2015 to draft my man if nick doesnt pan out. I like foles as much as most of next yrs qbs.. I think johnny may struggle. But hes intriguing Mariota isnt playing any defenses. I like teddy too..id take k guitton late to remove barkley then go for jameis if need be

  3. tval says:

    or ball st qb..if ur up and ‘aint got nuttn to do check this kid out tonight. Pretty tough

  4. tval says:

    Id like to hear ur opinion of rumors regarding johnny football and the eagles possibly targeting him in upcoming draft..if we didnt hav this offense I wldnt think twice. He or mariotta could be wildcard in this scheme..we’re most ideal fit for both of those players in my opinion..I obviously think jameis is bettr already…so id wait it out with foles and give him a shot to be next flacco

    • I need to study Manziel more before I can form a well-rounded opinion on him. I’m not too thrilled about his size, have to wonder if he’ll hold up in the NFL. Based on his skill-set, he would seem to be a good fit for Chip Kelly. If we drafted him, the circus would come to town, that’s for sure.

      I really want to see what Foles can do and if he can be the future. If so, it would alleviate the need for a first round QB in April and we could concentrate on the D. If Foles falters or just doesn’t convince us that he’s “the guy”, then we have to think QB in Round 1. The problem is, we will likely be somewhere in the middle of the round and would have to give up a lot in a trade to move up.

  5. tval says:

    Foles and vick to clarify dave!! Dont want u to bash me too badly..lol!!

  6. tval says:

    Im hearin johnny may slip out of first if not for us. Im not thinkn wed hav to trade up. Im impressed with his overall playmaking..I may want his receiver #13 evans more actually..h3s crazy good…but johnny is more athletic flutie in my opinion..hes pretty nice..I wldnt be upset, but youre right he may draw unnecessary attn: he may be worth it..id take him late first before mariota early..I like seein johnny perform vs great competition at least

  7. tval says:

    Just as I suspected dave…mariotta play3d a decent defense and struggled…id take johnny mid to late before marcus early…easily if I needed qb

    • Didn’t he injure his knee during the game? Doesn’t matter anyway, if things keep going the way they’re going, we won’t have a shot at him in the draft anyway.

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