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The Philadelphia Eagles have won three games in a row and six of 11 overall.  The combined record of the teams they’ve beaten is 19-34-1.  The combined record of their remaining five opponents is 27-27-1.

However, only one of those five teams currently has a losing record and if you remove the Vikings from the equation, the Eagles will face four winning teams with a combined record of 25-19.

That’s not overly daunting, but it is certainly a substantial improvement in the quality of opponents they’ll face as compared to the teams they’ve beaten so far.

The Eagles’ next five games are vs. Arizona, vs. Detroit, @Minnesota, vs. Chicago and @Dallas.  Except for Minny, all of these teams will be battling for a playoff spot when they face off with the Eagles.

The funny thing is, while the competition will improve, it basically improves to just about even with where we think the Eagles are right now.  The Lions, Bears and Cowboys all share the same record as the Eagles and the Cardinals are only one game better.

As it looks right now, these are all games that are evenly matched and could go either way.

Arizona is the hottest team of the bunch as they’re on a four game winning streak themselves.  They’ve also beaten a few teams with winning records, notably Detroit, Carolina and the Colts.

Detroit is an erratic team that can turn on the offensive juice as well as anyone in the league and have a pretty good front four on defense, but they also turn the ball over and give up a lot of plays.

Chicago is just trying to stay alive while they wait for Jay Cutler to return.  Their defense certainly isn’t what it used to be but the Eagles have had their struggles against them in recent years.

Dallas is another erratic team that can play on both ends of the spectrum on any given week.  The only winning team they’ve beaten this year is…wanna guess?  Yep, the Eagles.

With all that said, we still don’t really know what we have in the Eagles.  Yes, they’ve won three straight and are playing well on both offense and defense.  However, we have to take into consideration the quality of the opponents they’ve faced recently to inspire the hype…

Oakland, Aaron Rodgers-less Green Bay and the imploding Redskins.

Beginning this week when they take on Eagle-killer Larry Fitzgerald and a tough Cardinals defense, we’ll start to get a better idea if these last three games were a mirage or a sign of things to come.

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