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Nick Foles continues to make his case to be the Philadelphia Eagles’ next franchise quarterback.  After his historic performance in Week 9, he followed that up by completing 12 of 18 passes for 228 yards and three touchdowns against the Packers in Week 10.

Two road victories, 10 touchdowns, over 600 yards passing and no interceptions…not too shabby for two weeks worth of NFL quarterbacking.

Foles’ stat-line against Green Bay portrays a good, highly efficient outing that led to the Eagles’ fifth win of the season.  However, I wouldn’t go as far as saying Foles “looked great” or even “really good”, but he was efficient.

His final stats were aided by a lucky 55-yard TD pass that probably should have been intercepted and a 45-yard TD where Riley Cooper made a hell of an adjustment on the ball to make a great catch.

Yes, lucky bounces are a part of football but when it comes to analyzing the play of a quarterback, I’d prefer things to be a little less lucky.  Luck, good or bad, often tends to blur the true picture of the play of the QB.

Foles also made one bone-headed decision when he decided to throw off his back foot while under pressure and lofted what looked like a pop-fly in baseball down the field that luckily landed on the grass rather than in the arms of a Packers defender.

With all that said, Foles did what he was asked to do.  The game plan appeared to be centered around the run-game this time around as evidenced by the 29 carries by the running backs as opposed to just 18 pass attempts (maybe Chip read my last article about his run-pass ratio!).

Foles played efficiently, made some throws and moved the offense.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Though he lost a fumble yesterday, he still hasn’t thrown an interception.  And after two years of back-breaking turnovers by the QB (particularly in the red zone), not turning the ball over is something we cannot take for granted.

The thing we have to ultimately keep in mind is that this was just Foles’ 10th career start.  Even though he’s a second year guy, he’s still a rookie in terms of playing time.  He will still have some ups and downs.

So far, though, Foles is trending in the right direction.  Barring an injury, it’s hard not to see him as the starter for the remainder of this season, regardless of whether or not Kelly is still non-committal at this point.

In my mind, Foles will be the starter the rest of the way and it will be his official audition to make his claim to be the 2014 starter.  I’ll stop short of saying he could be the next “franchise guy”, but he could play well enough to earn a full year of being the unquestioned starter.

That means a full offseason of preparation, mini camps, training camp and the entire 2014 regular season with this being “his” team.

That would also mean no first-round QB in the draft come April.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go into the 2014 draft and not be stressed out about landing a quarterback?

That could be the case if Foles plays well enough over the final six games.  I’ll even go as far as saying it will be the case if he leads the Eagles to the playoffs.

Right now, four of the Eagles’ last six opponents are currently right in the middle of the playoff hunt.  Four of the last six are also home games where they’ve been on a ridiculous losing streak.

This is a great scenario to get a good evaluation of Nick Foles.  If the Eagles are to make the playoffs, they will have to legitimately earn it.  He’ll need to end the 10-game home slide and beat some quality opponents.

Will Foles rise to the challenge or succumb to the pressure?

Either way, the table is set to find out exactly what we have at quarterback.

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6 Responses to Eagles QB Nick Foles Trending in Right Direction to be 2014 Starter

  1. tval says:

    He has to do something vs an actual nfl defense before I crown him..even for rest of this year..hes been awfully lucky…I havent thrown a football in 4 years dave and I have a better arm.. that desean and coopers first td are int’s vs any competent secondary..his timing, becoming starter by default, impeccable…id take johnny football 1st rd still

  2. tval says:

    I dont think he can throw a ball 50 yards..I havnt seen it yet! That size? Thats sad..im 180 lbs and guarantee you I can..I think his food fortune vs abysmal defenses is all thats keeping him from being starter. If he keeps winning and avoids another embarrassing game he starts rest of year..no guarantee with division so close…healthy mike still way better now that our defense can stop someone…that may be competition too, I fear..t pryor s tolzien arent gonna scare anybody

    • It was windy at Lambeu field so it’s possible his long balls were affected by that because he gets alot of elevation on his throws (he doesn’t throw “lasers” down the field, he arcs his passes).

      Bottom line is that the O is clicking with him in there. And I completely disagree with you that a healthy Vick is “way better”…no way man. Let me describe Vick for you in one word…DONE! 😉

      I’m not saying right now that Foles is the savior or the future, but we need to see if he is or not. The only way to do that is let him play out the season. The Vick era is over.

  3. tval says:

    Im not so sure. I wanna see him vs a competent defense before I crown a mediocre qb my franchise savior..weather dave? No excuse for a qbs bad throws. Do we blame abysmal line play early for vicks failures? Nope…the weather is even less a factor..thats what pregame warmups are for. Im not just speaking in lambeau either..its been a trend. Why else do you think chip is reluctant to name foles starter?? B t w..loooove brad smith addtion..speaks to foles not having all the tools chip wants, imo!

    • Oh, I’m not crowning Foles the savior, I’m just saying that he is earning the right each week to find out if he is. Foles seems to have some limitations in his arm strength but it’s certainly not any weaker than some other quarterbacks who have been successful in this league (Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees just to name a few HOF’ers who fit the category of “not a strong arm”).

      Vick’s failures have always been about him and his limitations as an overall player. He has the arm strength and athleticism but never developed the mental aspect of true quarterbacking…because he always relied on his physical gifts. That’s the problem with QBs who have incredible physical tools…they’re certainly exciting to watch at times, but those same gifts often make a guy feel like he doesn’t have to develop in other areas and ultimately end up short of being a champion.

  4. tval says:

    Also wanted to mention, to save u time, when you scout manziel watch bama or msu game only…every single performance of his mirrors that effort..kid is special, imo dave ull love his styke…I think philly woukd embrace this guy..sure hes smpoiled brat..but he plays with passion for sure..he desean & lesean may be deadly

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