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Eagles QB Michael Vick’s hamstring issue is the type of injury that can be “milked” because it’s an injury that mainly depends on the word of the player as opposed to any medical imaging (with the exception of a tear).

It can be an injury of convenience for teams as well.

Michael Vick

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What I mean by that, is, if a coach wants to get an extended look at another player while the starter is injured, they can easily hide that under the guise of a hamstring injury.

“He’s not 100-percent yet” is easy enough to say and nobody will question it whereas all kinds of hell would break loose if a coach said the starter was healthy but he is holding him out in order to get a better look at his replacement.

It’s also a face-saving technique for a respected veteran starter.  If a veteran starter was held out of the starting lineup for the reason of wanting to see his backup play, that would be a public slight to the player.

And that’s what I think is going on here with Vick and Foles.  I certainly don’t think Vick is milking his injury, but rather the team is telling him to take his time and be sure he’s completely, without a single doubt, back to 100-percent.

After the Giants game, Vick said he could have gone back in if needed.  He practiced the following week, albeit limited, and was then active for the Bucs game.

Early last week he also stated that he thought he would be ready to go for the Bucs game.  But by Saturday, he down-graded that by sayingit’s going to be a long road back” [to health].

Then, after Foles’ NFC Offensive Player of the Week performance against Tampa, Vick stated his injury was “worse than he thought it was” and that he’s “hoping” it’s “not a long time” before he “gets back out there.”

The way all this has gone leads me to think that there is some kind of deal or plan in place — for right now — that if Foles continues to play well and the team continues to win, he will continue to start and Vick will take a back seat (and the hamstring issue will be drawn out as long as possible).

However, if Foles clearly falters this week against Dallas and the Eagles lose, we’ll see how quick Vick’s hamstring heals up then.  If Foles merely does “average” (does some good and bad things) and they lose, then Chip could go either way.

At some point, though, Chip needs to choose one guy or the other and stick with him no matter what.


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5 Responses to Michael Vick’s Hamstring Health Tied to Nick Foles’ Performance

  1. tval says:

    Wow guys…get mike back asap…foles left a world of plays on that field vs a team with no safeties…desean frustrated, mccoy ineffective..all in large part due to the great white hype!! He had little to no anticipation and looked like he was not ready for his opportunity..certainly ddnt seize the moment. Sorry but I think comparing he and mike is absurd…case closed!!

  2. tval says:

    I think its a little conspiracy theorist also to think mike isnt man enough to be told foles is executing better..considering all hes been through I dont think he’s a peyton or alex smith who would cry until colin nearly won the sb..vick is more of a leader…on and off the field..and after that snoozefest of an offensive display I dont want to hear anything from bob except save our season now mike, please!!! Lol!! All seriousness tho

    • I don’t think Mike isn’t man enough to be told Foles is executing better, in fact, I’d think he was told something along the lines of “we have to see how Nick performs”, etc. The hammy thing is more for public perception because 1.5 games of seeing Foles play well and then declaring him your starter…only to have him do what he did against Dallas…would have made Chip look like an asshole.

      You can bet your ass now that Vick will be the starter going forward unless he gets injured again…and we’ll see if his hammy magically heals to 100% now! 😉

      The Eagles would have to go on a serious losing streak now in order to get Bridgewater or Mariota. They could still probably get Boyd as long as they don’t make the playoffs. Either way, this team desperately needs to have “the man” at the QB position.

      I can’t be too down on Foles even though he played a terrible game yesterday. He’s still young and learning and doesn’t even have a full season worth of starts under his belt yet. That said, I still have a hard time viewing him as our future.

  3. tval says:

    Since we’re all in agreement the qb situation needs addressing lets look at our options..sell the farm this season for bridgewater or mariota..I know you said tajh before the season dave..I have a feeling the fsu d just changed that, no shame tajh the noles secondary has more talent than eagles cowboys and broncos combined.id go for bridge of those 3…or re-up mike for another 1-2 years and do whatever I mean whatever it takes to go get jameis winston…id take him over peyton today…period!! Hes the lebron james of football..im goin for jameis

  4. tval says:

    I agree 95% :)! I think mike probably did need maybe even another week..but his presence alone opens up so much for mccoy I think its worth playing him but utilizing him more like the skins are rg now..less running…and im done with bryce browns sorry behind…I always wanted to see what polk had to offer us…now mor eV so than ever..I dont want any of this years qbs 1st or 2nd rd…id trade this years and the yr after 1st rounders for jameis…id b keep mike on board til then. I wasnt fan of foles nor barkley when we drafted..even less now..they dont fit what our offense does best in my opinion..keep defenses guessing

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