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After Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick left last week’s game with an injured hamstring and Nick Foles came in to lead the team to victory, it immediately sparked talk of a quarterback controversy.

Chip Kelly initially squashed any such notion by saying that Vick is still the team’s starting QB after the game last Sunday.  However, on Monday he seemed to change his tune a little bit when he was asked if Foles could win the job by his performance:

If he plays well?  Yeah, there’s always open competition.  So if Nick goes out there and throws 100 for 100 and throws 27 touchdown passes, then, yeah.

There’s some obvious sarcasm there, which might make you think he was making fun of such an apparently absurd question.  But, his answer to the next question, which was would Vick be back regardless if he misses a week, was a little more serious:

That’s not the case for anybody.  If someone comes in and puts on an unbelievable performance, you have to take it all into account.  That’s my point.

*Quotes courtesy of the Eagles’ press release

This, of course, led to a firestorm of speculation and talk about a QB controversy.  Vick vs. Foles talk filled the air waves, web sites and message boards.

Michael Vick and Nick Foles

Photo from blacksportsonline.com

Does Foles have a realistic chance of unseating Vick at this stage of the season?  Does he really have to play like Joe Montana on steroids to win the job this week or is “pretty good” enough?

In any case, I’m not here to start talking about who should start and who shouldn’t.  The most likely scenario has Vick sitting this week and then returning against Dallas in Week 7.

What I merely wanted to do here is point out what I consider the obvious…

If there is actual talk and actual thoughts that your backup QB could possibly unseat your starter after playing just over one-half of football, it means that your QB situation in general is not good.

In cities that have a true starting QB, there is never any such talk or debate.

I’m not talking about the cities where guys like Drew Brees, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning play, they are the obvious.  But what about places like Chicago, Dallas, Carolina, St. Louis or San Diego?

None of those quarterbacks have ever led their team to a championship and have suffered their fair share of losing, yet you never hear of QB controversies there. That’s because, win or lose, they are “the man” at QB for their respective teams, without question.

Those teams all have their problems, but their problems are predominantly non-QB related and there isn’t much talk, if any, about replacing the starter.

It seems there are very few time periods where Vick is the unquestioned starter around here.  And not coincidentally, the Eagles have not done well.

In the majority, if not all, of the cases where there is either a QB controversy or at least questions surrounding the QB position, the team is losing and doesn’t have much hope for the future.

Point blank, it’s never a good when you even entertain the notion of your backup QB being better than the starter.  That situation is almost always about picking the lesser of the two evils more-so than having two great talents and you just can’t decide who to go with.

We can all sit here and debate about Vick, Foles and maybe even Barkley, but that’s because they are our only options.  Vick and Foles have their strengths and weaknesses, but the question is if you believe either is good enough to ever lead this team to a championship.

I think our next franchise QB is not on the team yet.  Matt Barkley might have something to say about that, but at this point, this team needs to seriously think about doing whatever it takes to land a blue-chip QB prospect in the talent-laden 2014 draft.

The biggest problem the Eagles have is that Vick and Foles are good enough to lead this team to a mediocre season and maybe even squeak into the playoffs thanks to a crappy division.

Unfortunately, the more they win, the further away we get from getting that blue-chipper.

I’m not trying to say the Eagles should tank the season nor am I trying to be a negative-Nancy here.  I’m just trying to see the bigger picture, and that picture needs to include a future franchise quarterback.

This team needs someone to become the unquestioned starter at QB and help create another “era” in Philly along with Kelly.  Nothing is worse than year-after-year of questions surrounding your quarterback position.

If we base the 2014 draft off of perceived team needs at this point, every draft pick should go towards rebuilding the defense.  However, the quarterback position supersedes every other position on a football team by leaps and bounds.

Whatever Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman have to do to get a big-time QB in here again, that’s what they have to do.

I just hope they realize that or we could be in for another long stretch of mediocrity like we saw in between the Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb eras.

Or hell, maybe we have the solution right here:

Chip Kelly

Maybe Kelly is the next franchise QB! AP photo

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13 Responses to Michael Vick or Nick Foles: QB Controversy Talk Only Proves Eagles Need One

  1. LouA says:

    Point is last year Foles beat him out and became the starter. this year a bew coach takes it away because he thinks he has a runner to suit his so-called Hi-flying offense. You tell me when a running QB ever won a SB?
    Foles should be the man behind center and not this inconsistent whatever you want to call it

    • Hey Lou, I don’t think Foles beat Vick out last year as much as Vick and the team just stunk so Reid wanted to see what he had in Foles. This year it did appear to be a true QB “competition” and Vick played better by just about everyone’s account to win the job. With that said, Foles put on a hell of a performance against a top defense and it’s seriously questionable whether things would have went the same with Vick at the helm. QB controversy coming up!

      The last time a running QB won a SB? Depends what you mean by running QB…Steve Young was a good runner, would you call him a running QB? But otherwise, I know what you mean. This year, though, we will have QB’s like Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick challenging for the title so we’ll see.

  2. tval says:

    Credit where its due dave!! I love what foles has done since being called upon…not saying mike still isnt our best qb.. most of our losses can be attributed to shaky d…but nick is valuable…no doubt..

  3. tval says:

    And I think we’ve found future qb…I nevr doubted foles ability to run the offense..I just think we can use both..effectively..until we do ricky williamsesque draft trade for famous jameis!! Lol!! Go noles!!

    • Hey tval, is your stance on Vick wavering a bit? LOL. Foles played very well against a good defense, but I still want to see if he can be consistent on a weekly basis. It’s going to be interesting to see how Chip handles this. I tend to think he almost has to stick with Foles, but he can’t afford to be wishy washy about the QB situation. The Eagles need to have an unquestioned starter, win or lose. Otherwise, there will be constant questions about who should be starting…which wouldn’t be a healthy situation.

      • tval says:

        Not at all if hes healthy dave…but with he running for his life and the bigger foles forcing us to be more focused on improving run game understandably for a young qb, although I believe it just as important for mike, can be a blessing in disguise…I think mike has done way bettr than most, I’ll throw you in that group bob, ever expected this season. With more run balance and a serviceable defense he has proven to be a more than capable starter…alex smit h has done littoe but handoff and watch his defense dominate…im sure hes bob’s montana this yr like rg3 last year! Come on guys

  4. Bob says:

    They just need to do whatever they need to do to be as competitive as they can be right now and let the QB of the future work itself out during the off season.

    Vick is not the answer long term, forget that he’s a turnover machine for a minute – he’s too old. Foles and Barkley may or may not be the long term answer but the only way to know for sure is to play them.

    If they want to pick up a QB in the draft they can always put a trade package together and move up the board.

    • Well said Bob! That’s why Chip almost has to go with Foles now…but, he needs to make a decision and stick with it or he’ll risk losing the respect of the lockerroom. We can’t have a weekly recurring theme of questioning who should be starting. If Foles plays this week and doesn’t look as good as he did against the Bucs, then everyone will be saying we should go back to Vick. It’ll be a vicious cycle until Vick is gone and/or they get a “blue chip” player to be the unquestioned starter.

      • Bob says:

        I copied these stats from a poster on another blog:
        tampa defense 17.5 ppg.

        Foles vs tampa bay, 31 points.

        Vick, 5 passing tds in 4.5 games.

        Foles 6 passing tds in 1.5 games.

        First time ever desean 2 tds in a game

        first time ever cooper 100+ yards

        first time in 14 games bucs give up 100 to a single runner (so don’t need a mobile qb for the run game)

        brady stats vs tampa 69% completion, 225 yards, 2tds, 1 int, 3 sacks, 92 rating

        brees stats vs tampa 56% completion, 322 yards, 1 tds, 2 ints, 4 sacks, 67 rating

        foles stats vs tampa 71% completion, 296 yards, 3tds (plus one rushing) 0 ints, 1 sack, 133 rating

        As far as I’m concerned put Foles in and sell it as “We need to see what we got going forward”. Even if Foles struggles, don’t all young QBs struggle at times? Hasn’t Vick had stretches where he’s struggled?

        • Agreed, those are compelling stats (just a slight correction, Foles has 5 TDs passing, 1 rushing). Another key stat, which I’m going to break down this week at some point, is that Foles is more effective in the red zone. I think Foles has earned himself the right to start against Dallas and we’ll probably hear that Vick isn’t quite recovering from his hamstring injury this week. If that’s the case, Chip will need to make an ultimate decision after the Dallas game.

          If Foles plays well and the Eagles win, I think it’ll be hard to justify going back to Vick.

        • tval says:

          I paste & copied this from memory..foles played winless tampa….vick 3 games 11 days..foles barely outduled 1st start mike glennon..see hyperbole goee both ways bobby

  5. tval says:

    Brady & brees hav zero run game..irrelevant..I agree if ye deserves job vick wont see field again..in the same role..its in foles hands now..no mor3 excuses for him either..take the job vs porous dallas defense..vick still holds value whn healthy..especially with chip coaching

  6. tval says:

    Its as if foles has beaten a team thats won a game..im eager to see how mccoy is affected by defenses keying more on he than the less mobile foles…not that I think he will be neutralized as a result of the qb change but I do believe ther will be growing pains…but with balance and good execution, see skins 2nd half vs us,I believe nick can succeed with the arsenal he has..no doubt

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