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Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense played their worst game of the season in losing to the hated Cowboys, 17-3.  They also extended their home losing streak to nine games, which is just as baffling as it is unacceptable.

Nine game home losing streak and three points scored against an average defense that was missing its best player…that’s the first thing that makes me say WTF!

Losing the game in the manner we did, it’s natural to only focus on the offense.  Unfortunately that overshadows a pretty decent effort by the defense.  Dallas has a pretty damn good offense and they came in averaging just over 30 points per game, but the defense held them to just 17.

If you were to tell me before the game that Dallas would only score 17 points, I would have thought we would blow them out.  Instead, the offense just simply blew.

Anyway, on to the awards…

Things that made me say WTG!

The only positive to draw from the game was the play of the defense in general.  As stated above, they held a high-octane Dallas offense to just 17 points.  They pressured Romo, sacked him twice and intercepted him twice.

They made them earn every one of their 368 yards, as the Cowboy offense averaged just 4.9 yards per play.

DeMeco Ryans played a well-rounded game again and turned in a sack and an interception that set up the Eagles’ only points on the day.

Earl Wolff had the hit of the game when he laid a pop on Dez Bryant in the third quarter.  Bryant is a big, physical receiver and Wolff’s hit made him take a knee for a minute.  Unfortunately, Wolff had to leave the game to be examined for a possible concussion.

Riley Cooper actually had a decent game in posting six catches for 88 yards to lead the team.  He also flashed some good physicality in the second quarter when he caught a short pass on a third-and-seven play, broke a tackle and picked up the first down.

Donnie Jones had a good day in averaging 46.6 yards on nine punts.  You know it’s a bad game when the punter ends up on the WTG! list.

Bill Davis deserves some credit as well for coming up with an effective game plan to limit the Dallas offense.  The defense seems to be improving incrementally as they continue to jell each week.

Now, for the WTF! list…

I might as well take it from the top…the Eagles’ defense forced a three-and-out on Dallas’ first possession in the first quarter (barely three minutes into the game), but the Eagles had to burn a timeout to get ready for the punt.  That was reminiscent of Andy Reid.

Bryce Brown continues to disappoint in relief of McCoy.  On his first carry, he simply fell as he was about to hit the hole and it seemed as if he could have gotten a decent chunk of yardage had he not.

The initial game plan.  Dallas’ defense was weak up front and missing DeMarcus Ware.  I would have figured a heavy dose of the run early on but nope, they came out passing and it was clear from the start that the offense was out of sync.

The baffling sequence of decisions before half-time.  The Eagles faced a third-and-one from the Dallas 42-yard line with well under a minute to go.  Instead of running a quick play to pick up a first, they run a low percentage play by throwing deep down the sideline to Jackson, which fell incomplete.

Then, instead of going for it, which to me seemed like a no-brainer at the time, Chip Kelly decides to have Alex Henery attempt a 60-yard field goal.  Anyone in their right mind knows that there was no way on earth he’s making that.

Dallas ended up taking over at mid-field with just enough time on the clock to feasibly get 15 yards or so and attempt a field goal of their own (they still had a timeout to use).  Fortunately, Dallas’ offense was unable to make that happen, but the point is that it was very feasible and a bad sequence of decisions by Kelly.

Bradley Fletcher committed a huge pass interference penalty on a third-and-goal play in the third quarter that gave Dallas an automatic first.  They scored a TD on the next play.

Nick Foles

Photo: Michael Ainsworth/The Dallas Morning News

Nick Foles is the MVP of this WTF! list.  He played the worst game of his young career at the most inopportune time.  First place in the division was on the line and the team was playing at home.

He looked timid and indecisive in the pocket.  He was hesitant to pull the trigger on throws, held the ball too long and when he did throw, he missed badly on multiple occasions.

The two most obvious ones were the throw to a wide-open Celek in the second quarter that would have led to a huge gain and the terrible pass to a wide-open Avant in the end zone that needed a review to overturn what would have been a crazy interception.

I don’t know what to say about Foles here.  It’s baffling that he went from NFC Offensive Player of the Week to the dud of the week.  He had a chance to possibly seize his future as a starter in Philly but instead crumbled and turned his worst-ever performance.

He’s still a young player and doesn’t have a full season worth of starts under his belt, but this performance was pretty bad for a second-year guy.

The only guy to play worse was his backup, Matt Barkley.  Barkley threw an interception on his second career pass attempt, but luckily it was called back due to a penalty.  However, just six plays later he threw one that counted,

In fact, all three of Barkley’s drives ended with an INT.  Not an auspicious start to the young man’s career.

DeSean Jackson.  Where was he yesterday?  Was this another one of his disappearing acts?  Was it the game plan?  Dallas appeared to be playing man coverage quite a bit, he couldn’t beat his man?

He was also seen on camera getting frustrated quite a bit and that seemed to affect his play.  Is he still an immature player that let’s his frustration get the best of him?

The offense in general was shockingly bad yesterday.  I put the bulk of that on Foles, but he didn’t get much help from his coach in the way of play calling either.  Dallas’ defense isn’t as good as the Eagles made them look.

The most frustrating thing I took from this game is the state of the QB position.  Vick is not the future and after that performance, it’s highly unlikely Foles is either.

It’s clear this team will not be serious competitors for the post season, yet they will likely do just well enough land a low draft pick that puts a franchise QB out of reach in April’s draft.

And to that, I say…WTF!

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16 Responses to Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 7 WTF and WTG Awards

  1. tval says:

    Ill tell u where desean was…even with mo claiborne 50 yds downfield with a quarterback with no confidence to test an awful secondary..qb rule #1 if hes even hes leaving..djax has an extra gear he hits when ball nears his catch radius…something lil nicky doesnt understand obviously

    • This isn’t the first time DeSean has disappeared for a game. It’s happened with Vick and McNabb too, so it ain’t just the QB. DJax was visibly frustrated during the game but he can’t let that get to his head. Jason Kelce had to pull him aside to calm him down and try to get his head back in the game.

  2. tval says:

    I think cooper is below average and bj cunninghan should challenge his position. .id use d johnson before him actually..I dont know about u dave but but im not convinced tebow wldnt be a bettr fit than foles/barkley..even for short yardage in vicks st3ad..id expect more than 80 yds total off3nse from tebow lesean and desean..tebow uses tight ends and throws as good a deep ball as foles…much more of a fit for this style..hed keep defenses honest..even with vick

    • Tebow? Ha! Tebow? hahahaha! Come on tval…seriously? Tebow? There is a reason why 32 NFL teams don’t have him on their roster right now. It’s because he flat out STINKS!

  3. Steve S says:

    First….not fair to Dallas ( I don’t like ’em )…to say it was all Foles….. they did a good job covering receivers Second….not fair to Foles to say it was all Foles….. the line couldn’t get shady open…. Third….not fair to the Offense….they just kept getting the same plays called back in……

    Big picture is we have two injured QB’s…another that was dropped into the shark tank unprepared …..and still have half a season left………

    Then they still have to look to the future…..and that is looking mighty confusing right now…… personally I’ll skip this “win now” stuff for a better look at the future of the team…..Barkley?……if he’s it….then get him in there….heck that’s what they did to Peyton….and he got crushed …and he turned out to be one of the best…. is it Foles?…same thing…….get him back in there…..some pretty good guys took a while to develop….. and are we saying AR was clueless when it came to QB’s?….we all know that ain’t true…..is Vick the guy?….then re sign his butt already……say he’s the man….and get on with the show….

    • Dallas’ D played well, particularly Brandon Carr. But, there were receivers wide open on several occasions that either Foles didn’t see or completely missed with errant passes. To me, yes, Foles deserves the lion’s share of the blame. If he connects on a few of those passes it’s a different ball game.

      Definitely agree that the play calling didn’t help matters and Chip was the second biggest scapegoat for the loss. Also agree that they should just use the rest of this season as a QB test phases between Foles and Barkley. What’s the worst that can happen, we lose out and end up with a top-5 draft pick and the opportunity to get a true blue chip QB? We aren’t going to compete this year anyway.

  4. tval says:

    Laugh all u want..if u think rg3 russ wilson and colin kapernick are not result of good teams,not rg this yr, instead of individual perdormance..I have news for u.., ive followed russ since early nc st and colin since pistol innovation at nevada-actually watched him play in reno and called he’d be bettr suited for nfl than cam newton..I know qbs..I called jameis before he was named starter at fsu!! So if u think they are that flat out special and tebow stinks I dont expect to sway ur opinion..foles flat out stinks..barkley nevr impressed vs straight garbage snac 12 defenses..tebow played great in nfl lminor league sec…so if u think barkley knows bettr how to perform on this level.. I think ur flat out wrong.. most are scared off by tebows attention grabbing style.. I want to win period. I think run heavy wth tebow and lesean is bettr than pass happy offense with abysmal foles or barkley

    • I have no idea what it is you see in Tebow that nobody else sees. I remember watching him on his “divine intervention” win streak with Denver and was completely amazed at how they were winning. I mean, he was terrible yet they somehow won. That’s why I was high on Mike McCoy as our next head coach because the man was a genius to be able to design an offense with Tebow and still win.

      I’m not a 100% up on the college QB’s yet but yeah, Jameis looks like the real deal from what I’ve seen and read but it’s still extremely early for him. Plus, he’s no sooner than 2015 draft and we need our QB in the 2014 draft.

  5. tval says:

    Especially now our defense is performing..have run first style coupled witg kellys pass innovation..having a qb that can pickup 2-4 yds consistently on ground instead of a statue in the pocket in this offense is truly a no-brainer in my opinion…funny how never playing for the awful jets offense killed tebows prospects.. like believing randy moss couldnt perform while on the raiders. I know moss was proven but he similarly was written off after being on a train wreck of an organization..

  6. tval says:

    And keep in mind dave im fsu fanatic.. I knw tebow excelled in nole down years…well aware..im also well aware he runs this style, all but the up tempo as good as anyone, leading completion pct. In ncaa d-1…in sec? Really? Sure he not gonna kill u from the pocket but if he wasnt bettr option than what we currently have. I wouldnt hav mentioned him….id take vince young before foles or barkley…d dixon is bettr thab foles or barkley in my humble opinion!!

  7. tval says:

    And 2 of those 32 teams hav carson palmer and t pryor as their qbs!! If u think theyre starting material I have another 1st rounder comin out of columbus!! Braxton miller actually 2..throw in kenny guitton!! Terrelle couldnt throw in the big ten let alone nfl..

  8. tval says:

    Andy dalton is awful but he has aj green and great defense to disguise his mediocrity…check his playoff stats…bubby bristeresque!! Gotra hav weapons…what did tebow hav in denver..hurt demaryius…and eric awful decker. Lol!! Come on now

  9. tval says:

    Hell dave ilk take tebow over soft as charmin ej manuel….ej is awful…thats comin from a nole…buffalo is in trouble if they think they can rely on that bum…I ddnt want jameis to redshirt…wantes jimbo to bench ejs sorry behind last year…winston is worlds bettr than ej ever was…now. having 4 years of starter experience..ridiculous…coaches dont always know beat…telln me jacob coker is on jameis’s level?? Why was it a controversy ib tallahassee until week1?? Mind boggling!!

  10. tval says:

    With trade deadline fast approaching dave I think theres 1 move that would benefit us greatly..call joe banner up and get monster josh gordon for foles , barkley or both..whoevr they want. Id be disgruntled playn with the browns too!! they can throw in weeden for a mid rd pick as well…I wanna give mike a chance to succeed..im tired of every receiver on our team the last 10 years outside of djax..lets actually try to improve on riley pooper!! Lol!! Wher are those adjusted foles stats bob??

  11. tval says:

    In closing dave I just made serious phne upgrade..havnt watchd espn in a year..just check scores and fsu recruiting and ur site because I enjoy your writing immensely..but after catching up on some much needed fsu news I have to say I called jameis in h.s. he was like seein lebron in h.s. state championship soph year and knowing id want him over kobe then..id take jameis over any qb in the nfl today…period!! Luck 2nd. I wanted to start him over ej last year..and he shldve easily..jameis had stanford baseball/fball offer as well..hes the goods man..just cldnt understate my excitement!! As far as gordon goes I think our d may be fine. Our wr corps beeds instant upgrade for the better part of a decade..hes cheap too for now..byrd is expensive

    • Thanks tval. I’m looking forward to see if Jameis continues playing at this level and see if he eventually declares early, but we need to settle on a long term QB by next season. Chip needs to figure out this season if Foles or Barkley is going to be his guy because he doesn’t have another season to waste on finding a QB.

      Josh Gordon would be an intriguing trade just based on his talent, but he’s one mis-step away from a one year suspension. Tough to figure value on that as far as trade compensation. With that said, Gordon would be a much better compliment to DJax than Maclin.

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