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After watching the Cowboys and Giants game on Sunday Night Football, I came away thinking that the Eagles may stand a chance in the NFC East this season.  Chip Kelly and the Birds can put this division on notice with a solid victory tonight versus the defending NFC East champs.

The Dallas/New York game was a comedy of errors that featured seven total turnovers, 11 penalties and two defensive touchdowns.

Despite six turnovers by the Giants, Dallas could not put New York away.  Eli Manning and David Wilson committed turnovers on each of the Giants’ first three possessions, but were still able to tie the game at 3-3 by the end of the first quarter.

After two more New York turnovers, the Giants still had a chance for a game-winning drive with two minutes and 41 seconds left in the game.  The score was 30-24 at the time.  However, Manning threw his third pick of the night which was promptly returned for a game-sealing touchdown by Dallas.

Neither team could muster a running game and both had their problems in the passing game.  Don’t let the 36-31 score fool you.  Though both offenses had their moments, they predominantly looked out of sync.

Jason Garrett had his play-calling duties stripped this season, but there were no improvements in that category by Bill Callahan.  That was exemplified by the first series of the game when, after first-play INT by Manning set Dallas up at the New York 15 yard line, they went three-straight plays to the left with DeMarco Murray that resulted in eight yards.

It was a baffling, Andy Reid-esque sequence of play-calling.

Usually teams go for the throat immediately in a situation like that, but Dallas was timid and it cost them.  Hell, Callahan couldn’t figure out a way to get the ball into the hands of their most dominant play-maker in Dez Bryant.

Sure, Bryant was double-covered often, but he’s a play-maker.  Teams find ways to get these guys the ball.  If other offensive coordinators can devise ways to get guys like Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, Brandon Marshall and Julio Jones the ball, Callahan better figure out how to do the same for Bryant.

In any case, Eli and Romo were their usual erratic selves and both defenses gave up a combined 809 total yards.  The Giants couldn’t stop turning the ball over and the Cowboys couldn’t figure out how to take advantage of that.

The Eagles have a chance to put the division on notice tonight with a solid performance.  They will have flaws, but so does the rest of the East.  Unless Washington looks like world-beaters tonight, there is not a run-away team in this division.

The Eagles stand as good of chance as the rest of them, as oddly as that may sound.  Instead of the best team winning the division, it may come down to who stinks the least.

Can the Eagles stink the least?

If anything, it’s always good seeing Eli Manning doing this:

Eli Manning

Eli after game-ending INT. Gif from Gifulmination and @ErikMal via USAToday


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2 Responses to NFC East Appears Wide Open, Eagles Can Make a Statement vs. Redskins

  1. Jim Nic says:

    Hey Dave… Although I don’t have the inclination to get into analyzing the game (meaningful depth) that you do; I wind up agreeing with your point of view a lot; and I just enjoy writing back in lite commentary…

    I too, saw the Giants/Cowboys game & was thoroughly unimpressed by both teams. Eli looked ‘little kid’ lost & Romo looked like… well, Romo. These two teams still have to put it together or they’re going to struggle the whole season…

    I mean, you’re supposed to come out on fire for the first game of the year aren’t you? Well, I’m afraid both these teams showed up with a box of wet matches.

    The Eagles, on the other hand, looked like they have ignited themselves under Kelly’s direction; but they still have some work to do. However, the Skins (on this game), played off of RGIII, and that dude needs to be dipped into a vat of naval jelly. Well, with the first game in the books; we need to fasten our seat belts & put our tray tables forward, because the NFC East is about to take off!

    In Colorado… Forever Bleeding Green… Jim Nic

    • Hey Jim, thanks! And yes, you’d think teams that are supposed to be established like the Giants and Cowboys would come out on fire. First play of the game for the Giants is a horrible decision and throw by Eli for the pick, then Dallas follows up that golden opportunity with bad play-calling and execution, then have to settle for the field goal.

      Not impressive!

      The Eagles, on the other hand, came out on fire. I was thoroughly impressed by their first half performance and that backwards pass TD for the Skins was BS! I was a little concerned about the 2nd half though, they looked almost like a different team than in the first. Maybe the Skins adjusted and RG3 shook some of the rust off, but the 2nd half took some luster off the victory.

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