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Chip Kelly and Michael Vick

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Most people figured that Michael Vick would be the starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles come opening day.  The reasoning and rationale may have varied from person to person, but the end result was the same.

However, one person’s reasoning surfaced recently that I found interesting.  Former Dallas wide receiver Michael Irvin offered his take on why Kelly chose Vick over Foles, courtesy of Jordan Ranaan at…

“Kelly would have been not a bright man if he started anybody else,” the former Cowboys wide receiver and current NFL Network analyst said. “I always knew Michael Vick was going to be the starter. Why Michael? Because when Michael Vick is the starter of my new offense that I don’t know if it will work in the NFL, if it doesn’t work, I’m going to put it on Michael Vick and move him right out of the way and then I’ll slip in a young guy as I maneuver this offense and change it up.”

Basically, it sounds like he’s saying that Kelly can use Vick as his sacrificial lamb if things don’t go well this season.

Even though Vick had simply performed better during the QB competition and therefore earned the job, this is still an interesting thought about the situation in general.

Prior to Kelly officially announcing it, I outlined my reasoning for why Vick would be the starter both here and here.  In an underlying way when I stated that Kelly is playing with “house money” by going with Vick, I was alluding to something similar to what Irvin stated, just not quite as blatant.

Irvin seems to suggest that Kelly is making a distinct decision to roll with Vick so he can experiment with his offense to see if it works at the NFL level.  If it fails, the focus of the blame will be on Vick instead of Kelly’s “growing pains” as an NFL coach and play-caller.

I don’t believe that’s the case.  Kelly made the decision for several other more logical reasons and there’s no way to say Irvin’s thought ever entered the conscious mind of Kelly.  However, it can be viewed as more of a “side benefit” for Kelly’s inaugural season in the NFL.

Irvin’s entire career as a player and analyst has been dotted with controversies and sometimes idiotic statements.  He’s also one of those guys who likes to hear himself talk and says things just to make headlines.

Could what he says about Kelly’s decision be true?  Sure.  Is it the most logical reason Kelly chose Vick?  Hell no.

I just so happen to find it an interesting thought, that’s all.

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4 Responses to Is Michael Vick the Guinea Pig For Chip Kelly’s Rookie Season?

  1. Lee says:

    I think everyone knows what high regard Philly fans hold Michael Irvin in… What a tool! As for Vick/Foles, I haven’t seen a down side to either one so far. When the line gives them time both have put the ball on target. Vick won’t make it through all 16 games, we’ll see plenty of Foles too I’m pretty sure. You want to worry about something with this team, start with the defense…

    • Agreed Lee, both QB’s looked good in the offense when in rhythm. I think the over/under on when Vick gets hurt is probably right around Week 9 so we’ll likely see Foles at some point.

      The defense is an entirely other story…that will be the team’s Achilles heel this season (again).

  2. says:

    Vick will stay healthy the entire season contrary to popular opinion. As long as our O-line stays healthy and execute assignments. You will see a new and improved MV7 from even the 2010 MV7. It’s nice to know we do have a backup plan (IF) that was to happen. I’m forever the Eagles optimist but I do believe we are going to surprise a lot if NFL fans this year. I do, however have SERIOUS concerns about our DEFENSE. Offense: possibly at or slightly above the curve; defense: well below: SPECIAL TEAMS; possibly ahead due to Coach putting extra infixes on them being a factor in the outcome of a game. Will be a factor to balance games due defense lacking. My optimistic opinion

    • I agree with everything you said Renee…except Vick staying healthy all year. Odds are, that won’t happen. And it is nice to have a capable backup if/when Vick misses time. Vick is the starter, but if he misses time and Foles does well, will Vick be back? Hmmm…

      And yeah, the defense is the biggest question mark on this team. They’ll be more physical and should tackle better, but I have serious concerns on that side of the ball (mainly the secondary).

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