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The 2013 Philadelphia Eagles season commences today with rookies and selected veterans reporting for the start of training camp.  This, the first camp under Chip Kelly, will highlight the most intense roster competition since 1999, the first year under Andy Reid.

Predicting the 53-man roster at this point is basically like doing a mock draft in January.  It’s an exercise in futility to say that player X will beat out player Y — particularly for the bottom third of the roster — before actually seeing how they perform in practice.

Yet, because there will be so much competition and so many unknowns with the new schemes and coaching staff preferences, predicting the roster now is a unique challenge and requires some educated opinion along with simply baseless guessing.

Therefore, I thought it would be fun to make my prediction now, then compare it to what the initial roster ends up being.  If I get all 53 correct, I’ll cement my place in the roster prediction Hall of Fame (or at the very least, I’ll deserve a golf clap)!

Philadelphia Eagles training camp

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I’ve previously talked about the training camp competitions and competitors here and here.  Now we’re on to my final mock draft…err, roster prediction:

QB (3)

  • Michael Vick
  • Nick Foles
  • Matt Barkley

RB (3)

  • LeSean McCoy
  • Bryce Brown
  • Felix Jones

WR (6)

  • DeSean Jackson
  • Jeremy Maclin
  • Arrelious Benn
  • Damaris Johnson
  • Riley Cooper
  • Ifeanyi Momah

TE (4)

  • Brent Celek
  • James Casey
  • Zach Ertz
  • Derek Carrier

OL (9)

  • Jason Peters
  • Evan Mathis
  • Jason Kelce
  • Todd Herremans
  • Lane Johnson
  • Dennis Kelly
  • Danny Watkins
  • Kyle Quinn
  • Nate Menkin

DL (8)

  • Fletcher Cox
  • Isaac Sopoaga
  • Clifton Geathers
  • Bennie Logan
  • Cedric Thornton
  • Joe Kruger
  • Vinny Curry
  • Isaac Remington

OLB (4)

  • Trent Cole
  • Connor Barwin
  • Brandon Graham
  • Chris McCoy

ILB (4)

  • DeMeco Ryans
  • Mychal Kendricks
  • Jake Knott
  • Jason Phillips

CB (5)

  • Cary Williams
  • Bradley Fletcher
  • Brandon Boykin
  • Curtis Marsh
  • Jordan Poyer

S (4)

  • Kenny Phillips
  • Patrick Chung
  • Nate Allen
  • Earl Wolff

ST (3)

  • Jon Dorenbos
  • Alex Henery
  • Donnie Jones

A few reasonings for my picks…

Roster shaping comes down to a numbers game and it forces coaches to make tough decisions.  If you keep X amount of players at this position, then you can only keep X amount at that position.

I gave my best logical guesses as to how many players they will keep at each position.  I went with only three running backs in order to keep four tight ends because Kelly loves the versatility tight ends bring to an offense.

It’s possible they could only keep five wide receivers and therefore keep four running backs, but they should be able to get someone like Mathew Tucker, Chris Polk (if he qualifies) or a future cut player on the practice squad.

Initially I wanted to keep five safeties because of Phillips’ questionable health and Colt Anderson’s prowess on special teams.  That could still happen, but it would have to come at the expense of a player within the defensive front-seven groupings (probably someone like Remington, Curry, Phillips or McCoy).

Keeping nine offensive linemen is a must considering what happened last year.  Hell, I wouldn’t be averse to keeping 10 just because of the torture we endured at this position in 2012.

I realize Momah is a long shot to make the roster, but I’m just hoping this kid with the freakish size and athleticism can translate his skills on the field and make an impact.  Might be wishful thinking, but hey, I already said this was an exercise in futility…might as well go for the gold!

The backup offensive linemen, after Dennis Kelly, are anyone’s guess.  I’m making an “educated guess” that Watkins has the ability to turn himself around.  Reports have suggested he’s a “new man” and is putting in the extra work to establish himself.

Menkin and Quinn are purely guesses based on scouting reports and presumed position versatility.

Jamar Chaney may be my most notable exception to the roster, but the team is said to be high on Knott.  Chaney is a suitable backup, but we’ve seen his ceiling as a player.  Knott’s ceiling is unknown and would hopefully be higher than Chaney’s.

So, am I gonna win a cookie with these predictions?


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8 Responses to Eagles 53-Man Roster Prediction as Training Camp Begins

  1. Frank Fleischer says:

    It’s sad, but I have to agree with you on the guess that Avant doesn’t make the team.He has been one of my favorite players to watch the last couple ofyears. I like what he brings to this roster with his leadership and reliable hands, but his lack of size and speed will probably cost him a spot. I almost like the idea of keeping Avant in place of Cooper.

    • Hey Frank…oh yeah, wholly hell…I meant to mention Avant in the article, oh well. But yes, I don’t think he makes it. I like him because of the reasons you stated and that he’s always been a reliable third down target. However, he’s not the kind of receiver to keep around if it comes at the expense of another player with loads more potential. Cooper has good size and has shown some ability, plus he has value on special teams. Avant could stick in place of Momah (if we keep 6 WR’s), but I like Momah’s potential at this point.

  2. Brian says:

    This is a running offense, and in no way do I see Kelly keeping 6 active WRs on the roster, especially when you have 4 TEs active. Easier to plug a WR into the slot. I believe you would see Momah on the practice squad and Polk on the active roster, all things considered.

    • Valid point Brian. I agree that it will most likely be a run-heavy offense. But, I think McCoy and Brown can handle most of the load with Jones pitching in. Plus, some of Chip’s runs will be from the wide receivers as well as the QB…if Vick is the starter that is. If Momah lives up to his potential in camp, then keeping him over Polk is better value. If Momah is a bust and no other receiver stands out, then I can see Polk or actually, Mathew Tucker (over Polk) making the roster.

  3. ThGuy says:

    I agree with pretty much everything here…. Only changes I would make would be at ILB Jake Knott gets cut and Casey Mathews makes the team just cos he went to Oregon. He might just surprise us. And Donnie Jones might not make it out of August, I think Brad Wing is gonna steal the show. With Kelly being the mastermind that he is I can only imagine what kind of special teams trickery will go on. Les Miles did all kinds of fakes with Wing. Can only imagine what Kelly is gonna come up with. Plus Wing is the all time leading punter in college history with punts inside the 20

    • I wondered about the Matthews/Kelly/Oregon connection and that’s a possibility…he’d have to beat out Chaney too. Should be a good competition there. Wing isn’t off to a good start as he failed his initial conditioning test to start camp. Granted, he’s a punter, but that’s just not a good first impression when you’re trying to win a job.

      • ThGuy says:

        Wing reminds me of the kicker from the move “the replacements”. He’s a total mess but one hell of a punter. I think he gets his act together and makes this team

        • Ha, I thought the same thing about Wing…now we just have to see him going “ole, ole ole ole” 😉
          Wing is the wild card, Jones is the steady veteran…could go either way

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