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Dee Milliner

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The Philadelphia Eagles have cancelled their pre-draft visit with top CB prospect Dee Milliner, as Jeff McLane reported earlier.

Teams are allotted 30 official pre-draft visits with prospective draftees.  When a team brings a guy in for a visit, it usually means they want to get to know him a little better and get some lingering questions answered.

Visits can show varying levels of interest in a player; whether it’s to rule him in or out as a prospect, furthering their due diligence because they want to draft him, or it could be just an infamous smokescreen.

During the Andy Reid era, with the exception of the two times they picked within the top 10, the Eagles never had an official visit with their true first-round draft target.  However, they also never scheduled one and then cancelled it.

The fact that they cancelled the meeting with Milliner can only mean that we can now rule him out as our pick at No. 4.

Apparently, they feel they know enough about him and don’t feel the need to burn a visit on him…even though they have plenty of visits left to use up.  If they were truly thinking of selecting him at 4, I’m sure they would go through the “trouble” of bringing him in.

If they’ve already ruled him out, that could mean one of two things: they’ve narrowed their draft board at pick No. 4 down to a few select players (more likely), or, they have a potential deal in place with another team that wants to move up for him (less likely).

Hopefully it’s the lesser likely of the two options, but either way I didn’t expect the Eagles to draft Milliner anyway.

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