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Welcome to the final version of my 2013 Philadelphia Eagles mock draft.  If you want to know exactly what the Eagles will do tonight and over the next few days, be sure to keep reading…

<pause for laughter>

Mock drafts are like hot chicks with no brains — fun to look at but you can’t take them seriously.

However, they offer fun things to debate and discuss while at the same time are a test in how well you think you know your team.  This year, the challenge is different on two fronts…

One, the Eagles hold a top-5 pick in a draft that has been called the strangest in years.  No elite quarterbacks or skill players, and as Chip Kelly put it, no “can’t miss prospects.”

Two, this is the first draft under Kelly and an entirely new offensive and defensive scheme.  We have no past precedent or familiarity with how the new regime operates.  The only exception is Howie Roseman…we know how he operates and he loves to wheel and deal.

With that said, we can only go by the little tidbits of information offered up here and there by Kelly and Roseman along with rumors from various sources.  Then, we try to apply that to what we perceive as the biggest needs for the team.

So, let’s start with some of those tidbits…

  • There was Kelly’s comment about no can’t-miss prospects.
  • Per Jeff McLane’s NFL sources, the Eagles are actively looking to trade down.
  • Roseman said the pass-rushers are at the top of the draft this year and will go quickly.
  • Kelly prefers “long” players because “big people beat up little people.”
  • Kelly strongly prefers versatile, athletic players.
  • They finally admitted that they will be running a 3-4 base defense but will also include a hybrid 4-3.

There were other things like Jeff Lurie making the trip to see Geno Smith (a show of strong interest, due diligence or smokescreen?) and Roseman talking about the strength of the offensive linemen and safeties in this draft.

What does all this mean?

That’s anyone’s guess, but here’s mine…

The Eagles want to move down in this draft.  That may be stating the obvious, but I honestly think that is their first choice, regardless of who is on the board at No. 4.  Unfortunately, they can’t just call some team and make a deal.

The deal has to be right and fair, they can’t just give the fourth overall pick away.  And with all the chatter about multiple teams wanting to move down, it may be difficult to find a deal.

With that said, I also think that pick No. 4 will be the first hot-spot for teams wanting to move up.  So, if a deal is to be made, I think the bargaining will really heat up when the Eagles are on the clock.

The comment Roseman made about the pass rushers being at the top is true.  There is a steep drop-off after the first group.  If they want a good one, they’ll have to spend their first round pick on one.

With the offensive line having good depth in this draft, that means the Eagles think they can wait until after the first round to address that area.  Plus, if they feel Danny Watkins will turn things around, it lessens the urgency to take an OT in Round 1.

Now, with all that said, here is how I see Round 1 playing out for the Eagles…

The first three picks will be: Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel and Sharrif Floyd.  The Eagles will start getting phone calls with the top two teams wanting to trade up being the Browns and Jets.

The Jets will offer their second-rounder while Cleveland only offers up a third.  Therefore, the Eagles trade back with New York to pick No. 9 and acquire the Jets’ second-rounder.

The Jets take QB Geno Smith at pick 4.  Picks 5 through 8 then go like this…

  • Detroit: Ziggy Ansah
  • Cleveland: Dee Milliner
  • Arizona: Lane Johnson
  • Buffalo: Ryan Nassib

With the 9th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select:

DE/OLB Dion Jordan, Oregon

Dion Jordan

Looks like Rocky after his first round against Apollo Creed. I think Philly can get behind this guy! Photo courtesy of

To me, Jordan just makes too much sense.  No matter what way I look at it, he is the perfect pick here in terms of need, value and scheme fit.  I’m sure you’ve read about him multiple times so I won’t get into all his details.

If the Eagles can’t trade down, he’s their pick at No. 4 as well.  The only way he shouldn’t be the pick is if he’s already gone, or Chip Kelly knows something about him that we don’t.

Jordan fits all of the above informational tidbits.  He’s long, athletic, versatile and a top pass-rusher in the draft.  The “projection” aspect of him is the only reason he drops to pick 9, but with Kelly, there is no projection…he knows him.

This scenario is probably just me dreaming, but that’s my guess and I’m sticking to it, damn it!

And by the way, if you happened to see Mike Mayock’s newly released mock draft and noticed some similarities to my first nine picks, that is completely coincidental…I assure you.  I actually did this mock early yesterday in order to post it today and had not seen his mock yet.

If you haven’t seen Mayock’s mock, check it out right here.

For the rest of my mock draft, I will not include any further trades…although I’m sure there will be more wheelin’ and dealin’ with Howie.

The rest:

2. OT Justin Pugh, Syracuse

2. (from trade) TE Gavin Escobar, SDSU

3. CB David Amerson, North Carolina State

4. QB Matt Scott, Arizona

5. DT Kwame Geathers, Georgia

7. DE Joe Kruger, Utah

7. S Cooper Taylor, Richmond

7. DT Quinton Dial, Alabama

7. RB Knile Davis, Arkansas

General reasoning for my picks…

As I said above, Jordan is the perfect pick for the Eagles in Round 1.  The next closest perfect match would be OT Lane Johnson, whom I could also see the Eagles selecting.

They have to address the OL early, but I believe they’ll wait until Round 2, especially if they pick up an extra second-rounder in a trade.

I think Kelly definitely wants another big, athletic TE that he can line up anywhere.

They have to address the secondary by Round 3, whether it’s at safety or corner.

Kelly will take a QB in this draft.  If he can’t get Scott in Round 4, look for Zac Dysert to be taken there.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly pulls the trigger on Scott in Round 3, though I wouldn’t agree with it.

The late rounds is when I see the Eagles addressing their needs for 5-tech DE’s and depth at nose tackle.  If Cooper Taylor is still there, I think he could be a surprise…and intriguing…pick.

This is going to be an interesting draft to say the least.  Draft Day is finally here, let’s do this thing!




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19 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft 2013: The Final Cut

  1. tval says:

    dysert let me down this year. had the protection and scheme to do some damage. cldve really given osu a in state loss if he wldve played well. showed a lil tho. i thnk scott is poor mans russ wilson. not a d jordan fan. if we take him before star ill be shocked! ur right tho kelly surely knows him best. advantage eagles

    • I think Scott is the target for a 3rd/4th round QB…if they don’t trade back into the end of Round 1 for Smith, Nassib or Manuel. I’d rather them get a better QB prospect next year, but I guess you can’t count on that.

      I wouldn’t mind Star in Round 1, but if had the choice of him or Jordan, I’d take Jordan all day long. There is more depth in the draft at DT then at OLB/DE.

  2. Fábio Campos says:

    Hey Dave,

    I tried to play too. Last year I hit 3 (Cox, Curry, Boykin). But this year is very complicated. I have no idea what will happen. I tried to rely upon the information published the type of player who Kelly prefer(versatility, size, speed)

    I did my mock imagining a trade back in the 1st ((in the Top 10) for a 2nd and Foles traded for a 3rd (if we gonna take a QB this year, I can´t imagine Foles in the roster. Make no sense to me).

    1st DL star Lotulelei
    2nd OT Kyle Long
    2nd CB Johnthan Banks
    3rd QB Matt Scott
    3rd S Phillip Thomas
    4th S J. J. Wilcox
    5th NT Montori Hughes
    7th TE Jake Stoneburner
    7th DT T.J. Barnes
    7th WR Brice Butler

    • Hey Fabio…not bad man! I’m not sure about trading Foles anymore, but it’s still a possibility. I think Maclin and Trent Cole could be on the block though.

      • Fábio Campos says:

        I read your article about Maclin. I think it could happen. I don´t know about Cole (still $6400M guaranteed). I think there are some peaces in the roster that don´t fit 3-4 defense. Maybe we gonna see some business these 3 days.

        About my mock in the 4th is Shawn Williams not JJ Wilcox.

        • If not Cole, Curry could be on the block too. The only issue I have with Cole now is the fact that I can’t see him ever dropping into coverage. Hell, I can’t see Graham doing that either. I have to wonder if they’ll end up trading one of them.

          The Broncos lost Dumerville and are a team that is on the brink of a championship, they might take on Cole’s salary if they think he’ll help them get over the hump.

  3. tval says:

    i thnk star tavon and j jones are only sure things outside of o linemen early. gotta put my g.m. hat on. 1. tavon 2. c carradine 2. g escobar 3. jordan reed 4. tony jefferson 5. greg reid 6. everett dawkins 6. rodney hudson 7. q dial 7. an o lineman.

  4. tval says:

    yessir! i thnk id trade celek as well for 3rd or 4th and target o lineman or db. james casey is mor lik these guys than celek. i thnk its maybe 2nd 3rd most important position in chip’s offense. harbor may do fine tho. u may be right. i like reed alot

  5. tval says:

    as im sure u can see im much more comfortable pickn skill players. def my strong suit. sure id mix in cpl more linemen

  6. tval says:

    i agree dave hard to see cole or graham dropping. thats why id like to see star if its my choice really. with 3 man frnt of fletcher star and trent or b graham theyd hold up fine, imo. tavon is real enticing if u get 2 extra picks tho

  7. tval says:

    i wld not deal curry. especially if hes at 280! hes justin tuck jr in waiting! bet hes still mor athletic than cole or graham. id take him before d jordan. loved him at marshall

  8. tval says:

    i thnk we hav to take chip and davis word a little. dont thnk we want to trade traditional 4-3 ends just yet. or not quite until we know lil more how our d fills out. could be totally wrong. but if dumervil is valued in 3-4 so is cole.

  9. tval says:

    nice call on lane dave! i love the pick for it being chip’s first. he was my favorite tackle. hopefully he’s andys tra. i could see cyprien, geno, teo, escobar, carradine or hankins osu dt goin to us in 2nd. if genos ther i may take him and try and deal foles. tempting! cyprien looks good here tho

  10. tval says:

    i still say trade down grab star or shariff 1st then the equally athletic but still projects at tackle m watson or t armstead early 2nd! z ertz wld be nice here too. hes a player

  11. tval says:

    dave as a big fan of team wth most players drafted as of yet, i truly believe the next 4 noles off the board, carradine watson jenkins and reid, will be better pros than the first 3! and thats without prolly the 2 best jr’s frm last years d. ( lamarcus joyner and christian jones) 2 more 1st rounders! however im not partial at all. bills made biggest draft blunder yet

    • Yeah, how bout the Bills picking Manuel! Ha! And Dallas taking Travis friggin Frederick, LOL! I can more understand Buffalo than Dallas in that regard. Frederick was a serious REACH at 31!

  12. tval says:

    lol! true. love it. i was just ecstatic we ddnt take him. id take tebow today before ej. no kidding. (great guy. avg. nfl qb at best)-i just thnk marrone lost his job wth that pick. u miss on qb that early, its curtains!

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