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Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly stated during his press conference after selecting OT Lane Johnson with his first round pick that Oklahoma’s strength and conditioning coach said it would take “a cheeseburger and a week” to transition Johnson from DE to OT…

Kelly was asked if Johnson’s versatility and up-tempo experience was a factor in the pick when he stated (all below quotes are courtesy of Eagles media relations):

“No. Obviously he ran a similar system in terms of the pace of play, but that really was not a factor in us selecting him. What really was a factor is I think you see a guy that is 6-foot-6, he’s three hundred pounds and 35-inch arms.

He’s got an unbelievable athletic background to him. He started as a high school quarterback, was a tight end and played defensive end. I talked to Bob [Stoops]. Bob actually said they wanted to keep him at defensive end, but because of injuries, he was playing defensive end at 280 pounds and doing a great job for them.

They had some injuries on the offensive line and they thought about him. His direct quote when he asked the strength coach, ‘What would it take to get Lane to tackle?’ He said, ‘A cheeseburger and a week.’

Johnson went from high school QB — which were the only highlights shown by NFL Network after the Eagles selected him — to college tight end and then defensive end.  But, he ultimately parlayed that cheeseburger and a week into the No. 4 pick in the NFL Draft.

Maybe he will next parlay a Philly cheesesteak in an All-Pro career!

I also happened to catch this quote from Kelly and it seems to vindicate my thought that Dion Jordan would have been the pick…

Kelly commented on whether he thinks the Miami Dolphins traded up to No. 3 in the draft in case the Eagles were planning to take Oregon OLB Dion Jordan:

“I don’t know what Miami thinks and I don’t answer hypotheticals. We had four guys and we felt comfortable with all four guys. We saw the draft the same way that the other teams saw the draft. We were one, two, three, four and it went: one, two, three, four.”

This quote tells me that the Eagles had Dion Jordan rated higher than Johnson on their board, so presumably they would have taken him had he been there.

Damn you Miami!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m good with Johnson.  I just really, really wanted Jordan.

I had zeroed-in on Jordan for the past month as the prime target for the Eagles.  At least it sounds like they would have taken him if the Dolphins didn’t snag him out from under us.



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8 Responses to Lane Johnson’s “Cheeseburger and a Week” and Dion Jordan Higher on Eagles’ Board

  1. Bob says:

    I like Jordan too, but don’t you think Johnson fills more of a need?

    Isn’t Jordan more of a project at 240lbs? They already signed Barwin and have other guys on the squad for depth at that spot. Why would Jordan have been our pick?

    • If the Eagles are running a 3-4, they need OLB’s who can drop into coverage here and there. They have nobody like that on the roster. Barwin, Cole and Graham are just pass rushers. Jordan can do both and would have given the defense a lot of flexibility.

      Apparently Miami felt so too since they traded up to get him!

      • Bob says:

        Miami runs a 4/3. Jordan is going to be a DE with his hand on the ground in that scheme and is going to be a liability in running situations.

        He would be a liability in running situations in a 3/4 as well because he’s too light.

        Again, we already have Barwin who has played that position in Houston.

        I know a lot of people really like Jordan at the 3 spot but I’m not sold at all. They say he’s a project and needs to add weight, but you can’t pick a project at 3 overall IMO.

        • Jordan can add bulk to help become more stout against the run. But a player with his size, athleticism and ability to drop into coverage or rush the passer is hard to come by.

  2. scott says:

    Yea, I liked Jordan too but we didn’t get him and I really think Johnson was the way to go. Too many sacks, hurries, disrupted plays, to not get someone on the O line would’ve been a really dumb move by the Eagles. Everyone who is complaining about this pick either doesn’t understand the game or is just another Philly beef head with more opinions than brains. GO EAGLES!!!

    • scott says:

      All the “play makers” in the world won’t help if your QB is getting crushed every other play.

    • Hey Scott, I don’t think many people are complaining about taking Johnson, most people think it was a good pick, myself included. But if Jordan was there, I would have taken him first. Apparently Kelly would have to!

      But yeah, if anyone questions the pick of LJ, they just need to re-watch last year’s games. The OL was brutal.

  3. tval says:

    im not sure kelly wldve taken jordan over lane. sure hope not, since we know what our biggest need was. i do thnk jordan is more what they called 4-3 under ‘jack’.(gotta be what phins xpect) or 3-4 olb. dont see him at 240 havn a prayer on the dline. thats crazy. no way i draft pac 10 defensive project before sec stud ready day 1. j jones. equally insane, imo! id hav taken elam before jordan as well. wherever the spot. if philips or chung go down we’re in trouble again.

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