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Day 2 of the 2013 NFL Draft offers several possibilities for Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles.  There are numerous players still on the board that could be potential targets and trading down is still an option as well.

First, let’s go though some of the top targets the Eagles should and/or will likely consider…

My first choice is Florida International safety Jonathan Cyprien.  Yes, the Eagles signed Patrick Chung and Kenny Phillips so we can certainly make the case of more pressing needs that should be addressed first.

Jonathan Cyprien

Photo from Florida International

I guess I just favor finding that next safety that can fill the void left by Brian Dawkins.  Phillips and Chung have questions dangling over their heads and the safety position is much more important than people tend to think.

He would be great value at pick 35.

Besides Cyprien, here is a list of players the Eagles will likely be considering in Round 2:

DT Jessie Williams – good value here and they need a nose tackle

TE Zach Ertz – I think Kelly wants another athletic tight end

QB Geno Smith – Not sure how I feel about it, but I can see it happening

DE Tank Carradine – Coming off ACL injury, not sure I’d like this pick

CB Jamar Taylor – Secondary is a strong possibility

CB Johnthan Banks – Has the size over Taylor

DE Margus Hunt – Age is a factor, but he fits Chip’s mold for “long players”

TE Gavin Escobar – Possible pick if trade back

Round 3 targets;

WR Ryan Swope – Eagles showed a great deal of interest in him at his pro day

WR Marquise Goodwin – Poor man’s Tavon Austin, would double as return man

WR Da’Rick Rogers – If past his “issues”, could be a steal

S D.J. Swearinger – Consolation prize if we don’t take Cyprien

S T.J. McDonald – Has the size Kelly likes

S Phillip Thomas – One of the few safeties Eagles have actually shown interest in

CB David Amerson – Big, physical corner

TE Travis Kelce – Would make Jason happy

P Jeff Locke – Just making sure you’re still awake

If the Eagles don’t trade back in either round, my ideal picks would be Cyprien in Round 2 and Rogers in Round 3.

Unfortunately, I doubt they’ll take either of them.  Given Rogers’ history, he’s probably not on Chip’s radar.  But, I think he’s going to be a steal for someone if he stops smokin’ the green!

My second preferred choice if they stay put in both rounds would be Williams and then Swearinger.  I think Williams will be a possibility, but I’m not confident Chip is interested in Swearinger.

Here’s what I think they will do:

Trade down.  Someone is going to want to trade up for Te’o, Minter, Smith, Nassib or someone else.  I just hope they at least get a fourth-rounder out of the deal, depending on how far they drop.

I think Kelly will want to come out of Day 2 with a pass catcher (TE or WR) and a player in the secondary.

My “official” guesses are Ryan Swope and Phillip Thomas.  But how about Geno Smith?  Would you really be shocked if they took him?

I wouldn’t.


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6 Responses to Eagles Draft 2013: Day 2 Offers Interesting Targets and Possibilities

  1. tval says:

    i really dnt think tanks injury will be an issue, but i do thnk brand jenkins could drop in coverage more. cyprien, ertz, geno, hankins is a beast body and te’o wld be a steal wth demeco gettn lil older and keeps kendricks on outside attack/cover backer! so many good options. i thnk if geno falls chip takes him. would be best fit for geno no doubt

    • I’m just uneasy with Tank. Plus, I’m not sure how well he would do in coverage, he seems like a better fit as a 4-3 DE rather than a 3-4 OLB.

  2. Fábio Campos says:

    Great list man

    I would love to see the Eagles trade back twice in the 2nd round. Trade with Jets (they want to trade up) and than trade back again to the midle of the round and pick Johnthan Banks or Jessie Williams. We gonna have a solid player that can start at day 1 and take extra picks.

    Please God just not Geno Smith or Te’o

    • tval says:

      i like mike. gotta groom understudy now. geno ran very similar offense under holgorsen. thnk it wldve been best scenario if he ddnt hav to start for 2 years. love ertz, but geno wldve been fine- with chip utilizing him

  3. tval says:

    i thnk we’ll play alot of 4-3 under to be more of seamless transition to 3-4. tank, cole, curry could be that physical/versatile ‘under’ imo!

  4. tval says:

    so ud rather have casey matthews on the field before manti? not me.

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