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Jeremy Maclin

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Could the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts pull off a big trade during the 2013 NFL Draft?  Bare with me for a moment as I explain my reasoning for this crazy trade idea…

Back in March, Colts owner Jim Irsay caused quite a stir on Twitter when he tweeted about the Colts landing a “whopper” of  wide receiver.  This sparked a firestorm of speculation that included the Eagles sending Jeremy Maclin over to Indy.

Apparently, it wasn’t a trade the Colts were trying to work out, but rather a free agent signing (that fell through).  However, Irsay did state that the team wants to add another wide receiver.  They did end up signing Darrius Heyward-Bey to a one-year deal.

However, DHB is hardly the “whopper” that Irsay was hoping for.

The reasoning why everyone speculated that the whopper could have been Jeremy Maclin was twofold:

First, Colts GM Ryan Grigson has strong ties to the Eagles due to spending eight years in Philly.  The Eagles and Colts have made several trades since last offseason after Grigson took over in Indy.

Secondly, there has been some speculation that Maclin might not be in the Eagles’ future plans.  He’ll be playing on the final year of his deal in 2013 and so far, they’ve made no overtures to extend him.

Maclin, while a quality receiver, is often viewed as “soft”, which will not fit in with the Chip Kelly philosophy.  Therefore, it’s quite possible that if they get the right offer, Maclin could be traded.

Next up in the Eagles/Colts trade theory is the recent development involving CB Dee Milliner.

Dee Milliner

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Milliner actually had an official pre-draft visit with the Colts on Wednesday, April 10th.  He’s a player projected to go in the top-10 by everyone, but the Colts sit at pick No. 24.  Why would they bother bringing him in if he should be long gone by the time they pick?

Logical thinking is that they brought him in because they’re interested in him.  But the only way they could possibly get him is if they trade up for him.

Then, either coincidentally or not-so-coincidentally, the Eagles canceled their pre-draft visit with Milliner the very next day after he met with the Colts.

Yes, the Colts traded for Vontae Davis last year and signed Greg Toler this offseason, but then again why would they bring in Milliner if they weren’t interested in him?

Many people think the Lions will take Milliner at pick No. 5.  Could the Colts be looking to swing a big deal with the Eagles to get to No. 4 for Milliner?  Could Maclin be part of the package?

Obviously, that’s a lot to give up from the Eagles’ side.  And unfortunately, the Colts do not even have a second round pick this year.

So, what could the Colts offer?  For starters, their first and third-rounders this year and at least their first round pick in the 2014 draft.  That would be the minimum, and likely much more.

In 2011, when the Falcons traded up from pick 27 to pick No. 4 to get Julio Jones, they gave up their first, second and fourth-round picks in that draft plus their first and fourth in the next draft.

So, going by that and the fact the Colts do not have a second-rounder this year, we’re looking at something like the Colts’ first, third, and fourth this year along with their first and second next year.

That could be minimal value because we’re giving up Maclin and not getting a second-rounder this year.  However, it would be a trade that would set us up very nicely for next year in a draft that should be loaded with QB talent.

In an effort to not make me look so ridiculous here in this crazy trade idea, Tony Pauline of Draft Insider also thinks it wouldn’t be out of the question for the Colts to give up future picks to move up in the draft…

I was caught by surprise to learn the Indianapolis Colts, who own the 24th pick of round one, brought DeMarcus Milliner/CB/Alabama in for an official visit on Wednesday.  The team would have to make a big move into the early part of round one for to have chance of selecting Milliner.  Its not completely out of the question the Colts will part with future picks if afforded the opportunity to make the move north and grab the top rated corner.

The Colts have been aggressive this offseason and are coming off a year in which they made the playoffs.  They’re obviously looking to take that next step under their new regime and could view the aspect of getting a top CB along with a receiver like Maclin as the pieces they need to make a serious run.

Now, I know this is unlikely to happen, particularly the Maclin part.  However, if we remove Maclin from that equation and just consider the draft pick trading, the idea becomes more fathomable.

The question is, would you do this trade?  Some of it?  None of it?

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5 Responses to Could Eagles and Colts Make a Huge Draft Day Trade?

  1. Really enjoyed the meat of the article. Especially the logical approach and reasoning applied……and I sure like the substance of it…makes a lot of sense for the eagles to gather a quantity of good young talent with NFL promise. And not be mortgaging their future draft picks….hman

  2. EagleFury says:

    So Eagles lose #4 and Maclin for #24 and #86 and 1st next year? Not worth it at all. Even if Colts tossed in more picks this year or more next year. Eagles would be losing two very good players for nothing in return. They could trade with a team for 2nds this year.

    You could get more value from just about any team and keep Maclin in the fold.I say deal with Rams or Vikings, see if you can get one of both of their 1st round picks and/or 2nd round picks and not drop too far.

    • That’s what I said at first, at the minimum. But after comparing it to the Julio Jones trade scenario, the compensation would be more like the Colts’ first, third and fourth this year plus their first and second next year. That still might be a little short, but certainly something to consider.

      I’d be on board with trading with the Rams and Vikes, but there’s a part of me that wants a trade scenario that includes getting a 2014 first rounder.

  3. Bigness says:

    “Bare with me…” I’d rather not get naked with you. Maybe you meant “Bear with me”?

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