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Danny Amendola

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Over the weekend, news came out that the Philadelphia Eagles may pursue WR Danny Amendola and could be preparing a trade offer for Darrelle Revis.

First, Jeff McLane of reported that there is a “rumor brewing in certain NFL circles that Eagles general manager Howie Roseman has been crunching the numbers and putting together an offer to bring the 27-year-old Revis to Philadelphia.”

Last week, I wrote about the potential of a trade for Revis and what I would and would not be willing to give up for him.

The idea of bringing Revis to Philly makes a ton of sense given our need for secondary help.  However, there are two major questions that need to be answered:

Will he return to form after his injury and what should we be willing to give up in terms of trade compensation?

Obviously, we wouldn’t know the answer to the first question until long after the trade is done.  The answer to the second question should certainly be impacted by this fact.

In reading several articles by various writers around the web, it seems that almost everyone thinks the Jets are demanding either a high draft pick or multiple high draft picks.  This is the part that doesn’t make sense to me.

If Revis was not coming off of ACL surgery, I could understand this because that’s what he would be worth.  But since he is, that absolutely has to lower his trade value.

Some players recover very well after this type of injury and others do not.  There is no way I think the Eagles should be giving up a high draft pick…let alone multiple high picks…for a player coming off such an injury.

It’s just too risky for that kind of trade compensation.

Revis is a nice player and should have at least two or three more seasons of playing at a high level assuming he returns to form in 2013.  I’d be willing to trade for him, but not at a killer price.

Ultimately, I’m okay with addressing the corner position in other ways besides trading for Revis.

If we did try to trade for Revis, I’d like to package Foles in the deal if possible.  It would make sense for both sides and I seriously don’t buy that Foles is somehow in Chip Kelly’s plans.

The thought was maybe Foles and a third round pick for Revis.  Or at most, Foles, a third-rounder and a conditional 2014 third-rounder (with the condition being that Revis makes the pro bowl in 2013).

However, call me crazy, but I still think that is slightly too high of a price.  Foles has value that shouldn’t be underestimated.  Of course, the Jets would need to want him, but if we’re merely talking about skill and potential, Foles has value.

If we take Foles out of the equation, the best I would do is the two third-round picks.  With Foles in the equation, a reader actually brought up a good idea…

Foles and a swap of first round picks, then maybe throw in that 2014 third-rounder.  The value between the Eagles’ pick at No. 4 and the Jets’ pick at No. 9 is about that of a mid-second round draft pick.

That would be a deal I’d do.  What I would not do is give up any draft pick higher than a third-rounder in either this year’s or next year’s draft.  I just don’t think it would be worth it.  I’d rather sign a different CB in free agency, promote Curtis Marsh and/or draft a player.

Now, for the “report” about the Eagles being interested in Danny Amendola…

Geoff Mosher stirred things up last night by reporting that the Eagles are “interested in pursuing Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola, a person with direct knowledge of the team’s free agency plans told

Amendola, you may recall, spent some time in Eagles camp in 2009 before heading off to the Rams.  He has ties to Eagles OC Pat Shurmur, who is the man who brought him to St. Louis originally.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this, to be honest.  Everyone seems to be talking him up as a great fit for Chip Kelly’s offense because he’s a smart player who will do all the things asked of him, plus he would bring value as a return specialist.

All of that makes sense.  Yes, he’s been a very productive slot receiver and is basically a Wes Welker-type of guy.  However, besides his injury history, there’s one thing that just bugs me about this possibility…

If Amendola is signed, the Eagles would have a bunch of smurfs at the wide receiver position.

The 5′ 11″, 188 lbs Amendola would join the 5′ 10″, 175 lbs DeSean Jackson, 6′ 198 lbs, Jeremy Maclin and the 5′ 8″ 170 lbs Damaris Johnson.

I’m assuming the move to sign Amendola would be the end of the line for the 6′ Jason Avant too.  However, it’s possible that Johnson would be the odd man out.  Either way, that’s some serious lack of height at the wide receiver position.

Call me old school, but I prefer wide receivers who are big and physical over those who are small and fast.

Riley Cooper would be our only receiver who is above six feet tall, and that’s even if he sticks around too.  Plus, he certainly wouldn’t be in the top-three on the depth chart so how much would he even matter?

On the surface, I don’t like the idea of our top-three receivers being Jackson, Maclin and Amendola.  I just see small guys who would be affective in between the 20’s, but get swallowed up in the red zone.

With that said, Amendola has had some production in the red zone over his four-year career.

Over the past three seasons, he has scored just six touchdowns.  However, all six came within the red zone.  In his two best seasons, Amendola has totaled 24 catches for 126 yards and six scores in the red zone.

If we’re looking at just Amendola the player, I agree that he is a good fit and would be a decent addition to the offense.  My only problem is that we still lack a physical player who is capable of out-muscling or out-jumping defenders for the ball.

That’s why I can’t really get excited about this potential move.

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  1. tval says:

    i agree totally wth ur view of wr depth. we need added size for red zone relief for vick. id b safe trading 4th,potential best player n draft, for 9th, anothr michael huff? and d jordan over jarvis jones-this is whats wrong with the combine

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